Event Detail – Joint Committee on Public Service


Event Date:1/21/2014

Start Time:11:00 AM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

Bills regarding multiple topics

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H14 An Act regarding post retirement earnings and unemployment benefits NONE
2 H23 An Act relative to the Massachusetts State Employees Retirement System NONE
3 S1297 An Act relative to the state police. James E. Timilty
4 H2426 An Act to make provisional employees in the labor service permanent employees Angelo M. Scaccia
5 H2351 An Act relative to campus police officers' powers Thomas A. Golden, Jr.
6 H2415 An Act further regulating pharmacists. Kathi-Anne Reinstein
7 H2361 An Act relative to the transfer of Department of Highways employees from the capital budget to the operating budget Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
8 H2418 An Act providing a bone marrow registry for firefighter candidates. Kathi-Anne Reinstein
9 S1269 An Act to expand the septic tax credit Anthony W. Petruccelli
10 H2341 An Act relative to making provisional official service employees in the Commonwealth permanent employees Colleen M. Garry
11 H2330 An Act to further regulate the attendance by police officers at police association executive board meeting John P. Fresolo
12 H2321 An Act relative to establishing a law enforcement bill of rights John P. Fresolo
13 H2298 An Act relative to a state employee sick leave bank Peter J. Durant
14 H2439 An Act relative to National Guard benefits Theodore C. Speliotis
15 H2277 An Act relative to non-civil service lay off lists Mark J. Cusack
16 S1242 An Act relative to accrued sick time of certain state employees Thomas P. Kennedy
17 H2371 An Act allowing additional compensation of an assistant municipal collector or assistant treasurer upon certification Stephen Kulik
18 H2312 An Act relative to a polygraph testing for police officer applicants John V. Fernandes
19 H2381 An Act establishing uniform disciplinary procedures for correctional officers John J. Mahoney
20 H2308 An Act to reform and modernize legislative transportation reimbursement Ryan C. Fattman
21 H2375 An Act reaffirming the spirit of volunteerism Kevin J. Kuros
22 H2337 An Act relative to Commonwealth employees taking public higher education courses Sean Garballey
23 H2315 An Act relative to correctional officer compensation Michael J. Finn
24 H2279 An Act to require restroom breaks for public transit Mark J. Cusack
25 H2380 An Act relative to shared sacrifice James J. Lyons, Jr.
Marc T. Lombardo
26 H2270 An Act relative to state employees serving in the Massachusetts National Guard or active reserves Nick Collins
27 H2291 An Act relative to accountability of law enforcement professionals Viriato Manuel deMacedo
28 H2338 An Act relative to military leave Sean Garballey
29 H3525 An Act clarifying the term of appointment of non-civil service police officers Alice Hanlon Peisch
30 S1789 An Act authorizing the town of Heath to continue the employment of Margo Ann Newton as police chief Benjamin B. Downing
31 S1793 An Act to permit town resident, Evens Maurice, to apply and be considered for appointment to the position of police officer in the town of Arlington Kenneth J. Donnelly
32 H3661 An Act establishing post-employment sick leave banks Aaron Vega
John J. Mahoney
33 H3809 An Act directing the State-Saugus retirement board to retire John Coburn a police officer of the town of Saugus Donald H. Wong
34 S1930 An Act exempting part-time call firefighters in the town of Athol from the civil service law Stephen M. Brewer
35 S1943 An Act exempting Barry Canavan from the maximum age requirement as a firefighter in the town of Westwood Michael F. Rush
36 S1944 An Act exempting the police department of the town of Westwood from the civil service law Michael F. Rush
37 H3794 An Act exempting the Police Department of the Town of Westwood from the provisions of the Civil Service Law Paul McMurtry
Michael F. Rush
38 H3807 An Act authorizing the appointment of Scott Marchand as a firefighter in the city of Haverhill notwithstanding the maximum age requirement Brian S. Dempsey
Kathleen O'Connor Ives
39 S1964 An Act exempting certain positions in the police department of the town of Sandwich from the civil service law Therese Murray