Event Detail – Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight


Event Date:1/29/2014

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

Procurement and other matters

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S1497 An Act expanding the authority of the bureau of special investigations Thomas P. Kennedy
2 S1509 An Act establishing the Commission on Government Accountability, Economy, and Efficiency Richard T. Moore
3 S1510 An Act establishing the Sunset Review Commission Richard T. Moore
4 S1512 An Act relative to the Inspector General Council Richard T. Moore
5 S1513 An Act to eliminate waste and improve public oversight of state agencies Richard T. Moore
6 S1514 An Act to promote American manufacturing Richard T. Moore
7 S1515 An Act to promote value and efficiency in the delivery of state services Richard T. Moore
8 S1516 An Act to provide for efficient use of leased or rented property and prevent waste in use of leased or rented facilities Richard T. Moore
9 S1525 An Act to debar employers who violate federal immigration laws from contracting with the Commonwealth Marc R. Pacheco
10 S1534 An Act to allow for municipal innovation through procurement reform Michael F. Rush
11 S1536 An Act allowing cities, towns and districts to procure contracts for the design, construction, financing and operation of wastewater and water treatment facilities Bruce E. Tarr
12 S1556 An act relative to price adjustment James E. Timilty
13 S1966 An Act authorizing the department of conservation and recreation to lease certain parkland in the city of Cambridge Anthony W. Petruccelli
14 S1972 An Act to ensure access to the Hampden County courts in the city of Springfield Gale D. Candaras
15 H4 An Act to enhance the ability of the Bureau of Special Investigations to address fraud NONE
16 H2773 An Act prohibiting the use of personal names on state property James Arciero
17 H2775 An Act relative to the enhanced disposition of surplus motor vehicles owned by the commonwealth or authorities established by the state Bruce J. Ayers
18 H2776 An Act directing the office of the inspector general to conduct a study of leasing practices utilized by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Bruce J. Ayers
19 H2777 An Act providing for an exemption to the Uniform Procurement Act Ruth B. Balser
20 H2781 An Act relative to lottery compliance investigations Garrett J. Bradley
21 H2789 An Act redefining executive and legislative agents Tackey Chan
22 H2790 An Act relative to global positioning system technology and public employees Tackey Chan
23 H2799 An Act pertaining to the procurement of supplies or services Peter J. Durant
24 H2802 An Act to reduce the cost of government and create jobs Ryan C. Fattman
25 H2803 An Act reducing the costs for small business Ryan C. Fattman
26 H2811 An Act relative to MWRA employees Sean Garballey
27 H2818 An Act relative to accessible electronic information technology for persons with disabilities Bradford Hill
28 H2826 An Act relative to increasing government efficiency through the use of electronic paperwork Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
29 H2827 An Act eliminating the Pacheco Law Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
30 H2828 An Act relative to agency credit cards Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
31 H2829 An Act providing regulatory reform to promote job growth Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
32 H2841 An Act modernizing uniform procurement threshholds Peter V. Kocot
33 H2842 An Act relative to the use of force accounts Peter V. Kocot
34 H2848 An Act increasing competition among school photographers Kevin J. Kuros
35 H2850 An Act establishing a special commission to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state agencies, programs and services Jason M. Lewis
David T. Vieira
36 H2852 An Act Relative to the timeframe for MCAD investigations Timothy R. Madden
37 H2854 An Act relative to honesty in bidding for public works Paul McMurtry
38 H2871 An Act to protect tropical forests by restricting state purchases of certain wood products Byron Rushing
39 H2879 An Act relative to landscape sprinkler systems Paul A. Schmid, III
40 H2885 An Act relative to the Secretary of State and ethics reform. Todd M. Smola
41 H2890 Resolve establishing a special commission to conduct an investigation and study relative to permitting advertising on state websites Walter F. Timilty
42 H2903 An Act to reduce paperwork in the Commonwealth Steven M. Walsh
43 H3405 An Act to access and display business licenses and regulations Paul McMurtry
44 H3714 An Act relative to licensing in the Commonwealth Carlo Basile
45 H3851 An Act establishing highway buffer zone in the town of Needham Denise C. Garlick
Michael F. Rush