Event Detail – Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight


Event Date:2/26/2014

Start Time:11:00 AM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

Miscellaneous Matters

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H2804 An Act relative to reducing outsourcing John V. Fernandes
2 H2833 An Act relative to fees for the use of State House facilities Jay R. Kaufman
3 H2873 Resolve providing for the creation of a special commission relative to the seal and motto of the Commonwealth Byron Rushing
4 H2860 An Act relative to placing the Department of Youth Services under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Safety Kevin J. Murphy
5 H2897 An Act prohibiting alcohol advertising on Commonwealth property. Martin J. Walsh
6 H2795 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination Michael A. Costello
7 H2896 An Act relative to the distribution of the conflict of interest law Chris Walsh
8 H2875 An Act to promote cost savings through the use of public water Tom Sannicandro
9 H2900 An Act relative to ensuring public entities are not injured by long term contracts Martin J. Walsh
10 H2861 An Act reforming certain state laws regarding public deposits David M. Nangle
11 S1540 An Act requiring fiscal responsibility Bruce E. Tarr
12 S1524 An Act relative to protecting the taxpayers of the Commonwealth Marc R. Pacheco
13 S1461 An Act providing for a study of the Commonwealth's job classification system by the Human Resources Division. Harriette L. Chandler
14 S1539 An Act to make government more effective and efficient Bruce E. Tarr
15 S1537 An Act relative to human contact with state agencies. Bruce E. Tarr
16 S1462 An Act relative to jobs, workforce development, and main street fairness Sonia Chang-Diaz
17 S1503 An Act relative to oversight of capital expenditures in the Commonwealth. Mark C. Montigny
18 S1542 An Act relative to a worker documentation certification program. Bruce E. Tarr
19 S1543 An Act relative to increased efficiencies in state government Bruce E. Tarr
20 H2851 An Act protecting children and parents Marc T. Lombardo
21 S1544 An Act relative to zero-based budgeting and budget transparency Bruce E. Tarr
22 H3497 An Act relative to the payment of prevailing wages on projects in the town of Havard Jennifer E. Benson
23 H3752 An Act to procure public products or services from Massachusetts or the United States Paul R. Heroux
24 S1963 An Act designating June 14 as the birthday of the United States Army and June 9 as General Sylvanus Thayer Day Richard T. Moore
25 H3891 An Act authorizing the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance to convey a certain parcel of land in the city of Marlborough Danielle W. Gregoire
26 H3905 An Act authorizing the granting of easements at Northern Essex Community College in the city of Haverhill Michael A. Costello
27 H3879 An Act relative to a certain parcel of land in the Charlestown neighborhood of the city of Boston Eugene L. O'Flaherty
28 S1465 An Act making technical corrections to the state trademarks act Cynthia S. Creem
29 H2793 An Act relative to employment of persons with disabilities Nick Collins
30 H2806 An Act to promote purchasing from social enterprises by governmental bodies Linda Dorcena Forry
31 H2884 An Act exempting owners from providing an indemnity for certain lost or stolen registered bonds Frank I. Smizik
32 H2847 An Act relative to thresholds for mandated use of the designer selection law Stephen Kulik
33 H3890 An Act authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey a certain parcel of land in the town of Sutton to Tim and Tammy Mahoney Ryan C. Fattman
George N. Peterson, Jr.