Event Detail – Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight


Event Date:3/4/2014

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: Wilmington Public High School

161 Church Street
Wilmington, MA 01887 Get Directions

Event Description


Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H2878 An Act making amendments to the Massachusetts Business Corporation Act Angelo M. Scaccia
2 H2877 An Act relative to a business entity Angelo M. Scaccia
3 H2780 An Act relative to the enhancement of regional services Garrett J. Bradley
4 S1479 An Act promoting the use of total energy impact analysis James B. Eldridge
5 H2866 An Act relative to American Indian-tribes George N. Peterson, Jr.
6 S1486 An Act to Strengthen Impact, Efficiency and Accountability in the Government-Nonprofit Partnership Jennifer L. Flanagan
7 H2870 An Act relative to fulfilling the Commonwealth’s obligation John H. Rogers
8 H2849 An Act relative to controlling the size of government Kevin J. Kuros
9 S1529 An Act to increase the transparency of the Massachusetts Historical Commission Michael J. Rodrigues
10 H2821 An Act for state employment transparency Steven S. Howitt
11 S1500 An Act An Act relative to the prohibition of the use of state funds Mark C. Montigny
12 S1518 An Act regarding the human resources division Richard T. Moore
13 H3365 An Act relative to improving the safety and standards of organizing a business Thomas A. Golden, Jr.
14 S1538 An Act relative to the accountability of the governor’s council Bruce E. Tarr
15 H2907 An Act encouraging cost savings by crediting departments and agencies a percentage of annual unexpended appropriations Daniel B. Winslow
16 S1476 An Act relative to debarment in public contracts Kenneth J. Donnelly
17 H2894 An Act relative to petition by city or town pursuant to home rule amendment David T. Vieira
18 H771 An Act relative to the lease of Northeastern University Henderson boat house and youth programs Michael J. Moran
19 S1505 An Act relative to former state employees and elected officials Mark C. Montigny
20 S1463 An Act relative to equity in public contracting in honor of Bruce C. Bolling Sonia Chang-Diaz
21 S1545 An Act relative to state spending control Bruce E. Tarr
22 S1546 An Act relative to the Commonwealth’s direct debt Bruce E. Tarr
23 S1548 An Act relative to employee settlements Bruce E. Tarr
24 S1549 An act creating accountability for legislative reports Bruce E. Tarr
25 S1504 An Act relative to equitable pay at quasi-public agencies Mark C. Montigny
26 S1550 An Act establishing the Commonwealth Competition Council Bruce E. Tarr
27 H2909 An Act to improve public confidence in the integrity of government Daniel B. Winslow
28 S1551 An act to promote private sector job growth and reduce state spending Bruce E. Tarr
29 S1552 An Act relative to reforming the regulatory process Bruce E. Tarr
30 S1490 An Act relative to the representation of governmental entities Robert L. Hedlund
31 S1553 An Act to promote contract efficiency Bruce E. Tarr
32 H2855 An Act to exempt senior citizens from BBRS licensing requirements Paul McMurtry
33 H3366 An Act relative to public contract biding John H. Rogers
34 S2007 An Act establishing Ataxia Awareness Day Michael O. Moore