Event Detail – Joint Committee on the Judiciary


Event Date:5/28/2014

Start Time:1:00 PM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

Late Files

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S914 An Act relative to updating the drug Class A schedule Brian A. Joyce
2 S915 An Act relative to the definition of methylenedioxy methamphetamine Brian A. Joyce
3 S916 An Act relative to the drug Salvinorin Brian A. Joyce
4 S1934 An Act relative to updating the definition of cocaine Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse
5 H4084 An Act relative to limiting recurring parole hearings for persons convicted of second degree murder Garrett J. Bradley
6 H4077 An Act relative to the prevention of financial exploitation of the elderly Paul R. Heroux
7 H4058 An Act relative to the best interests of children Sheila C. Harrington
8 H2870 An Act relative to fulfilling the Commonwealth’s obligation John H. Rogers
9 H3020 An Act prohibiting operating a motor vehicle under the influence of inhalants Garrett J. Bradley