Section 1 - Records of votes cast for representatives; certificates of examination; duties of state secretary

Section 2 - Admission of persons listed to take seats as representatives

Section 3 - Calling house to order; presiding officer

Section 4 - Unlisted person may present certificate or evidence of election

Section 5 - Presentation of certain petitions; notice by publication; deposit and filing of petition and bill; fee

Section 6, 6A - Repealed, 1943, 549, Sec. 2

Section 7 - Petitions for legislation respecting corporations

Section 8 - Report on financial condition of town petitioning to borrow outside statutory debt limit

Section 8A - Petition by city or town pursuant to home rule amendment; number of votes

Section 9 - Repealed, 2005, 3, Sec. 1

Section 9A - Repealed, 1952, Ex.Sess., 635, Sec. 1

Section 9B - Member's allowances for expenses, travel, meals and lodging

Section 9C - Allowance for legislative work after prorogation

Section 10 - Compensation of members chosen to fill vacancies or who resign

Section 10A - Reimbursement for special elections to fill general court vacancies

Section 11 - Repealed, 1937, 236, Sec. 2

Section 12 - Clerks, salary and tenure

Section 12A - Facsimile signatures of clerks

Section 12B - Manual

Section 13 - Assistant clerks and clerical assistance; appointment, salary and tenure

Section 14 - Chaplain of house of representatives; salary

Section 15 - Sergeant-at-arms; appointment, tenure and salary

Section 16 - Assistant sergeant-at-arms; appointment, duties, compensation and removal

Section 17 - Sergeant-at-arms and other legislative officers and employees; duties and police powers

Section 18 - Other legislative employees; compensation

Section 18A - Repealed, 2010, 131, Sec. 4

Section 19 - Authorized number of certain legislative employees

Section 20 - Repealed, 1952, Ex.Sess., 635, Sec. 2

Section 20A - Uniforms for sergeant-at-arms and other employees

Section 21 - Appointment of employees by sergeant-at-arms; removal

Section 22 - Journals and papers; custody; copies as evidence

Section 22A - Journals of senate and house of representatives; copies

Section 23 - Bills and resolves; form of engrossment; printing and publication; copies; distribution

Section 24 - Proposed constitutional amendments; engrossment, deposit

Section 25 - Repealed, 1929, 41

Section 26 - Ordering of books or publications for members

Section 27 - Oaths administered by committee members

Section 28 - Self-incriminating testimony or evidence before general court or committee; prosecution

Section 28A - Refusal of summoned witness to appear or testify; penalty

Section 29 - Stenographic reports of hearings

Section 30 - Expenses incurred under general court order; approval

Section 31 - Committee expenses; authorization by general court

Section 32 - Expenses of committees acting during recess

Section 32A - Committees, sub-committees and special commissions; travel

Section 33 - Publication of bulletins of committee hearings

Section 34 - Repealed, 2012, 165, Sec. 6

Section 35 - Advertisement of legislative committee hearings; publication

Section 36 to 38 - Repealed, 2012, 165, Sec. 6

Section 38A - Bills reported favorably by joint or ways and means committees; fiscal notes; cost limitation

Section 38B - Requests and recommendations for appropriations and capital outlay programs or projects; public hearings; notice

Section 38C - Health insurance coverage; mandated health benefit bills; review and evaluation; report

Section 39 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 39 to 50

Section 40 - Repealed, 2004, 149, Sec. 6

Section 41 - Docket of executive and legislative agents and lobbyists; educational seminars for legislative and executive agents;annual registration statements; annual filing fee; identification cards; advisory opinions

Section 42 - Agreements to pay compensation contingent upon a decision of an executive officer or upon passage or defeat of legislation prohibited

Section 43 - Executive and legislative agents; itemized statement of expenditures; notification of legislators; public inspection; family gifts restricted

Section 44 - Registration of organizations attempting to influence legislation; statement of expenditures; public inspection; penalty

Section 45 - Inquiry and adjudicatory proceedings relating to alleged violations of Secs. 39 to 50

Section 46 - Docket of executive and legislative agents; maintenance; legislative year

Section 47 - Employers of executive or legislative agents; statement of expenditures; filing; penalty; public inspection

Section 48 - Violation of Secs. 40 to 44 or 47 respecting executive or legislative agents; penalties; prosecutions; enforcement procedures

Section 49 - Proceedings to compel filing of proper statement required by Secs. 43, 44 or 47;equitable or mandamus relief to enforce Secs. 41 to 43; speedy trial

Section 50 - Sections inapplicable to public employees or agents or other persons requested to appear before committee or commission

Section 51 - Counsel to senate and house; appointment; duties as to statute revision, etc.

Section 52 - Counsel's assistance in drafting bills, etc.

Section 53 - Counsel; proposal of changes and corrections; preparation of revisions

Section 54 - Counsel; assistance and expenses

Section 55 - Counsel; exempt from civil service

Section 55A - General Laws; correction, revision, etc.

Section 56 to 61 - Repealed, 2012, 165, Sec. 7

Section 62 - Advisory commission on local government

Section 63 - Definitions; post audit and oversight committees; powers and duties; meetings; reports; expenses

Section 64 - Bureaus of post audit and oversight; legislative auditors; quarters; powers and duties

Section 65 - Senate art committee

Section 66 - Commission on the status of women; membership; powers; funding

Section 67 - Commission on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth; membership; terms; powers and duties

Section 68 - Commission on status of citizens of Asian descent; members; terms; powers and duties

Section 69 - Commission on status of grandparents raising grandchildren; membership; powers and duties; report

Section 70 - Commission on the future of the metropolitan beaches; membership; terms; powers and duties; report

Section 71 - Commission on older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults and their caregivers