General Laws

[Text of section effective until July 31, 2011. See 2001, 139, Sec. 45 as amended by 2005, 176, Sec. 13; 2006, 54, Sec. 12; 2006, 449, Secs. 19 and 21; 2008, 290, Sec. 12; 2009, 167, Sec. 12 and 2010, 203, Sec. 12.]

Section 65. There shall be established and set up on the books of the commonwealth a separate fund known as the Greyhound Adoption Trust Fund which shall not be subject to further appropriation. The state treasurer, ex officio, shall be the custodian of the trust fund and shall receive, deposit and invest all monies received (1) under the provisions of section 5 of chapter 128A; (2) from public and private sources as gifts, grants and donations to further retired greyhound care and adoption; and (3) in interest earned by the fund. Any amount of the fund unexpended as of December 31 of each year shall be distributed by the state racing commission for the exclusive purpose of improving the living conditions of greyhounds at kennels that house racing greyhounds in Massachusetts. The state racing commission shall promulgate rules and regulations for the distribution of such funds as a grant program. Each kennel receiving any such assistance shall provide an annual report that complies with requirements to be established by the state racing commission. Such annual report shall include, but not be limited to, expenditures and distribution of funds, the purpose of the expenditures and distributions and the amount of funds unspent, and shall be submitted to the racing commission.