Section 1 - Attorney general; supervision of department; salary; qualifications; term limitation

Section 2 - Assistants and employees; appointment; duties; compensation; tenure; vacancies

Section 2A - Attorney general; disability; filling vacancies

Section 2B - Annual personnel report

Section 3 - Appearances for commonwealth, prosecution or defense; rendering of legal services; payment of expenses for representation of department of transportation

Section 3A to 3D - Repealed, 1978, 512, Sec. 1

Section 3E - Defense of actions against officers or employees

Section 4 - Claims of commonwealth; enforcement

Section 4A - Acceptance of gifts or grants of money or property

Section 5 - Civil actions to recover money for commonwealth

Section 5A - False claims; definitions applicable to Secs. 5A to 5O

Section 5B - False claims; liability

Section 5C - Violations under Secs. 5B to 5O; investigation by attorney general; relators; civil actions

Section 5D - Prosecution by attorney general; relator's right to continue as party to action

Section 5E - Alternate remedies available to determine civil penalty

Section 5F - Payments to relators; limitations

Section 5G - Actions brought against governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer, secretary of state, etc.; jurisdiction

Section 5H - Money recovered by commonwealth; false claims prosecution fund

Section 5I - Awards of attorney general fees and expenses; awards of costs and attorney fees against relators; liability

Section 5J - Employers preventing employees from acting to further false claim actions; liability

Section 5K - Limitation of actions; intervention by attorney general; final judgments in criminal proceedings

Section 5L - Preponderance of the evidence standard

Section 5M - Rules, regulations or guidelines; attorney general

Section 5N - Civil investigative demands; attorney general

Section 5O - Agency reporting requirements

Section 6 - Consultation with and giving of advice and assistance to district attorneys

Section 6A - Conferences of district attorneys and other officials; notification as to new laws

Section 7 - Persons intruding on land, property or rights of commonwealth; prosecution

Section 8 - Due application of charity funds enforced

Section 8A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 8A to 8M

Section 8B - Division of public charities; duties

Section 8C - Director of public charities; designation

Section 8D - Employees; appointment and removal

Section 8E - Charitable corporations; registration by filing of information; exceptions; penalties; enforcement

Section 8F - Annual reports of public charities; financial statements; fees; penalties; enforcement

Section 8G - Attorney general as a party; service

Section 8H - Investigations by attorney general

Section 8I - Compliance with investigations; enforcement; penalties

Section 8J - Rules and regulations

Section 8K - Gift for public charitable purpose; presumed intention

Section 8L - Fiscal records

Section 8M - Public records; inspection

Section 8N - Fees, costs, penalties and other monies; general fund

Section 9 - Advice and aid to general court and committees

Section 10 - Violations of court orders; restraint of trade; institution of investigations and appropriate actions

Section 11 - Annual report of cases handled

Section 11A - Division of civil rights and liberties

Section 11B - Board of commissioners on uniform state laws; obscene literature commission

Section 11C - Narcotic and harmful drugs; training program for law enforcement officers

Section 11D - Division of environmental protection

Section 11E - Public utilities; office of ratepayer advocacy; intervention in legal proceedings on behalf of consumers; expenditure of funds; expert or consultant; information requests

Section 11F - Insurance companies; intervention in legal proceedings on behalf of consumers; expenditure of funds

Section 11G - Local consumer aid fund; eligibility for assistance

Section 11H - Violations of constitutional rights; civil actions by attorney general; venue; compensatory damages; fees and costs; civil penalties

Section 11I - Violations of constitutional rights; civil actions by aggrieved persons; costs and fees

Section 11J - Violations of constitutional rights; temporary restraining orders and injunctions; violations; punishment; vacation of order

Section 11K - Division of victim compensation and assistance

Section 11L - Unlicensed mental health and unlicensed health professionals; sexual contact with patients or clients; temporary restraining order, injunction; violation; penalty

Section 11M - Division of gaming enforcement

Section 11N - Monitoring health care market trends; investigation of unfair methods of competition or anti-competitive behavior; exemption or waiver from federal law

Section 12 - District attorneys; qualifications; election; term; appearances

Section 13 - Districts for administration of criminal law or defense of civil actions

Section 14 - Repealed, 1987, 723, Sec. 1

Section 15 - Practice of law prohibited; salary

Section 16 - Salaries of assistant district attorneys

Section 17 - Repealed, 1923, 398, Sec. 3

Section 18 - Appointment of an assistant to district attorney; compensation

Section 19 - Suffolk district; appointment of messengers and other employees

Section 20 - Additional legal assistants; tenure; compensation; powers

Section 20A - Suffolk and Northern districts; special assistant district attorney, appointment and removal; duties; power; salary

Section 20B - Repealed, 1975, 835, Sec. 3

Section 20C - Special assistant district attorneys; appointment, removal and salary; participation in federal demonstration programs

Section 20D - District Attorneys Association; executive director; report on criminally prosecuted child abuse and neglect cases

Section 21 - Suffolk district; police and detective service

Section 22 - Clerical and stenographic workers

Section 23 - Payment for traveling expenses; exceptions

Section 24 - Expenses payable by commonwealth

Section 25 - Advanced expenses; conditions; vouchers

Section 25A - Advance of expenses necessary in performance of duties; limitation; accounting; unexpended balance

Section 26 - Court appointment of substitute in absence of attorney general and district attorney

Section 27 - District attorneys; duties; control of attorney general

Section 28 - Suits on recognizances; discontinuance

Section 29 - Accounting for fees, bills of costs and money received

Section 30 - Fees for services in performance of duty; appearance in civil action

Section 31 - Repealed, 1975, 10, Sec. 4

Section 32 - Community based juvenile justice programs; district attorneys

Section 33 - Domestic violence and sexual violence training program for district attorneys and assistant district attorneys