General Laws

Section 40. The board shall hold regular meetings at the state house on the first Tuesdays of January, May and October in each year, and such additional meetings at such times and places as it may determine. At the regular meeting in January it shall annually organize by the choice of a chairman, who shall be a member of the board. Said board shall appoint a secretary who shall not be a member of the board, and who shall before entering upon the discharge of the duties of his office give to the state treasurer a bond, with such sureties as shall be approved by the governor and council, conditioned upon the faithful discharge of his duties. Such bond, with the approval of the board and with the oath of office endorsed thereon, shall be filed in the office of the state secretary. The board shall have a common seal, and the members thereof may administer oaths. The board may appoint investigators who shall be citizens of the commonwealth, shall have had at least five years continuous practical experience as barbers and are registered under section eighty-seven G of chapter one hundred and twelve. Said investigators shall inspect barber shops, barber schools and barber colleges, and shall report to the board all violations of any law, rule or regulation relative to barbering.