• Section 42 Board of registration of cosmetology; membership; appointment and term; chairperson; qualifications

Section 42. There shall be a board of registration of cosmetology to consist of seven members to be appointed by the governor, one of whom shall be designated as chairperson by a majority vote of the board of registration of cosmetology. Upon initial appointment to said board, two members shall continue in office for one year, two members shall continue in office for two years and three members, including the chairperson, shall continue in office for three years. Successors shall be appointed for terms of three years; provided, however, that any person designated to fill a vacancy shall be appointed only for the unexpired term of the board member so replaced. Upon the expiration of a term of office, a board member may continue to serve until a successor has been appointed and qualified. No person shall be appointed to fill an unexpired term for more than two consecutive terms. No person shall serve as chairperson for more than one full term. The governor may remove the chairperson or other member of said board for neglect of duty or malfeasance or upon a conviction of a felony or crime of moral turpitude. No board member shall participate in any matter before said board in which said member has a pecuniary interest, personal bias, or other conflict. No two members of said board, while in office, shall be interested in a cosmetology establishment in the same town. A board member in office on the effective date of this section shall continue to serve as a voting, full time member of said board until such time as his term of office expires.

The governor shall appoint members to the board from among candidates who meet the following qualifications:—(a) five members who shall be licensed cosmetologists, in compliance with sections eighty-seven T to eight-seven KK, inclusive, of chapter one hundred and twelve, one of whom shall own a licensed cosmetology school for at least five years, one of whom shall be a type one hairdresser for at least five years and who shall be a member of the Massachusetts Cosmetology Association for at least five years, one of whom shall be a licensed type one hairdresser and shop owner for at least five years, one of whom shall be a licensed vocational educator from the public sector who has taught cosmetology for at least five years, and one of whom shall be a licensed aesthetician for at least five years; and (b) two members shall be representatives of the general public and shall have no direct affiliation with the practice of cosmetology.