General Laws

Section 62. The board shall meet in February in each year at such time or place as it shall determine, and shall organize by electing from its own members a chairman and a secretary, who shall hold their respective offices for one year. The secretary shall, before entering upon his duties, give to the state treasurer a bond conditioned upon the faithful discharge of his duties in such amount and with such surety as the board may determine. The board shall hold regular meetings in February, May, August and November and such additional meetings as it may determine, at such times and places as may be agreed upon by its members.

A quorum shall consist of four members. The board shall appoint an administrator, who shall be a licensed radio and television technician and who shall continue to be so licensed as long as he shall hold the said office. He shall not be a member of the board, shall not be subject to chapter thirty-one, shall perform under the direct supervision of the board such duties as the board shall from time to time designate, and shall receive such salary as may be fixed in accordance with the provisions of chapter thirty.