Section 1 - Policy and goals

Section 2 - Repealed, 2008, 27, Sec. 11

Section 3 - Repealed, 1996, 57, Sec. 9

Section 3A - Statewide educational technology plan; goals; development and implementation

Section 4 - Board of higher education; membership

Section 4A - Repealed, 2014, 165, Sec. 29

Section 5 - Public institutions of higher education system

Section 5A - Governor Foster Furcolo Community Colleges

Section 6 - Department of higher education; Commissioner; other employees; appointments; salaries; powers and duties

Section 7 - Mission statements; development, approval and adoption

Section 7A - Board of higher education; performance measurement system

Section 8 - Inoperative. See 1991, 142, Sec. 49

Section 9 - Powers and duties of council

Section 9A - American Sign Language

Section 9B - Needs-based financial assistance program; scholarships; guidelines

Section 10 - Definitions

Section 11 - Council actions permitted to aid and contribute to performances of educational and other purposes of community colleges

Section 12 - Council actions permitted to provide for HEFA expenses and for payments of indebtedness incurred on behalf of community colleges or affiliates

Section 13 - HEFA; sale or lease of buildings, lands or other property; proceeds

Section 14 - Powers under Secs. 11 and 12 exercised on behalf of University of Massachusetts and affiliates

Section 15 - Estimate of ordinary maintenance and revenues; capital outlay requests; allocation of appropriations

Section 15A - [There is no 15A:15A.]

Section 15B - Budget cycle; preparation and submission of budget requests; comments and recommendations

Section 15C - Expenditures and revenues; management and accounting reporting system

Section 15D - Personnel administrative reporting and information system

Section 15E - Public higher education endowment incentive and capital outlay contribution program; matching formula; termination of program

Section 15F - Community college workforce training incentive program

Section 15G - Stackable credentials

Section 16 - Scholarship programs; guidelines

Section 17 - Teaching learning corps program

Section 18 - Qualifying student health insurance programs; participation; compliance procedures report; penalties for noncompliance

Section 19 - Tuition and fee waiver program; guidelines; annual report

Section 191/2 - Tuition, fees and room and board waiver for surviving child of parent who died as a result of injuries sustained during active and full-time military service while outside the United States

Section 19A - Student loan repayment program; guidelines; expenses for administration

Section 19B - Teacher signing bonus program; regulations

Section 19C - Master teacher corps program; regulations

Section 19D - Scholarship program known as tomorrow's teachers program; guidelines

Section 19E - Principal and superintendent recruitment program

Section 20 - Educational opportunities information center

Section 21 - Board of trustees for Sec. 5 institutions; membership; qualifications; tenure; vacancies

Section 22 - Board of trustees of community colleges or state universities; powers and duties

Section 22A - Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center; establishment; powers and duties of board

Section 23 - Board of trustees; estimate for institution's ordinary maintenance and revenues

Section 24 - Board of trustees; authorized purchases

Section 24A - Cooperative purchasing; Massachusetts higher education consortium

Section 25 - Refusal to elect and contract with blind teaching candidates

Section 26 - Summer sessions; evening classes

Section 27 - Dormitories; nonsmoking rooms; rules and regulations

Section 28 - Establishment and maintenance of bank branch on grounds of public higher education institutions

Section 29 - Achieving a better life experience program; ABLE account; qualified disability expenses; annual report

Section 30 - Developmentally disabled residents; waiver of standardized college entrance aptitude tests

Section 31 - Administrative expenses; determination of qualifying expenditures

Section 32 - Student assessment system

Section 33 - Report assessing overall faculty productivity and teacher effectiveness

Section 34 - Benchmark study of public higher education system

Section 35 - Professional development schools grant program

Section 36 - Public schools' eligibility for funds through professional development schools grant program

Section 37 - Foundations created for public institutions of higher education; governing boards; annual reports; audits

Section 38 - Military recruiters; on-campus recruiting

Section 39 - Secondary education students qualified to enroll in higher education institutions

Section 40 - Optional retirement system; providers; regulations; participation; funds

Section 41 - Fees for approval of articles or certificates; revenue

Section 42 - Award of academic credit for student's military occupation, training, coursework and experience; educational credit for exams funded through Department of Defense

Section 43 - Immunity from academic or financial penalties for postsecondary students performing military service on behalf of the United States

Section 44 - Readmission protections, privileges and immunities for members of armed forces attending educational institutions within the commonwealth; calculation of cumulative length of absence; exemption from academic or financial penalty