Section 1 - Department of transitional assistance

Section 2 - Comprehensive financial assistance program; services

Section 2A - Food stamp employment and training plan; maximization of federal 50-50 match program

Section 2B - Educational program; services

Section 3 - Commissioner; appointment; qualifications; salary

Section 4 - Deputy commissioner; assistant commissioners; qualifications; salaries; succession; bond

Section 5 - Organization of department; regional offices; community service areas

Section 5A - Repealed, 1971, 943, Sec. 1

Section 5B - False representations or failure to disclose facts; penalty

Section 5C - Vendors' bill for services; perjury

Section 5D - Vendors; violations

Section 5E - Return of unlawful payments

Section 5F - Father's leaving family to obtain assistance; penalty

Section 5G - Claimant; subrogation

Section 5H - Recipients of medical assistance under chapter 118E; subrogation; notice; policy provisions; payment by department; information concerning recipients

Section 5I - Certain purchases with direct cash assistance funds prohibited; definitions applicable to Secs. 5I and 5J; penalty; reporting of enforcement and violations

Section 5J - Preventing electronic benefit transfer transactions for certain purchases made using direct cash assistance funds; penalty

Section 5K - Obtaining or receiving department of transitional assistance property through embezzlement, theft or fraud; penalty

Section 5L - Food stamp benefits trafficking; penalty

Section 5M - Organizational food stamp benefits trafficking; penalty

Section 5N - Fraud hotline; sign display

Section 6 - Repealed, 1996, 58, Sec. 11

Section 7 - Community service area boards

Section 8 - Civil service status of commissioners; restoration

Section 9 - Employees of department; delegation of responsibilities

Section 10 - Reports; rules and regulations; federal aid

Section 11 - Lists of recipients; publication; records; rules and regulations

Section 12, 13 - Repealed, 1978, 552, Sec. 8

Section 14 - Reciprocal agreements

Section 15 - Disclosure of information by banks and insurance companies as to applicant's or recipient's deposits; penalty

Section 16 - Division of hearings within office of deputy commissioner; director; denial of aid; hearing; referee; decision; review

Section 16A - Repealed, 1993, 460, Sec. 4

Section 17 - Advancement of funds to department for public assistance; monthly report of disbursements

Section 18 - Reimbursement of department; recipient arrearages; furniture payments

Section 18A - Failure of custodial parent to cooperate with IV-D agency

Section 19 - Eviction from furnished apartment; furniture; relocation

Section 20 - Purchase of home or income producing property

Section 21 - Support and maintenance; subrogation of department; termination of assistance; notice

Section 22 - Verification of categorical and financial eligibility

Section 23 to 25 - Repealed, 1974, 752, Sec. 12

Section 26 - Direct payment of rent; public housing; appeal

Section 27 - Direct payment of rent; request of landlord or recipient

Section 27A - Direct deposit of assistance checks at banking institutions; option of recipient

Section 28 - Accreditation of homemaker services; board, establishment, members, staff and services; standards; rules and regulations; restrictions; enforcement

Section 29 - Repayment of fraudulently obtained assistance; lien

Section 30 - Overpayments of assistance; repayment agreement; assignment of income

Section 31 - Job diversion program; services

Section 32 - Participation in pathways to self-sufficiency program required; exceptions

Section 33 - Providing of social security number required; exceptions; penalty for noncompliance

Section 34 - Tracking of outcomes of individuals served by training and employment service programs

Section 35 - Availability of caseworker via telephone to recipient of cash assistance

Section 36 - Fraud detection program

Section 37 - Work-related expense deduction

Section 38 - Non-approval of application for new benefits for failure to comply with registration requirements in Secs. 178C to 178P of chapter 6

Section 39 - Protocols for coordination of information with law enforcement agencies, etc. when recipient the subject of felony warrant