Section 1 - Creation; secretary; acting secretary; undersecretary

Section 2 - Duties and functions; inter-agency information, services and plans; filing applications

Section 2A - Compromise or settlement of claims for damages for injury and for destruction or loss of natural resources; authority of secretary

Section 3 - Functions of secretary; report

Section 4 - Powers and duties of secretary

Section 4A - Coastal zone management office

Section 4B - Repealed, 2010, 56, Sec. 11

Section 4C - Ocean management plan; ocean advisory commission; ocean science advisory council; duties of secretary

Section 5 - Program review boards; appointment; reports; expenses

Section 6 - Experts and assistants; appointment; qualifications; classified employees; tenure

Section 7 - Departments; commissioners, appointment, removal, qualifications, functions, salary

Section 7A - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 99

Section 7B - State geologist

Section 8 - Organization of departments; powers, duties and functions

Section 8A - Water resources commission; members; terms

Section 8B - Chairman; duties of commission

Section 8C - Water supply policy statement; update and report

Section 8D - Rules and regulations

Section 8E - Director; staff

Section 8F - Meetings; expenses; per diem

Section 9 - Grants and gifts; expenditure; records

Section 10 - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 112

Section 10A - Office of law enforcement; director; deputies; environmental police officers; rules and regulations

Section 10B - Enforcement of penal laws

Section 10C - Authority of officers

Section 10D - Uniforms; badges; fine for unlawful use

Section 10E - Entry on private land; disposition of animals

Section 10F - Rules and regulations; hours and pay for boat based and land based personnel; assignments

Section 10G - Requests for name and address; penalties for refusal to provide information; notices of violations; appearances and payment of fines; seizure and forfeitures

Section 10H - Fines for categories of violations

Section 10I - Surcharge added on fines for violations under chapter 21A when complaining officer is environmental police officer or deputy environmental police officer

Section 10J - Incapacity of environmental police officer due to injuries sustained in performance of duties; leave without loss of pay

Section 11 - Boating safety advisory board

Section 11A - Bicycle and pedestrian advisory board

Section 11B - Public access board; composition; meetings; designation of public access points; regulations; purchase of equipment

Section 11C - Prohibition on alteration or pollution of rivers and streams; scenic and recreational classifications; restraint of violations; unreasonable use restriction petitions; uncompensated taking hearings; damages

Section 12 - Rules and regulations; adoption; review

Section 13 - State environmental code; adoption; preparation of sewage disposal systems; enforcement of code

Section 13A - System inspectors of on-site sewage disposal systems; penalty

Section 14 - Disposal of dredged materials

Section 15 - Repealed, 1984, 372, Sec. 34

Section 16 - Civil administrative penalties

Section 17 - Soil containing dangerous levels of lead; cover and disposal; regulations

Section 18 - Permit application and compliance assurance fees; timely action schedules; regulations

Section 18A - Federal safe drinking water assessment; advisory committee

Section 19 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 19 to 19J

Section 19A - Board of registration of hazardous waste site cleanup professionals

Section 19B - Regulations

Section 19C - Licensing

Section 19D - License requirement; regulations

Section 19E - Inspection of known or suspected sites; warrants

Section 19F - Violations; orders issued by board; notice to department

Section 19G - Civil administrative penalties

Section 19H - Adjudicatory hearings; judicial review

Section 19I - Jurisdiction of superior court

Section 19J - Violations; penalties

Section 20 - Joint powers agreements; definitions; approval; administration

Section 21 - Competitive procurement of electric generation

Section 22 - Carbon dioxide cap and trade program

Section 23 - Off-highway vehicle advisory committee

Section 24 - Office of the state climatologist; powers and duties; term

Section 25 - Water infrastructure advisory committee; members; report

Section 26 - Local seafood marketing program; objectives; steering committee