Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Department; supervision and control

Section 3 - Colonel of state police; powers and duties

Section 4 - Divisions; heads of divisions

Section 5 - Division of field services

Section 6 - Division of investigation and intelligence; investigation and prosecution of state firearm crimes; criminal firearms and trafficking unit

Section 7 - Division of special police services

Section 8 - Division of support services

Section 9 - Experts, clerks and assistants; appointment and removal

Section 10 - Appointments to department of state police; governor's authorization; restrictions

Section 11 - Appointment for initial enlistment; competitive examination; eligible list

Section 12 - Misdemeanors committed in presence of on-duty uniformed member; enforcement powers

Section 13 - Charges against uniformed member; trial; review

Section 14 - Felony or controlled substance convictions; receipt of gratuities for official services

Section 15 - Oath of office

Section 16 - Expenses for injuries sustained during employment

Section 17 - Estimate of expenses and patrolling time; recommendation of appropriations

Section 18 - Additional work time; compensation

Section 19 - Uniforms and identification cards; rules and regulations; violations

Section 20 - Training programs for newly enlisted and uniformed department members

Section 21 - Training programs for city or town police officers and certain state employees

Section 22 - Evaluation reports; annual filing

Section 23 - Affirmative action office; responsibilities; annual report

Section 24 - Separation from employment due to lack of work or money or abolition of positions; reinstatement

Section 24A - Persons retired for disability; certification for reinstatement

Section 25 - Notice for promotional examinations; right to appeal questions or results; regulations

Section 26 - Promotion of uniformed members; factors for consideration; list of eligible members

Section 27 - Vacancies in titles of lieutenant colonel and major

Section 28 - Period of service requirements for certain appointments

Section 28A - Base salaries; review of salary schedule; adjustments

Section 29 - Agreement with Massachusetts department of transportation for police services; contents

Section 30 - Port Authority; agreement for police services; contents

Section 31 - Water resources authority; agreement for police service; contents

Section 32 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 33 to 35

Section 33 - Collection of hate crime data; regulations

Section 34 - Hate crime data reports; public record

Section 35 - Availability of hate crime data to law enforcement and other agencies

Section 36 - Identification of criminals; furnishing of information to other departments and states

Section 36A - Identifying and locating information from records; individuals wanted on default or arrest warrants

Section 37 - Release or discharge of persons confined for certain sexual assaults and other crimes; notification to department and local authorities

Section 38 - Criminal information section; duties and functions

Section 39 - Chemical analysis of narcotic drug or drug substitute, etc.; certificate of results; prima facie evidence

Section 39A - Analysis of samples of alcoholic beverages

Section 39B - Procedural rules and policies for testing and analysis of drug samples; quality assurance program

Section 40 - Narcotics unit; duties and functions

Section 41 - Chemist's analysis for presence of sperm cells; certificate of results; prima facie evidence

Section 42 - Motor vehicle ownership records; certified copies; prima facie evidence

Section 43 - Persons affected by orders of department; appeals

Section 44 - Destruction or disposal of certain entertainment permit applications or reports

Section 45 - Property lost, stolen or taken from arrested persons; unclaimed property; public auction

Section 46 - Perishable property; property deteriorating in value; public auction

Section 47 - Proceeds from public auctions

Section 48 - Claim by owner after public auction; payment to owner

Section 49 - Police reports; indication of domestic abuse

Section 50 - Police officers' duties on reservations

Section 51 - Special state police officer appointments upon petition by railroad corporation

Section 52 - Records of appointments under Sec. 51

Section 53 - Swearing in of special state police officers; licenses; duration of appointment

Section 54 - Aid to governor in performance of duties

Section 55 - [There is no 22C:55.]

Section 56 - Agents of Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children; appointment as special officers

Section 57 - Agents of humane societies and associations; appointment as special officers

Section 58 - Port of Boston Authority employees; appointment as special officers

Section 59 - Employees of mental health or developmental services departments; appointment as special officers

Section 60 - Public health department employees; appointment as special officers

Section 61 - Repealed, 2009, 25, Sec. 26

Section 62 - Employees of soldiers' homes; appointment as special officers

Section 63 - Employees of colleges, universities, other educational institutions and hospitals; appointment as special officers

Section 64 - Civil defense agency employees; appointment as special officers

Section 65 - Middlesex County Sanatorium employees; appointment as special officers

Section 66 - Employment and training division employees; appointment as special officers

Section 67 - State lottery commission employees; appointment as special officers

Section 68 - Special investigations bureau employees; appointment as special officers

Section 69 - Standards of skill for special officers licensed under Secs. 56 to 68; rules and regulations

Section 70 - Gaming enforcement unit

Section 71 - AMBER alert plan; activation