Section 1 - Massachusetts office of business development; director; grants; financial reports

Section 2 - Purposes

Section 3 - Divisions; directors

Section 3A - Economic development incentive program; establishment; definitions for Secs. 3A to 3G

Section 3B - Economic assistance coordinating council

Section 3C - Economic assistance coordinating council; powers and duties

Section 3D - Economic target areas

Section 3E - Economic opportunity areas

Section 3F - Designation as certified project; duration of certification; proposals; tax credits; tax increment financing; special tax assessments

Section 3G - Foreign trade zone

Section 3H - Director of Massachusetts permit regulatory office; one-stop licensing for businesses and development

Section 3I - Rail-trail construction; matching grants to municipalities; environmental insurance

Section 3J - MOBD partnerships with regional economic development organizations

Section 3K - MOBD awarding of contracts for regional business development services; eligible organizations; requirements

Section 3L - MOBD assistance to businesses interested in establishing relationships with regional economic development organizations

Section 4 - Office; employees

Section 4A - Repealed, 1987, 525, Sec. 7

Section 5 - Planning and research capability of MOBD; description of organization

Section 5A - Repealed, 1968, 761, Sec. 5

Section 6 - Advisory committees and council

Section 7 - Annual reports

Section 8 - Acceptance of gifts and grants

Section 9 - Employees; appointments and removals; consultants

Section 10 - Repealed, 1968, 761, Sec. 7

Section 10A - Buy Massachusetts Program

Section 10B - Massachusetts advanced manufacturing collaborative

Section 11, 12 - Repealed, 1978, 496, Sec. 1

Section 13 - Employees; assistance from other state agencies

Section 13A - Massachusetts marketing partnership; definitions applicable to Secs. 13A to 13Q; members

Section 13B - Marketing partnership; offices within the partnership

Section 13C - Marketing partnership; powers and duties

Section 13D - Marketing partnership; operation as state agency; representation by attorney general in suits and other civil proceedings; staff support

Section 13E - Office of travel and tourism; executive director; appointment; powers and duties

Section 13F - Office of travel and tourism; function

Section 13G - Office of travel and tourism; employees; appointment and removal

Section 13H - Office of travel and tourism; advisory commission

Section 13I - Office of travel and tourism; gifts and grants; acceptance

Section 13J - Offices within office of travel and tourism: Massachusetts film office; Massachusetts sports partnership; meetings; reports

Section 13K - Massachusetts international trade office; executive director

Section 13L - Foreign offices for international trade; establishment; location; functions; list of import or export businesses; publicity; technical assistance; foreign trade information, publication

Section 13M - Foreign offices for international trade; directors; appointment; qualifications

Section 13N - Foreign offices for international trade; leasing of office space and equipment

Section 13O - Foreign offices for international trade; acceptance of funds

Section 13P - Foreign offices for international trade; financial report

Section 13Q - International trade office; provision of technical assistance

Section 13R - International trade office; advisory council

Section 13S - International trade office; commission for evaluation of impact of state laws and regulations

Section 13T - Massachusetts Tourism Trust Fund

Section 14 - Financial assistance program for tourist promotion agencies

Section 15 to 28 - Repealed, 2010, 240, Sec. 38

Section 28A - Corporations; foreign trade zones

Section 29 to 38C - Repealed, 1998, 289, Sec. 25

Section 39 to 44 - Repealed, 2010, 56, Sec. 4

Section 45 - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 565

Section 46 to 55 - Repealed, 2010, 240, Sec. 39

Section 56 - Economic coordination of quasi-public entities and public purpose agencies by secretary of housing and economic development

Section 57 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 57 and 58; small business capital access program

Section 58 - Massachusetts business development corporation; administration of small business capital access program

Section 59 - Code of corporate standards relative to the People's Republic of China; definitions

Section 60 - Massachusetts office of business development; loans for environmental response actions necessary for redevelopment of properties for business purposes; redevelopment access to capital fund

Section 61 - Massachusetts business development corporation; purpose; powers

Section 62 - Interagency permitting board; members; duties

Section 63 - MassWorks infrastructure program; public infrastructure grants issued to municipalities

Section 64 - Massachusetts creative economy network

Section 65 - Massachusetts Food Trust Program

Section 66 - Rural policy advisory commission; members; powers and duties; meetings; annual report

Section 67 - Financial services advisory council