Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Creation; directors, officers and employees; termination; trade secrets

Section 3 - Powers

Section 4 - Development Finance Insurance Fund

Section 5 - Insurance or reinsurance of loans; rates; approval of loan

Section 6 - Massachusetts Export Development Fund

Section 7 - Massachusetts export development program; insurance, co-insurance and loan guarantees

Section 8 - Issuance of bonds; bond reserve fund

Section 9 - Investment in bonds by public officers, public bodies, insurance or banking institutions

Section 10 - Biennial audit

Section 11 - Marine Seafood Processing Revolving Loan Fund; separate accounts

Section 12 - Marine Seafood Processing Revolving Loan Fund; rules and regulations advisory council; loan authorization

Section 13 - Grant and approval of loans

Section 14 - Acquisition of lands

Section 15 - Conveyance of land to agency or Boston redevelopment authority

Section 16 - Acquisition of surplus or blighted lands; redevelopment or incubator development plans; approval

Section 16A - Designations; walking track; tennis courts

Section 16B - Borrowing of money

Section 16C - Taking of land by eminent domain

Section 17 - Disposition of lands; valuation

Section 18 - Government Land Bank Fund

Section 18A - Liability for payment of bonds issued under prior act

Section 19 - Grants; financing transactions; approval of applications

Section 20 - Small business incubator facilities; location restriction

Section 21 - Application requirements for incubator development plan, loans or grants

Section 22 - Application approval; requirements by incubator sponsor

Section 23 - Incubator facilities; tenant businesses; time limitation

Section 24 - Authorization to borrow; issuance of bonds and notes

Section 25 - Issuance and sale of bonds

Section 26 - Contract assistance for debt service obligations

Section 27 - Emerging Technology Fund

Section 28 - Advisory committee; membership; terms; quorum; reimbursement for expenses

Section 29 - Debt obligations

Section 29A - Brownfields Redevelopment Fund

Section 30 - Accounts of receipts and expenditures; annual report

Section 31 - Rents and charges for services or facilities furnished or supplied by agency

Section 32 - Liability in contract or tort

Section 33 - Exemption from taxation

Section 34 - Annual report

Section 35 - Building projects; contracting or incurring obligations for project design or construction

Section 36 - Interests in land, mortgages, liens and security interests; transfer upon termination of agency

Section 37 - Monies credited to Government Land Bank Fund; reversion upon termination of agency

Section 38 - Books, papers, records, documents and equipment; transfer upon termination of agency

Section 39 - Agreements, contracts, leases and other obligations; performance and enforcement upon termination of agency

Section 40 - Proceedings and prosecutions pending upon termination of agency

Section 41 - Incubator Program Fund

Section 42 - Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund

Section 43 - Cultural facilities fund advisory committee; members; review of applications for grant and loans

Section 44 - Application of other laws to the agency

Section 45 - Commonwealth advanced manufacturing futures program; grants and loans; performance evaluations; annual reports

Section 46 - Transformative Development Fund