Section 1 - Salary of governor

Section 2 - Salary of lieutenant governor; term limitation

Section 3 - Salary of council members; term limitation

Section 4 - Traveling expenses of lieutenant governor and council members; term limits

Section 5 - Governor's employees; compensation

Section 6 to 7 - Repealed, 2012, 165, Sec. 12

Section 8 - Entertainment of distinguished guests; expenditures

Section 9 - Cooperation with federal surveys of waters, etc.

Section 10 - Appointment of delegates to represent commonwealth at conventions

Section 11 - Repealed, 2012, 165, Sec. 14

Section 12 - Compensation of legal counsel and commissioners

Section 12A - Veterans Day

Section 12B - Anniversary of death of General Pulaski

Section 12C - Bunker Hill battle anniversary

Section 12D - Boston Massacre anniversary

Section 12E - Commodore John Barry Day

Section 12F - New Orleans Day

Section 12G - American Education Week

Section 12H - Anniversary of death of General Lafayette

Section 12I - American Indian Heritage week

Section 12J - Patriots' Day

Section 12K - Evacuation Day

Section 12L - Veteran Firemen's Muster Day

Section 12M - Student Government Day

Section 12N - United Nations Day

Section 12O - Loyalty Day

Section 12P - Civil rights week

Section 12Q - Memorial Day

Section 12R - Polish Constitution Day

Section 12S - Peter Francisco Day

Section 12T - Observance of certain other days

Section 12U - Children's Day

Section 12V - Columbus Day

Section 12W - Sight-saving month

Section 12X - Teachers' Day

Section 12Y - Maritime Day

Section 12Z - Jamaican Independence Day

Section 12AA - Iwo Jima Day

Section 12BB - Tadeusz Kosciuszko Day

Section 12CC - Public Employees Week

Section 12DD - Pearl Harbor Day

Section 12EE - Grandparents' Day

Section 12FF - Anniversary of enlistment of Deborah Samson

Section 12GG - Lithuanian Independence Day

Section 12HH - Statue of Liberty Awareness Day

Section 12II - Slovak Independence Day

Section 12JJ - Visiting Nurse Association Week

Section 12KK - Labor Week

Section 12LL - Social Security Day

Section 12MM - Korean War Veterans Day

Section 12NN - Human Rights Day

Section 12OO - Exercise Tiger Day

Section 12PP - Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day

Section 12QQ - Homeless Unity Day

Section 12RR - USO Appreciation Day

Section 12SS - Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Day

Section 12TT - Destroyer Escort Day

Section 12UU - School Principals' Recognition Day

Section 12VV - Native American Day

Section 12WW - Garden Week

Section 12XX - Candle Safety Day

Section 12YY - International Education Week

Section 12ZZ - Massachusetts Biomedical Research Day

Section 13 - Lincoln Day

Section 14 - Flag Day

Section 14A - Spanish War Memorial Day and Maine Memorial Day

Section 14B - State Constitution Day

Section 14C - Earth Week

Section 15 - Arbor and Bird Day

Section 15A - Constitution Day

Section 15B - Senior Citizens Month

Section 15C - American History Month

Section 15D - Massachusetts Art Week

Section 15E - Susan B. Anthony Day

Section 15F - Employ Handicapped Persons Week

Section 15G - Youth Honor Day

Section 15H - Boy Scout Week

Section 15I - Liberty Tree Day

Section 15J - Italian American War Veterans of the United States, Inc., Day

Section 15K - Cystic Fibrosis Week

Section 15L - John F. Kennedy Day

Section 15M - Battleship Massachusetts Memorial Day

Section 15N - Police Officers' Week

Section 15O - Keep Massachusetts Beautiful Month

Section 15P - Traffic Safety Week

Section 15Q - United States Marine Corps Day

Section 15R - Armistice Day

Section 15S - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Section 15T - Kalevala Day

Section 15U - Social Justice for Ireland Day

Section 15V - White Cane Safety Day

Section 15W - National Hunting and Fishing Day

Section 15X - Child Nutrition Week

Section 15Y - Jaycee Week and Day

Section 15Z - Bataan-Corregidor Day

Section 15AA - Secretaries Week

Section 15BB - Massachusetts National Guard Week

Section 15CC - Retired Members of the Armed Forces Day

Section 15DD - Independence Day

Section 15EE - Endangered Species Day

Section 15FF - Pro-Life Month

Section 15GG - Employ the Older Worker Week

Section 15HH - John Carver Day

Section 15II - Armenian Martyrs' Day

Section 15JJ - Fire Fighters Memorial Sunday

Section 15KK - National Family Week

Section 15LL - Licensed Practical Nurse Week

Section 15MM - Vietnam Veterans Day

Section 15NN - State Walking Sunday

Section 15OO - Saint Jean de Baptiste Day

Section 15PP - Town Meeting Day

Section 15QQ - Parliamentary Law Month

Section 15RR - Greek Independence Day

Section 15SS - Massachusetts Hospice Week

Section 15TT - Public Employees Appreciation Day

Section 15UU - Practical Nursing Education Week

Section 15VV - Presidents Day

Section 15WW - Youth in Government Day

Section 15XX - Joshua James Day

Section 15YY - Leif Ericson Day

Section 15ZZ - Massachusetts Whale Awareness Day

Section 15AAA - School Library Media Month

Section 15BBB - POW/MIA Day

Section 15CCC - Homeless Awareness Week

Section 15DDD - Silver-Haired Legislature Days

Section 15EEE - Rabies Prevention Week

Section 15FFF - Official State Crier and Greeter of the Commonwealth

Section 15GGG - Alzheimer's Awareness Week

Section 15HHH - Employee Involvement and Employee Ownership Week

Section 15III - Independent Living Center Day

Section 15JJJ - Police Memorial Day

Section 15KKK - Workers' Memorial Day

Section 15LLL - Lupus Awareness Month

Section 15MMM - Geographic Education Awareness Week

Section 15NNN - Literacy Awareness Month

Section 15OOO - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Awareness Month

Section 15PPP - Samuel Slater Day

Section 15QQQ - Caribbean Week

Section 15RRR - Emergency Responders Memorial Day

Section 15SSS - Emergency Management Week

Section 15TTT - Law Enforcement Memorial Month

Section 15UUU - Home Composting Recognition Week

Section 15VVV - Head Injury Awareness Month

Section 15WWW - Polish-American Heritage Month

Section 15XXX - Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Section 15YYY - Clara Barton Week

Section 15ZZZ - Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Week

Section 15AAAA - Robert Goddard Day

Section 15BBBB - Special Needs Awareness Day

Section 15CCCC - Robert Frost Day

Section 15DDDD - Lucy Stone Day

Section 15EEEE - Italian-American Heritage Month

Section 15FFFF - Irish-American Heritage Month

Section 15GGGG - Portuguese-American Heritage Month

Section 15HHHH - Time period for survivors of homicide victims awareness

Section 15IIII - Public Health Month

Section 15JJJJ - Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day

Section 15KKKK - Arthritis Awareness Day

Section 15LLLL - Autistic Awareness Month

Section 15MMMM - Luther Burbank Day

Section 15NNNN - Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Time

Section 15OOOO - Civilian Conservation Corps Day

Section 15PPPP - Thomas Paine Day

Section 15QQQQ - Tartan Day

Section 15RRRR - Missing Children's Day

Section 15SSSS - Unity Day

Section 15TTTT - Myositis Awareness Day

Section 15UUUU - Ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry of the Civil War Day

Section 15VVVV - Fifty-fourth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry of the Civil War Day

Section 15WWWW - Armenian-American Heritage Month

Section 15XXXX - Guardians' Day

Section 15YYYY - World War II Commemoration Day

Section 15ZZZZ - Stalking Awareness Month

Section 15AAAAA - Bill of Rights Day

Section 15BBBBB - Juneteenth Independence Day

Section 15CCCCC - Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month

Section 15DDDDD - Leopoldville Disaster Remembrance Day

Section 15EEEEE - Thrombosis Awareness Month

Section 15FFFFF - Phenylketonuria Awareness Day

Section 15GGGGG - Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week

Section 15HHHHH - Philanthropy Day

Section 15IIIII - Jack Kerouac Day

Section 15JJJJJ - Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Section 15KKKKK - Massachusetts Nonprofit Awareness Day

Section 15LLLLL - Disability History Month

Section 15MMMMM - Polish American Congress Day

Section 15NNNNN - No Name Calling Day

Section 15OOOOO - Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day

Section 15PPPPP - World Voice Week

Section 15QQQQQ - Fragile X Awareness Day

Section 15RRRRR - Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Section 15SSSSS - Massachusetts Service and Volunteerism Day

Section 15TTTTT - General Sylvanus Thayer Day

Section 15UUUUU - Blue Star Mothers Month

Section 15VVVVV - PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day

Section 15WWWWW - Ataxia Awareness Day

Section 15XXXXX - Southbridge Lions Club Bow Ties for Esophageal Cancer Awareness Day

Section 15YYYYY - Massachusetts Race Amity Day

Section 15ZZZZZ - First Responder Day

Section 15AAAAAA - Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Day

Section 15BBBBBB - Farm-to-School Month

Section 16 - Military officers serving under governor

Section 17 - Commissions and boards serving under governor

Section 17A - Governor's cabinet

Section 18 - Armory commission

Section 18A - Repealed, 1996, 151, Sec. 11

Section 18B - Public education nominating council; membership; duties

Section 19 - Repealed, 2013, 38, Sec. 5

Section 20 - Art commission; members; powers and duties

Section 21 - Repealed, 1930, 416, Sec. 2

Section 22 to 25 - Repealed, 1993, 110, Sec. 40

Section 26 - Board of commissioners on uniform state laws; appointment; term; organization; removal

Section 27 - Duties of commissioners

Section 28 - Compensation and expenses of commissioners

Section 28A to 28E - Repealed, 1968, 420, Sec. 2

Section 29 to 32 - Repealed, 1977, 927, Sec. 1

Section 33 - Board of trustees of the state library

Section 34 - Powers and duties of trustees

Section 35 - Librarian; compensation, etc.

Section 36 - Expenditures for state library; approval of accounts

Section 37 - Trustees' annual report

Section 37A - Gifts in trust for state library

Section 38 - Location; persons authorized to use

Section 39 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 39 to 39B

Section 39A - Depository library for state publications; collection; system

Section 39B - Copies of state agency publications

Section 40 - Board of trustees of soldiers' home; superintendent

Section 41 - Powers and duties of trustees

Section 42 - Repealed, 1977, 940, Sec. 1

Section 43 to 45 - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 5

Section 46, 47 - Repealed, 1966, 444, Sec. 5

Section 48 - Repealed, 2011, 194, Sec. 4

Section 49 to 52 - Repealed, 1953, 409, Sec. 2

Section 53 to 55 - Inoperative as a result of title to the port properties vesting in the Massachusetts Port Authority. See 1956, 465, Sec. 33; 1958, 599, Sec. 4

Section 56 - Massachusetts commission against discrimination; appointment, responsibilities; employees; regional offices; advisory board

Section 57 to 59 - Repealed, 2009, 25, Sec. 3

Section 59A to 59C - Inoperative as a result of title to the airport properties vesting in the Massachusetts Port Authority. See 1956, 465, Sec. 32; 1958, 599, Sec. 12

Section 60 - Repealed, 1955, 584, Sec. 2

Section 61, 62 - Repealed, 1953, 612, Secs. 2, 3

Section 63 - Repealed, 1954, 581, Sec. 2

Section 64 - Repealed, 1964, 636, Sec. 1B

Section 65 to 67 - Repealed, 1969, 838, Sec. 2

Section 68 - Repealed, 1952, 605, Sec. 18

Section 69 to 69B - Repealed, 1969, 838, Sec. 2

Section 70 - Board of trustees of Holyoke soldiers' home

Section 71 - Board of trustees of Holyoke soldiers' home; powers and duties

Section 72 - Repealed, 1974, 806, Sec. 2

Section 73 - Repealed, 1973, 1168, Sec. 2

Section 74 - Rehabilitation commission; establishment; expenditure of funds

Section 75 - Commissioner; employees; other offices

Section 76 - Advisory council

Section 77 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 74 to 84

Section 78 - Vocational rehabilitation services; independent living rehabilitation services

Section 78A - Extended sheltered employment

Section 79 - Commission; powers and duties

Section 80 - Additional powers and duties of commission

Section 81 - Cooperation with state agencies; agreements

Section 82 - Federal funds; custodian; expenditure

Section 83 - Gifts to commission; acceptance; investment

Section 84 - Information or records confidential

Section 84A to 84I - Repealed, 1985, 716, Sec. 1

Section 85 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 86 to 92

Section 86, 87 - Repealed, 1964, 636, Sec. 2

Section 88 - Duties of commission

Section 89, 90 - Repealed, 1964, 636, Sec. 2

Section 91 - Changes in laws; certain departments to initiate studies

Section 92 - Nuclear material or facility; license or permit

Section 93 - Injunction against violations

Section 94 to 96 - Repealed, 1959, 418, Sec. 2

Section 97 - State finance and governance board; membership

Section 98 - Duties of state finance and governance board

Section 99 - Boxers' fund board; members; appointment, compensation, etc.

Section 100 - Repealed, 1965, 572, Sec. 1

Section 101 - Obscene literature control commission; members; appointment, compensation, etc.

Section 102 to 104 - Repealed, 1987, 697, Sec. 1

Section 105 - Commission on employment of people with disabilities; members; chairperson; appointments

Section 106 - Duties of commission

Section 107 - Annual reports; compensation of members; executive secretary; gifts and bequests

Section 108 - Manufactured homes commission; members; duties; compensation

Section 109 to 114 - Repealed, 1970, 849, Sec. 2

Section 115 - Repealed, 1996, 58, Sec. 5

Section 115A - Unit pricing of packaged commodities; retail sale; regulations; enforcement; penalties; report

Section 116 - Municipal police training committee; members; chairperson; executive director

Section 116A - Domestic violence complaints; basic training course; enforcement guidelines

Section 116B - Hate crimes; police instruction

Section 116C - Development and establishment of course on use and application of technology to increase public safety; regional and municipal police training schools

Section 116D - Protection, care and custody of minors upon arrest of parents or guardians; police instruction

Section 116E - Development and establishment of course in bicycle safety enforcement

Section 116F - Harbormaster training council

Section 117 - Meetings; compensation of members

Section 118 - Municipal police training schools; approval; rules and regulations relative to schools

Section 119 - Repealed, 2002, 196, Sec. 11

Section 120 - Repealed, 1973, 1168, Sec. 3

Section 121 - Repealed, 2007, 192, Sec. 1

Section 122, 123 - Repealed, 1973, 1168, Sec. 4

Section 124 - Repealed, 1974, 806, Sec. 3

Section 124A - World War II, Korean emergency and Vietnam conflict memorial commission; members; compensation; honor rolls

Section 125 - Health and welfare commission; establishment

Section 126 - Duties of commission

Section 127 - Advisory committee; members; meetings

Section 128 - Regional offices; service regions; regional advisory committees; annual reports

Section 129 - Massachusetts commission for the blind; composition; cooperation with federal agency; commissioner; advisory board

Section 130 - Commissioner's duties and powers; supervisors; divisions and directors; assistance to blind persons; funeral expenses

Section 131 - Financial assistance program; eligibility, restriction; payment levels

Section 131A - State supplementary payments; annual increases

Section 131B - Federal agreement

Section 131C - Applications; eligibility for assistance

Section 131D - Monthly advancements to H.H.S.; audit

Section 131E - Medical assistance program; eligibility

Section 131F - Fraudulent procuring of payments; penalties

Section 131G - Vouchers submitted by vendors

Section 131H - Violations by vendor; ineligibility period

Section 131I - Return of payments by ineligible recipients or vendors required

Section 131J - Rules and regulations for administration of Secs. 129 to 149

Section 132 - Advances to commissioner

Section 133 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 133A to 133F

Section 133A - Duties of officers, boards or authorities in charge of state buildings or property

Section 133B - Powers and duties of commission

Section 133C - New construction, remodeling, etc. of public buildings or properties, vending facilities

Section 133D - Rental or other charge for operation of vending facility

Section 133E - Existing vending facilities; removal or nonrenewal of lease

Section 133F - Repealed, 1983, 636, Sec. 1

Section 133G - Braille instruction for registrants; assessment

Section 134 - Purchase of articles made by blind persons for use in state and other public institutions; release

Section 135 - Register of the blind; identification card; acceptance to verify identity; information displayed; fee

Section 136 - Reports of medical authorities establishing blindness

Section 137 - Applicants for medical assistance who do not qualify for cash assistance under section 131; determination as ''blind''

Section 138 - Solicitations for benefit of blind; license; appeal from refusal to issue

Section 139 - Prohibition on solicitation for benefit of blind without a license; statement and display of license

Section 140 - Rules and regulations relative to fund raising for blind; provision for penalties

Section 141 - Penalty for violation of rules regulating solicitations for blind

Section 142 - Exemptions and inapplicability of sections governing solicitation for blind

Section 143 - Schools and workshops

Section 144 - Support of workmen and pupils at workshops; pupils from other states

Section 145 - Study of problems relating to blindness; investigations; contact with physicians and other qualified facilities

Section 146 - Commission divisions or bureaus; organizations and functions

Section 147 - Cooperation with federal departments; development of state plans

Section 148 - Acceptance and use of gifts

Section 149 - Records concerning blind persons; custody, use and preservation

Section 150 - Repealed, 1973, 1210, Sec. 8

Section 151 to 153 - Repealed, 1996, 58, Sec. 6

Section 154 - Repealed, 1974, 806, Sec. 4

Section 155 - Repealed, 1969, 471, Sec. 2

Section 156 - Committee on criminal justice; membership; meetings; powers and duties

Section 156A - Proposal review board; members; powers, etc.

Section 156B - Executive director; qualifications; duties; staff; compensation

Section 157 - American and Canadian French cultural exchange commission

Section 158 - Massachusetts educational communications commission

Section 159 - Council on juvenile behavior

Section 160 - Duties; quarters; clerical assistants

Section 161 - Report

Section 162 - Advisory board on compensation of officials; establishment; appointment of members; duties; report; compensation and expenses

Section 163 - Management engineering task force

Section 164 - Massachusetts fire training council

Section 165 - Duties

Section 165A - Massachusetts firefighting academy

Section 165B - Massachusetts fire service commission

Section 166 - Health facilities appeals board; establishment; function; members; appointment; qualifications; compensation; personnel

Section 166A - Repealed, 1996, 58, Sec. 7

Section 166B - Advisory committee on chaplains in state institutions; establishment; members; meetings; function

Section 167 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 167 and 168 to 178L

Section 167A - Department of criminal justice information services

Section 168 - Criminal record review board

Section 168A - Transmission of probation and parole records to the department

Section 168B - Rules and regulations

Section 168C - Post-secondary schools; annual uniform crime reports; campus security policies

Section 169 - Repealed, 1979, 702, Sec. 5

Section 170 - Repealed, 1990, 319, Sec. 5

Section 171 - Regulations generally; continuing education program; evaluative information

Section 171A - Right of applicant to criminal history record prior to questioning or adverse decision; penalties for failure to provide applicant with criminal history information; maintenance of written criminal offender record information policy

Section 172 - Maintenance of criminal offender record information in electronic format; accessibility via world wide web; eligibility for access to database; use and dissemination of criminal offender record information

Section 172A - Fee for request for criminal offender record information or self-audit; permitted uses of revenues received under this section

Section 172B - Children and families department; youth services department; available information

Section 172B1/2 - Local fingerprint submission requirement for applicants for licenses in specified occupations

Section 172C - Dissemination of criminal offender record information to agencies employing or referring individuals to provide services to elderly or disabled persons

Section 172D - Availability of information to IV-D agency

Section 172E - Dissemination of criminal offender record information to long term care facilities, assisted living residences and continuing care facilities

Section 172F - Conviction and arrest data available to department of early education and care

Section 172G - Children's camps to obtain criminal and juvenile data; employees and volunteers

Section 172H - Children's programs to obtain criminal and juvenile data

Section 172I - Schools to obtain criminal records of taxicab employees

Section 172J - Commissioner of banks to obtain criminal record information of applicants for licensure pursuant to chapter 255F; restriction on use

Section 172K - Climbing wall or challenge course program employee or volunteer previously subject to record check; simultaneous applications for record check

Section 172L - Navigator organizations certified by the commonwealth health insurance connector under 42 U.S.C. ยง 18031(i) required to obtain criminal offender record information prior to hiring new employee

Section 172M - Person licensed pursuant to section 122 of chapter 140 required to obtain criminal offender record information prior to hiring new employee who may have direct and unmonitored contact with firearms, shotguns or rifles

Section 173 - Regulations for program research; monitoring; access restricted

Section 174 - Interstate system for exchange of record information; supervision of participation by state and local agencies; access limited; telecommunications access terminals

Section 175 - Right of subject to inspect criminal offender record information; correction of inaccurate or incomplete information; procedure; restrict

Section 176 - Appeal; de novo hearing; equitable relief

Section 177 - Violations; civil liability

Section 178 - Requesting or obtaining criminal offender record information or self-audit under false pretenses; unlawful communication of record information; falsification of record information; unlawful request or requirement that person provide his or her record information; punishment

Section 1781/2 - Use of criminal offender record information to commit crime against or harass subject; penalty

Section 178A - Right of victim of crime, witness or family member of homicide victim to obtain criminal offender record information of person accused or convicted; disclosure of other information by criminal justice agencies

Section 178B - Death of offender; cessation of restrictions

Section 178C - Definitions applicable to Secs. 178C to 178P

Section 178D - Sex offender registry

Section 178E - Transmission of registration data to criminal history systems board, police departments, and FBI

Section 178F - Annual verification of registration data; homeless sex offenders; juveniles; disclosure of information

Section 178F1/2 - Registration by personal appearance; level 2 or level 3 sex offenders

Section 178F3/4 - Global positioning system device to be worn by homeless sex offender

Section 178G - Termination of obligation to register

Section 178H - Failure to register, verify information or provide notice of change of address; providing false information; penalties

Section 178I - Report identifying sex offender; request for information; confidentiality

Section 178J - Request for sex offender information; notice of penalty for misuse; data required to receive report

Section 178K - Sex offender registry board; member qualifications; guidelines to assess risk of reoffense; notification; information sharing system relevant for determination or reevaluation of sex offender's level designation

Section 178L - Classification of sex offenders by board; hearings; right to counsel; reclassification

Section 178M - Judicial review of final classification

Section 178N - Misuse of information; penalties

Section 178O - Liability of public officials and employees for sex offender registry information

Section 178P - Failure to comply with registration requirements; right to arrest; risk of reoffense information disclosure

Section 178Q - Sex offender registry fee

Section 179 - Board of underwater archaeological resources; members; terms; director; staff

Section 180 - Powers and duties in preserving underwater archaeological resources; state title; definition

Section 181 - Nutrition board; establishment; members; secretary and executive secretary; staff; appointment

Section 182 - Advisory function; duties

Section 182A - Schooner Ernestina commission

Section 182B - Powers

Section 182C - Department of environmental management; annual audit; home berth

Section 183 - Repealed, 2011, 68, Sec. 6

Section 183A - Massachusetts cost containment council

Section 184 - Medicolegal investigation commission

Section 184A - Forensic sciences advisory board

Section 185 - Massachusetts office on disability; director; appointments

Section 186 - Application for grants; agreements; standards and procedures

Section 187 - Duties and functions

Section 188 - Availability of information

Section 189 - Advisory council; membership; duties

Section 190 - Repealed, 2011, 3, Sec. 10

Section 191 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 191 to 199

Section 192 - Commission for the deaf and hard of hearing; creation; financing; agreements; regulations

Section 193 - Commissioner

Section 194 - Functions of commission

Section 195 - Advisory council

Section 196 - Interpreter referral service

Section 197 - Telecommunication devices; rental, lease or sale

Section 198 - Advice to other agencies; provision of requested resources

Section 199 - Records of commission; confidentiality

Section 200 - Fire safety commission; membership; quorum; compensation; duties

Section 201 - Automatic sprinkler appeals board; procedures

Section 202 - Child abuse prevention board; members; term; executive director; removal

Section 203 - Meetings; reports; powers and duties

Section 204 - Employee involvement and ownership commission; members; term; duties

Section 205 - Office for refugees and immigrants

Section 206 - State refugee coordinator; duties; salary; hours; appointment of employees

Section 207 - Powers of office

Section 208 - Governor's advisory council for refugees and immigrants; membership; functions

Section 208A - Office for Refugees and Immigrants Trust Fund

Section 209 to 213 - Repealed, 2007, 192, Sec. 2

Section 214 - Madeline Amy Sweeney award for civilian bravery

Section 215 - Interagency child welfare task force; membership; goals

Section 216 - Military asset and security strategy task force; membership; powers and duties; meetings

Section 217 - Commission on autism; membership; powers and duties; annual report

Section 218 - Science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, advisory council; membership; powers and duties; executive committee