Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Creation; board or directors; officers and employees

Section 3 - Powers

Section 4 - Massachusetts Transportation Trust Fund

Section 5 - Organization and function as a single state agency for administrative purposes; reporting requirements; manager; annual information technology plan

Section 6 - Office of performance management and innovation; duties

Section 6A - Office of performance management and innovation; goals

Section 7 - Employee performance evaluation program

Section 8 - Money received to be held as trust funds

Section 9 - Internal special audit unit

Section 10 - Office of transportation planning

Section 11 - Publication of comprehensive state transportation plan; report on plan compliance; equitable capital expenditures

Section 11A - Project selection advisory council

Section 12 - Integrated asset management system

Section 12A - Performance and asset management advisory council

Section 13 - Toll roads, bridges and tunnels; authority to collect tolls; limitations; use of revenue

Section 14 - Department as public agency for purposes of state contracts

Section 15 - Department as public agency for purposes of state finance law

Section 16 - Annual finance plan

Section 17 - Refinancing of bonds relating to financing of the turnpike and metropolitan highway system

Section 18 - Appearance by office of the attorney general in civil proceedings against the department

Section 19 - Eminent domain powers of department

Section 20 - Sale of real property; procedure; sale of buildings or other structures

Section 21 - Abandoned, mislaid or lost property; sale of unclaimed property

Section 22 - Enforcement by superior court department

Section 23 - Termination of department

Section 24 - Investigations, studies, grant applications and applications for project approvals; lease, loan, grant or conveyance of real or personal property to department

Section 25 - Conduct of secretary, administrators and directors

Section 26 - Application of Chapter 12A

Section 27 - Exemption from taxes or assessments

Section 28 - Annual revenue and expenditure report

Section 29 - Office of planning and programming; secretary

Section 30 - Duties of the office of planning and programming; agencies within the office; duties of the secretary

Section 31 - Administrative units within the office of planning and programming

Section 32 - Federal gifts, loans or grants-in-aid for improved transportation management systems

Section 33 - Healthy transportation compact

Section 34 - Fiscal analysis prior to expending of funds or final approval of transportation infrastructure project

Section 35 - Annual report of department's activities

Section 36 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 41 to 56

Section 37 - Division of highways; administrator

Section 38 - Duties of the division of highways

Section 39 - Administrative units within the division of highways; description of organization; appointments

Section 40 - Procedure for recommending approval or disapproval of contracts

Section 41 - Engineering internship program

Section 42 - Co-operative engineer program

Section 43 - Real estate appraisal review board

Section 44 - Functional replacement of real property in public ownership; relocation of utility or utility facility

Section 45 - Repealed, 2014, 79, Sec. 6

Section 46 - Lease of air rights over land owned by the department in connection with the turnpike and the Boston extension portion of the metropolitan highway system

Section 46A - Lease of land owned by the department and no longer required for the turnpike or the Boston extension of the metropolitan highway system

Section 47, 48 - Repealed, 2012, 238, Sec. 4

Section 49 - [There is no 6C:49.]

Section 50 - Regional mobility assistance program

Section 51 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 52 to 54

Section 52 - Mass Transit division; administrator

Section 53 - Duties of the Mass Transit division

Section 54 - Administrative units within the Mass Transit division; statement of organization

Section 55 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 56 to 57

Section 56 - Registry of motor vehicles; administrator

Section 57 - Administrative units within the registry of motor vehicles; statement of organization

Section 57A - Motor vehicle insurance merit rating board

Section 58 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 59 to 61

Section 59 - Aeronautics division; administrator

Section 60 - Duties of the aeronautics division

Section 61 - Administrative units within the aeronautics division; statement of organization

Section 62 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 62 to 73

Section 63 - Contracts for design-build-finance-operate-maintain or design-build-operate-maintain services

Section 64 - Request for proposals; content of public-private agreement

Section 65 - End of term or termination of public-private agreement

Section 66 - Rights of department upon material default by an operator

Section 67 - Issue and sale of bonds or notes of the department

Section 68 - Acceptance of funds from the United States and other sources

Section 69 - Application of Sec. 26

Section 70 - Exercise of power of eminent domain

Section 71 - Powers and jurisdiction of law enforcement officers

Section 72 - Waiver of sovereign immunity not limited

Section 73 - Public-private partnership infrastructure oversight commission

Section 74 - Repair or rehabilitation of certain signs or markers abutting highway or turnpike projects

Section 75 - Contracts with fuel providers to provide for the consumption of alternative fuel

Section 76 - Removal and storage of vehicle left unattended at state-owned park and ride facility