Section 1 - State secretary; duties; bond; salary; term limitation

Section 2 - Deputies; assistants; civil service

Section 2A - Archives advisory commission; establishment; members and alternates, appointment; powers and duties; receipt and disposition of funds; expenses

Section 2B - Annual personnel report

Section 2C - Funding for archives museum

Section 3 - Deputies; power to act in absence of secretary

Section 4 - Supervisor of public records

Section 4A - Acts, resolves and constitutional amendments; publication

Section 4B - Pamphlet edition of laws; distribution of copies of individual laws

Section 4C - Cumulative table of changes in general statutes

Section 4D - Distribution of printed copies of official reports

Section 4E - Reports of war veterans' organizations

Section 4F - Distribution of judicial decisions and General Laws to cities and towns

Section 4G - Subsequent distribution to city or town; insurance

Section 4H - Distribution of laws and documents to members of general court

Section 5 - Traveling, clerical and other expenses of supervisor

Section 6 - Repealed, 1971, 820, Sec. 1

Section 7, 7A - Repealed, 1992, 403, Sec. 2

Section 8 - Information available to federal census authorities

Section 9 - Repealed, 1992, 403, Sec. 2

Section 9A - Local election districts review commission; membership; compensation; duties

Section 10 - Repealed, 1976, 486, Sec. 1

Section 10A - Administration and enforcement of chapter 110A; staff

Section 11 - Great seal; custody; certified copies of records as evidence

Section 12 - Books and records of Maine lands; custody

Section 13 - Stereotype and other plates; custody and disposition

Section 14 - Repealed, 1923, 362, Sec. 12

Section 15 - Justices and notaries; notice of expiration of commissions

Section 15A - Justices and notaries; acting after expiration of commission; validation certificate

Section 16 - Annual list of designated justices of the peace

Section 17 - Annual report

Section 18 - Repealed, 1923, 146, Sec. 1

Section 19 - Destruction or sale of documents of no value; reproduction of records of corporations.

Section 20 - Repealed, 1982, 634, Sec. 3

Section 20A - Central register of contracting opportunities offered by governmental agencies

Section 20B - Government activities; citizen education programs; acceptance of gifts, contributions, bequests, etc.

Section 21 - Commission on interstate cooperation; membership; term

Section 22 - Commission on interstate cooperation; committees and advisory boards; rules

Section 23 - Commission on interstate cooperation; primary function; powers and duties

Section 24 - Commission on interstate cooperation; reporting

Section 25 - Repealed, 1943, 255, Sec. 2

Section 26 - Massachusetts historical commission; establishment

Section 26A - State archeologist; duties; reservation of lands from sale; cooperation of governmental agencies

Section 26B - Definitions applicable to Secs. 26A, 26C, and 27 to 27C

Section 26C - State register of historic places

Section 26D - Property listings; regulations

Section 27 - Certification of historic or archeological landmarks; standards for care and management; alteration of landmarks; field investigation of sites

Section 27A - Hearings, contracts, acceptance of gifts, etc., authorized; assistance and data of other agencies

Section 27B - Federal historic preservation act; surveys and plans; custody and expenditure of funds

Section 27C - Projects; notice; adverse effect; review

Section 27D - Historic homesteads

Section 28 - Portraits and art objects in state house; photographs

Section 29 - State ballot law commission; records conservation board

Section 30 - Voting equipment loan program

Section 31 - Surcharge on fees of registers of deeds and assistant recorders; registries under control of state secretary; surcharge to fund improvements at registries; disposition of surcharge