Section 1 - ''Departments'' defined

Section 2 - Executive and administrative offices, etc.; placement under control of some state department

Section 3 - Establishment of divisions; approval of governor and council

Section 4 - Organization of departments; report to state secretary

Section 5 - Conflicting orders or regulations; appeal to governor and council

Section 6 - Absence or disability of department heads

Section 6A - Absence or disability of members, of permanent state boards, etc.

Section 7 - Confidential secretaries; appointment and removal

Section 7A - Repealed, 1978, 349, Sec. 1

Section 7B - Change of name

Section 8 - Public officers appointed by governor; tenure

Section 9 - Public officers appointed by governor; removal

Section 9A - Veterans holding unclassified positions; separation from state service

Section 9B - Certain permanent public employees; arbitrary removal; protection; disciplinary proceedings for abuse of disabled person

Section 9C - Mental health, developmental services and public health department employees; damages caused by patients

Section 9D - Teachers of certain state institutions; removal; lowering in rank

Section 9E - Chaplains; exemption

Section 9F - State employees elected to public office; leave of absence

Section 9G - Public employees participating in world athletic competition; leaves of absence

Section 9H - Public employees who are veterans; participation in Veterans or Memorial Day exercise; time off granted; exceptions

Section 9I - Employees of commonwealth; leave of absence with pay for serving as Red Cross disaster service volunteers; annual report

Section 9J - Transfer of employee functions to another department or agency; employees transferred; wages, seniority and other rights

Section 10 - Officers requiring gubernatorial appointments; filling vacancies

Section 11 - Oaths of office

Section 12 - Oaths of office; failure to take and subscribe

Section 13 - Fees for certain commissions, etc.

Section 14 - Approval of bond; withholding commission

Section 15 - Bonds; determining amount

Section 16 - Schedule bonds

Section 17 - Bond premiums; reimbursement

Section 18 - Examination of bonds

Section 19 - Failure to file sufficient bonds; removal of principal

Section 20 - Bonds deposited with county treasurers; examination

Section 21 - Multiple salaries from treasury

Section 22 - Plurality of offices; penalties

Section 22A - Repealed, 1978, 210, Sec. 2

Section 23 - Full time devotion to duties; certain state officers

Section 23A - Certain trustees of state institutions; plurality of positions

Section 24 - Office hours

Section 24A - Working on legal holidays; compensation; exceptions

Section 24B - Assignments of employee from lower to higher grade

Section 24C - Overtime pay; prior written approval

Section 25 - Expenses of state officers, etc.

Section 25A - Death away from home; return of body; expenses

Section 25B - Out-of-state travel expenses; restrictions

Section 26 - Repealed, 1948, 255

Section 27 - Money received for commonwealth; daily remittance; exceptions

Section 28 - Books and accounts; fiscal year

Section 29 - State institutions; keeping books and accounts

Section 30 - Official letters; size of paper

Section 30A - Official letterheads; uniform style

Section 31 - Printing, binding and procuring stationery for commonwealth offices and departments

Section 32 - Annual reports

Section 32A - Repealed, 1945, 292, Sec. 5

Section 33 - Annual reports; recommendations for legislation

Section 33A - Annual reports; recommendations to avoid special legislation

Section 34 - Reports of special commissions; drafts of legislation

Section 35 - Special reports to state purchasing agent; appeals

Section 35A - Reports; projects requiring assessments upon municipalities; notice

Section 36 - Motor vehicles owned by commonwealth; use and marking; regulations and restrictions, enforcement; transfer

Section 36A - Purchase, replacement or repair of motor vehicles; authorization; funds

Section 37 - Rules and regulations; compliance with statutory filing requirements

Section 37A - Repealed, 1954, 681, Sec. 2

Section 38 - Reports on public employees; central personnel register

Section 38A - Price adjustment clause in contracts for road, bridge, water and sewer projects awarded under Sec. 39M

Section 39 - Repealed, 1957, 682, Sec. 2

Section 39A - Construction contracts for public ways, airports or public works; truck rentals; security for payment

Section 39B - Construction contracts for public ways, airports or public works; dump trucks; schedule of rates; disputes

Section 39C - Actions under Sec. 39A; forbidden defenses

Section 39D - Additional security

Section 39E - Inducing rebates or refunds of transportation charges; penalties

Section 39F - Construction contracts; assignment and subrogation; subcontractor defined; enforcement of claim for direct payment; deposit, reduction of disputed amounts

Section 39G - Completion of public works; semi-final and final estimates; payments; extra work; disputed items

Section 39H - Indemnification of contractors

Section 39I - Deviations from plans and specifications

Section 39J - Public construction contracts; effect of decisions of contracting body or administrative board

Section 39K - Public building construction contracts; payments

Section 39L - Public construction work by foreign corporations; restrictions and reports

Section 39M - Contracts for construction and materials; manner of awarding

Section 39M1/2 - Project oversight; owner's representative; qualifications; procurement; powers and duties

Section 39N - Construction contracts; equitable adjustment in contract price for differing subsurface or latent physical conditions

Section 39O - Contracts for construction and materials; suspension, delay or interruption due to order of awarding authority; adjustment in contract price; written claim

Section 39P - Contracts for construction and materials; awarding authority's decisions on interpretation of specifications, etc.; time limit; notice

Section 39Q - Contracts for capital facility construction; contents; annual claims report

Section 39R - Keeping and maintaining of books, records and accounts; statement of management on internal accounting control; financial statements; enforcement

Section 39S - Contracts for construction; requirements

Section 39T - Controlled insurance program

Section 40 - Discharge or release of bonds

Section 41 - State institutions; sales of property; itemized accounts

Section 42 - Records conservation board; composition; powers and duties; sale or destruction of records; records defined; inquiries from departments or agencies

Section 43 - Fees for copying records; keeping by employees; penalties

Section 44 - Employees as agents for others; sale of lands

Section 44A - Land owned by commonwealth; sale to counties, etc.; highway purposes

Section 44B - Petroleum pipe line; laying on state lands

Section 45 - Office and position classification plan; pay plan

Section 46 - Administration of classification and pay plans

Section 46A - Repealed, 1956, 729, Sec. 14

Section 46B - Repealed, 1966, 210, Sec. 3

Section 46C - Management pay plan

Section 46D - Appointments to positions; promotions from positions classified under civil service provisions

Section 46E - Civil service classifications; positions reimbursed by federal government

Section 46F - Tenure

Section 46G - Overtime compensation

Section 46H - Vacation, sick-leave, personal leave and benefits

Section 46I - Additional duties of personnel administrator

Section 47 - Repealed, 1974, 835, Sec. 44

Section 48 - Incumbents of positions classified; duties

Section 49 - Appeal from classification

Section 50 - Limit of application of Secs. 45 to 49

Section 51 - Purchasing of goods, supplies, equipment and services for state departments

Section 52 - Approval of purchases

Section 53 - Grievances of employees; disposition; appeals

Section 54 to 56 - Repealed, 1974, 835, Sec. 47

Section 57 - Finality of decision; grievances requiring payment of money; disposition

Section 58 - Injuries sustained in service of state; compensation

Section 59 - Persons under indictment for misconduct in office; suspension; temporary appointees

Section 60 - Co-operative education programs; employment of students

Section 61 - Determination of impact by agencies; damages to environment; prevention or minimization; foreseeable climate change impacts; definition applicable to this section and Sec. 62

Section 62 - Definitions

Section 62A - Notice of intent to apply; forms; certification of need for environmental impact report; application of section

Section 62B - Environmental impact reports; preparation and submission; funding

Section 62C - Notice of availability of environmental impact statement; public and agency review

Section 62D - Permit applications; time for agency determination

Section 62E - Categories of projects and permits not requiring environmental impact reports; establishment

Section 62F - Emergencies; commencement of projects; land acquisition

Section 62G - Federal environmental impact statements in lieu of reports

Section 62H - Action or proceeding alleging improper determination of need for environmental impact report or noncompliance with law; notice; commencement; matters raised

Section 62I - Environmental notification forms filed on or after November 15, 2007; requirements

Section 63 - Notice to state secretary; specifications; report

Section 64 - Conversion of hospitals; approval of general court

Section 65 - Legal services for commonwealth provided under contract