Section 1 - Definitions

Section 1A - Department of correction; application of chapter

Section 1B - Department of youth services; application of chapter

Section 1C - Parole board; application of chapter

Section 1D - Criminal record review board; application of chapter

Section 2 - Regulations requiring hearings; adoptions, amendments or repeals; small business impact statement; emergency regulations

Section 3 - Regulations not requiring hearings; small business impact statement; adoptions, amendments or repeals

Section 3A - Publication of required notices

Section 4 - Petitions for adoption, amendment or repeal of regulations

Section 5 - Regulations; filing; small business impact statement

Section 5A - Review of rules and regulations regarding economic impact on small businesses

Section 6 - Massachusetts Register; publication of filed documents and regulations; legal effect; distribution of issues

Section 6A - Code of Massachusetts Regulations; publication

Section 6B - Agencies to purchase register issues; public access

Section 6C - Failure to comply with Sec. 6B; report

Section 6D - Expected regulations; publication of list

Section 6E - Failure to comply with Sec. 6D; report

Section 7 - Judicial review of regulations

Section 7A - Repealed, 1970, 712, Sec. 7

Section 8 - Advisory rulings by agencies

Section 9 - Standard rules; substitute rules; amendments to rules

Section 10 - Adjudicatory proceedings; appeals

Section 10A - Damage to environment; intervention in adjudicatory proceeding; procedure

Section 11 - Adjudicatory proceedings; additional requirements

Section 11A, 11A1/2 - Repealed, 2009, 28, Sec. 17

Section 11B - Studies of state boards, commissions and authorities; notice to city or town affected

Section 11C - Hearings in municipalities

Section 12 - Adjudicatory proceedings; subpoenas

Section 13 - Licenses; revocation, etc.; hearings; exceptions; student loan defaulters

Section 13A - Issuance and renewal of licenses; social security number of applicant; information provided to IV–D agency

Section 14 - Judicial review

Section 15 - Supreme judicial court and appeals court; concurrent jurisdiction

Section 16 - Supreme judicial court; powers

Section 17 - Partial invalidity of chapter; effect

Section 18 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 18 to 25

Section 19 - Division of open government; open meeting law training; open meeting law advisory commission; annual report

Section 20 - Meetings of a public body to be open to the public; notice of meeting; remote participation; recording and transmission of meeting; removal of persons for disruption of proceedings; office holders to certify receipt of open meeting law and educational materials

Section 21 - Meeting of public body in executive session

Section 22 - Minutes of meetings

Section 23 - Enforcement of open meeting law; complaints; hearing; civil action

Section 24 - Investigation by attorney general of violations of open meeting law

Section 25 - Authority of attorney general to promulgate rules and regulations, letter rulings and advisory opinions