Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Powers and duties of commission

Section 3 - Rules

Section 4 - New or amended rules; hearings; publication

Section 5 - Powers and duties of administrator

Section 6 - Appointments; requisitions

Section 6A - Performance evaluation system; implementation

Section 6B - Weight of performance evaluation in promotions

Section 6C - Employee disagreement with evaluation; appeal

Section 7 - Promotional appointments in official service

Section 8 - Promotional appointments in official service within same departmental unit

Section 9 - Departmental promotional examinations

Section 10 - Alternate departmental promotional examinations

Section 11 - Competitive promotional examinations

Section 12 - Provisional appointments

Section 13 - Provisional appointments; notice; filing

Section 14 - Provisional appointments; authorization; reports; length of service; termination

Section 15 - Provisional promotions

Section 16 - Scope of examinations; marks; appointments based solely on training and experience

Section 17 - Persons with bachelor's degrees; examination; eligible list; certification

Section 18 - Notice of examinations for original appointments; posting

Section 19 - Notice of examination for promotional appointments; posting

Section 20 - Applications for examination or registration; fees; requests for information

Section 21 - Educational and physical requirements; eligibility based on gender

Section 22 - Passing requirements of examinations; credits; requests for review

Section 23 - Review of examination papers; errors

Section 24 - Appeals; petitions

Section 25 - Eligible lists; certification; refusal to accept employment

Section 26 - Order of persons on eligible lists; veteran's preference; disabled veterans; fire and police service

Section 27 - Appointment or promotion; manner of selection

Section 28 - Labor service applicants; eligibility; age limit; veteran's preference

Section 28A - Appointment of apprentice lineman; age restrictions

Section 29 - Labor service appointments; promotional bulletins

Section 30 - Promotional appointments from labor service to official service

Section 31 - Emergency appointments; renewal

Section 32 - Emergency appointments to laborer positions; renewal

Section 33 - Seniority; computing length of service

Section 34 - Probationary periods

Section 35 - Transfers

Section 36 - Transfers from official service to labor service positions

Section 37 - Leaves of absence

Section 38 - Unauthorized leaves of absence; reports; separation from employment; review

Section 39 - Separation from employment; lack of work or money; abolition of position; disability

Section 39A - Conditional employees

Section 40 - Reemployment list

Section 41 - Discharge; removal; suspension; transfer; abolition of office; reduction of rank or pay; hearings; review

Section 41A - Discharge, removal or suspension; hearing before disinterested hearing officer; review

Section 42 - Complaints; hearings; jurisdiction; filing of civil action

Section 43 - Hearings before commission

Section 44 - Judicial review

Section 45 - Reimbursement for defense expenses

Section 46 - Reinstatement; hearings

Section 47 - Blind persons; examinations; temporary appointment of persons with an intellectual disability

Section 47A - Disadvantaged persons; certified work-training programs; examination; eligible lists; appointment

Section 48 - Civil service offices and positions; exemptions

Section 48A - Career management service program; designation of positions; selection of persons; annual listing; performance appraisal system

Section 49 - Students in temporary position appropriate to academic interest; appointments to certain state positions subject to or exempt from civil service law; confidential employees

Section 50 - Persons ineligible for civil service

Section 51 - Cities; civil service offices and positions

Section 52 - Towns; civil service offices and positions

Section 53 - Application of chapter to municipalities; school districts; elections

Section 54 - Petitions; number of signatures; filing

Section 55 - Signatures to petitions; certification; objections

Section 56 - Incumbents; status; seniority; transfer of school employees

Section 57 - Permanent positions in city labor service; removal of intermittent junior building custodians; certification of inspector of wires

Section 58 - Municipal police officers and firefighters; qualification

Section 58A - Municipal police officers and firefighters; maximum age restrictions

Section 59 - Municipal police officers and fire fighters; examinations; appointments and promotions

Section 60 - Intermittent or reserve police or fire forces; appointments to regular force

Section 60A - Intermittent or reserve police or fire force members; effect of refusals to accept employment on permanent basis in regular police or fire force

Section 61 - Municipal police officers or fire fighters; probationary periods; evaluation

Section 61A - Police officer and firefighter health and physical fitness standards

Section 61B - Wellness program for police officers and firefighters

Section 62 - Punishment duty; police officers or fire fighters

Section 62A - Punishment duty; police officers or firefighters employed by cities or towns

Section 63 - Paraplegic persons; municipal police or fire departments; appointments

Section 64 - Massachusetts bay transportation authority police; qualifications

Section 65 - Massachusetts bay transportation authority police; appointments and promotions; probationary periods; evaluation

Section 66 - Labor service positions in highways department; certification; promotions; districts

Section 67 - Annual list of civil service employees; posting; enforcement; penalties

Section 68 - Reports of appointment, promotion, demotion, leaves of absence, etc.

Section 69 - Reports of appointment or employment by appointing authority upon request; enforcement; penalties

Section 70 - Records; examination papers; inspection; destruction

Section 71 - Rosters of positions; filing; use; penalties

Section 72 - Investigations; subpoenas; summoning witnesses, etc.

Section 73 - Violations; notice; writs of mandamus

Section 74 - Prohibited activities; penalties

Section 75 - Rights of municipal employees

Section 76 - Positions subject to federal merit system standards; minimum qualifications

Section 77 - Enforcement of laws and rules