Section 1 - Purpose of chapter

Section 2 - Definitions

Section 3 - Group insurance commission

Section 3A - Employees' advisory committee

Section 3B - Applicability of chapter to Commonwealth charter schools and education collaboratives

Section 4 - Purchase of insurance policies by commission

Section 4A - Administrative services contracts

Section 5 - Insurance and medicare benefits of state employees

Section 6 - Amounts of insurance and benefits; determination; alterations or reductions; separability

Section 7 - Information furnished commission by employees

Section 8 - Contributions for premiums by commonwealth and active or retired employees and dependents; ratio; withholding; direct payment; reimbursement by certain agencies; filing copies of contracts and agreements

Section 8A - Employees on leaves of absence for more than one year; insurance costs charged to employing agency

Section 9 - Dividends, refunds, rate credits; deposit in special funds; transfer of reserves

Section 9A - Investment committee; investment and deposit of funds by state treasurer

Section 10 - Retirement or termination of employment; effect on policy; conversion of insurance

Section 10A - Additional insurance

Section 10B - Insurance for elderly government retirees and their dependents

Section 10C - Optional medicare extension

Section 10D - Disability insurance; withholding payment of premiums

Section 10E - Insurance for commonwealth employee granted leave to care for dependent child

Section 11 - Death of employee or retired employee; continuation of insurance by spouse or dependent

Section 11A - Divorced or separated spouses; continuation of insurance coverage

Section 12 - Retired teachers; life and health insurance; agreements; contributions; withholding of premiums; reimbursement of premiums and expenses; dividends; rules and regulations

Section 13 - Approval of applications by political subdivisions for life and health insurance covering retired teachers

Section 14 - Optional insurance for services of health care organizations

Section 15 - Catastrophic illness coverage; contracts; premiums; dividends; conversion; rules and regulations

Section 16 - Election to continue insurance coverages; notice

Section 17 - Dental and vision expenses; reimbursement of employees

Section 17A - Coverage for nonprescription enteral formulas for home use

Section 17B - Hospice services for commonwealth employees insured under group insurance commission

Section 17C - Required coverage for prenatal care, childbirth, and postpartum care

Section 17D - Coverage for bone marrow transplants

Section 17E - Scalp hair prostheses necessary due to cancer or leukemia treatment

Section 17F - Newborn hearing screening test; group insurance commission coverage

Section 17G - Items medically necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of diabetes; group insurance commission coverage

Section 17H - Coverage for human leukocyte or histocompatibility locus antigen testing

Section 17I - Prosthetic devices and repairs; group insurance commission coverage

Section 17J - Coverage for children under age 18 for cleft lip and cleft palate

Section 17K - Coverage for orally administered anticancer medications

Section 17L - Coverage for abuse deterrent opioid drug products

Section 17M - Preauthorization for substance abuse treatment not to be required

Section 17N - Coverage for medically necessary acute treatment and clinical stabilization services; preauthorization not to be required; notice to carrier of admission and initial treatment plan

Section 17O - Coverage for medical or drug treatments to correct or repair disturbances of body composition caused by HIV associated lipodystrophy syndrome

Section 18 - Medicare health benefits supplement plan, mandatory transfer; payment of penalty

Section 19 - Release from insurance coverage; payment; reinstatement of coverage

Section 20 - Charges or collections of excess compensation

Section 21 - Health care services evaluation; vendor quality improvement program; annual report

Section 22 - Diagnosis and treatment of certain biologically-based mental disorders; mental disorders of victims of rape; non-biologically-based mental disorders of children and adolescents under age 19; group insurance commission coverage

Section 23 - Coverage for speech, hearing and language disorders

Section 24 - State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund

Section 24A - State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund board of trustees; membership; powers and duties

Section 25 - Insurance coverage for diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder

Section 26 - Wellness program

Section 27 - Toll-free telephone number and website providing customers with estimated or maximum allowed amount or charge for proposed admission, procedure or service