Section 1 - Purpose of chapter

Section 2 - Definitions

Section 2A - Traffic supervisors as employees

Section 2B - Reserve, permanent-intermittent or call firefighters as employees

Section 3 - Purchase of group life, accidental death, etc., insurance policies; reinsurance agreements

Section 3A - Administrative services contract for payment of claims by political subdivision; claims trust fund; annual audit

Section 4 - Automatic insurance of employees; election to forego coverage; notice; withdrawal

Section 5 - Amount of employee insurance coverage; schedules of benefits; determination; excess coverage, withholding of premium

Section 6 - Employees to furnish information; certificate or booklet of coverage

Section 7 - Premiums; withholding, contribution; direct payment

Section 7A - Contribution and withholding for premiums; subsidiary or additional rate; payments in lieu of withholding; acceptance of section

Section 8 - Dividends, refunds and rate credits to inure to benefit of governmental unit

Section 8A - Dividends and refunds; deposit in employees' group insurance trust fund; administrative costs; effective date

Section 9 - Policy provisions

Section 9A - Political subdivision; contribution for insurance premiums of retired employees

Section 9A1/2 - Reimbursement of governmental unit for healthcare premium contribution received by retiree with creditable service attributable to service in one or more other governmental units

Section 9B - Death of employee or retired employee; continuation of insurance coverage by spouse

Section 9C - Death of fire fighter; continuation of insurance coverage by spouse; contribution by governmental unit; acceptance of provisions

Section 9C1/2 - Death of call, volunteer, intermittent, part-time or reserve firefighter, emergency medical services provider or police officer; continuation of insurance coverage by spouse and dependents

Section 9D - Insurance premium payable by surviving spouse; contribution by political subdivisions

Section 9D1/2 - Insurance premium payable by surviving spouse; additional contribution by political subdivisions

Section 9D3/4 - Insurance premium payable by surviving spouse; additional contribution by political subdivisions not accepting provisions of Secs. 9D or 9D1/2

Section 9E - Subsidiary or additional rate; payment by political subdivisions; premium payment by retired employee; acceptance of section

Section 9F - Retired local employees; life, accidental death and dismemberment coverage; acceptance of section

Section 9G - Surviving spouse of police officer killed in line of duty; continuation of group coverage; payment of premiums; acceptance of section

Section 9H - Divorced or separated spouses; continuation of group coverage

Section 9I - Employees on military leave of absence for active service; payment of premiums; acceptance of section

Section 10 - Acceptance of chapter by county, city, town, municipality or district

Section 10A - Purchase of insurance by public authority following acceptance of chapter

Section 11 - Schedules of insurance benefits; establishment; joint participation; administration

Section 11A - Additional insurance; application; cancellation; conversion

Section 11B - Insurance for elderly government retirees

Section 11C - Optional medicare extension

Section 11D - Accidental insurance for policemen and firefighters; payment of portion of premiums by municipalities

Section 11E - Life and health insurance for retired teachers; appropriation of funds authorized; acceptance of section by political subdivisions

Section 11F - Disability income insurance for nonoccupational injury or disease; premiums; cancellation; dividends or refunds; acceptance of this section

Section 12 - Joint negotiation and purchase of insurance by governmental units; trusts or joint purchase agreements for health care coverage

Section 13 - Repealed, 1958, 558, Sec. 4

Section 14 - Rules and regulations

Section 15 - Insurance coverage for employees of governmental units; appropriation or expenditure of public funds for payment of premiums

Section 16 - Optional insurance for services of health care organizations

Section 17 - Election to continue insurance coverages; notice

Section 18 - Repealed, 2011, 68, Sec. 53

Section 18A - Transfer of retiree, spouse or dependent to Medicare health plan

Section 19 - Health carriers; contracts; public employee committees; agreements with public authorities; transfer of subscribers to commission

Section 20 - Other Post–Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund

Section 21 - Manner of changing health insurance benefits; estimation of savings; approval of agreement; immediate implementation; time for review; distribution of savings; regulations

Section 22 - Copayments, deductibles, tiered provider network copayments and other cost-sharing plan design features; increases

Section 23 - Transfer of subscribers to commission; notice; transfer to Medicare of eligible subscribers; withdrawal from commission coverage; group coverage provided by commission; deficit in claims trust fund by self-insured political subdivision; administration of coverage for transferred subscribers by commission; reimbursement of commission for coverage costs; withdrawal from commission

Section 24 - Health care flexible spending accounts

Section 25 - Health reimbursement arrangements

Section 26 - Enrollment audit

Section 27 - Historical claims data

Section 28 - Joint negotiation and purchase of coverage

Section 29 - Annual report on non-Medicare and Medicare plans with largest subscriber enrollments