• Section 19A Agencies within military division; duty of adjutant general regarding functions and operation

Section 19A. The armory commission established by section eighteen of chapter six, and the division of civil defense established by section two of chapter six hundred and thirty-nine of the acts of nineteen hundred and fifty and all other agencies within said division of civil defense, including the civil defense advisory council, the civil defense claims board, are hereby declared to be within the military division; provided, that nothing herein shall be construed as conferring any powers or imposing any duties upon the adjutant general with respect to the foregoing agencies except as expressly provided by law.

The adjutant general shall conduct comprehensive planning with respect to the functions of said agencies and coordinate their activities and programs. He shall conduct studies of the operations of said agencies with a view to effecting improvements in administrative organization, procedures and practices, and to promoting economy, efficiency, and avoiding useless labor and expenses in said agencies. He shall from time to time recommend to the governor such changes as he shall deem desirable in the laws relating to the organization, structure, efficiency or administrative functions, services, procedures and practices of said agencies or any of them. He shall have the same power as the secretaries having charge of the executive offices established by chapters six A and seven to review and act upon budgetary and other financial matters concerning said agencies in accordance with sections two C, three, three A, four, nine B, twenty-seven A, twenty-seven B, twenty-nine and twenty-nine A of chapter twenty-nine; sections twenty-four C, twenty-five B, thirty-six and paragraph (5A) of section forty-six of chapter thirty; and sections twelve to fifteen, inclusive, and thirty-five and thirty-six of chapter thirty-one.