Section 1 - Qualifications; election; tenure

Section 2 - Assistant treasurer; bond; duties

Section 3 - Oaths; bonds

Section 4 - Salaries; source of payment

Section 5, 6 - Repealed, 1931, 301, Sec. 5

Section 7 - Commissioners acting by appointment; compensation; travel expenses

Section 8 - Traveling expenses

Section 9 - Wilful violation of duty; penalties

Section 10 - Collection and disbursement of county funds; investment of funds

Section 10A - Disbursement of matching funds for federally funded programs

Section 11 - Payment of expenses, etc.; restrictions

Section 12 - Expenses of court sittings; court costs for indigent parties; delivery of bills to treasurer

Section 13 - Filing of bills

Section 14 - Statement of law authorizing payment of accounts; liability for payments; exceptions

Section 15 - Accounts; form and contents

Section 16 - Fiscal year

Section 17 - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 4

Section 18 - Suffolk and Nantucket counties; applicability of laws

Section 19 - County salaries; payment; payroll deductions; deposits to employee bank accounts authorized

Section 19A - Accumulated vacation allowance; payment upon death or separation from service

Section 19B - Deceased officers and employees; payment of salary to next of kin; effect

Section 19C - Deposits in credit union; pension or retirement allowances

Section 20 - Prosecution of suits upon bonds, notes, etc.; joinder of treasurer as party

Section 21 - Delinquency of officers as to money payments; notification of district attorney

Section 22 - Disposition of surplus money; deposits; investments; interest

Section 22A - Deposit of funds restricted

Section 23 - Money paid into courts; disposition; interest

Section 23A - Unclaimed funds; disposition

Section 24 - Overdue accounts; interest charge

Section 25 - Annual report; contents

Section 26 - Annual report of county commissioners; contents

Section 26A - Capital facilities and capital facility projects; jurisdiction of capital planning and operations division

Section 27 - Annual reports; publication and distribution

Section 27A - Treasurer and custodian of certain funds

Section 28 - Estimates of county receipts and expenditures; preparation; recordation

Section 28A - Repealed, 1981, 351, Sec. 143

Section 28B - Advisory board for county expenditures; action on proposed budget; public hearing; capital improvement fund

Section 28C - Repealed, 1981, 351, Sec. 145

Section 29 - Repealed, 1981, 351, Sec. 145A

Section 30 - Taxes; approval; computation

Section 31 - Taxes; apportionment, assessment and collection

Section 32 - Provisions of appropriation acts for counties and county hospitals; approved schedules; certification; transfers; purposes; expenditures in excess of appropriations; reserve fund

Section 32A - Contributory retirement systems; anticipated costs; recovery of pension costs

Section 33 - Repealed, 1960, 282, Sec. 2

Section 34 - Expenses and liabilities incurred prior to appropriations; limitations; exceptions

Section 34A - Expenses incurred prior to appropriation; highway agreements excepted

Section 35 - Enforcement of provisions; conditions

Section 36 - County receipts, cash on hand and expenditures; monthly account

Section 36A - Emergency borrowing for extraordinary expenditures

Section 37 - Borrowing funds in anticipation of tax income

Section 37A - Bonds and notes; method of payment; use of proceeds; limitations

Section 37B - Temporary notes; refunding; payment

Section 38 - Sale of notes or securities; bids required; exceptions

Section 38A - Bonds issued subject to call and redemption

Section 38B - Refunding bonds and notes; issuance; limitations

Section 39 - Interest rates

Section 39A - Forms for note issues; contents, etc.

Section 39B - Notes; procedure for issuance

Section 39C - Bearer notes; procedure for issuance

Section 39D - Payment of notes; notice

Section 39E - Certification fee; refunds

Section 39F - Effect of certification

Section 39G - Facsimile of county seal on bonds, etc.; validity

Section 39H - Facsimile of county seal on bonds, etc.; authorization of making and use

Section 39I - Facsimile of county seal on bonds or notes; validity of signatures of officers leaving office before delivery of bonds or notes

Section 40 - Fines; accounting; returns

Section 41 - Payments to treasurers; sworn statements

Section 42 - Auditor of Boston; additional duty

Section 43 - Exchange of order instruments for bearer instruments; penalty for noncompliance

Section 43A - Surety bonds of officers and employees; payment of premiums

Section 43B - Recovery on surety bonds of officers and employees; effect of acceptance by county of additional annual bond

Section 44 - Examination of accounts of county treasurers

Section 45 - Examinations of accounts of other county officers

Section 46 - Annual report of commissioner of revenue

Section 47 - Penalty for noncompliance with orders

Section 48 - Establishment of board; membership; election; tenure, etc.

Section 49 - Classification of positions; ''salary'' defined

Section 50 - Director of accounts; powers and duties

Section 51 - Personnel board; powers and duties; discharge of employees, etc.

Section 51A - Definitions

Section 51B - Salary schedules

Section 52 - Classification and allocation of offices and positions; review

Section 53 - County commissioners; powers and duties

Section 53A - Director of affirmative action; affirmative action plan; reports

Section 54 - Newly elected officers, etc., to receive minimum rate; exceptions; recommendations for promotions, etc.

Section 55 - Salaries to be full compensation; overtime pay, etc.

Section 56 - Suffolk county; applicability of act; classification agencies in other counties

Section 57 - Deferred compensation program for employees; authorized investments; requisites; limitations

Section 57A - Employee individual retirement accounts