Section 1 - Nature and scope

Section 1A - District defined

Section 1B - Districts; power to sue and be sued; insurance; defense of civil actions

Section 2 - Towns; power to sue and be sued

Section 3 - Towns; power to hold, lease and convey property

Section 3A - Cities, towns and districts; binding effect thereon of recordable instruments of title affecting interests in real estate as to good faith purchasers notwithstanding inconsistency of law therewith

Section 4 - Towns; power to contract; purposes

Section 4A - Governmental units; joint operation of public activities; termination of agreement; ''governmental unit'' defined; financial safeguards

Section 4B - Repealed, 1989, 687, Sec. 8

Section 4B1/2 - Repealed, 1989, 687, Sec. 9

Section 4C - Repealed, 1965, 763, Sec. 1

Section 4D - Contracts with state or public authority for construction of public works

Section 4E - Education collaboratives

Section 4F - Purchase of clothing or apparel; restrictions

Section 4G - Repealed, 1989, 687, Sec. 10

Section 4H - Repealed, 1989, 687, Sec. 11

Section 4I - Growth and development policy committees; definitions

Section 4J - Public safety mutual aid agreement; procedure for joining agreement; requests to receive assistance; rights and responsibilities of requesting and sending parties

Section 4K - Public works municipal mutual aid agreement; procedure for joining agreement; advisory committee; requests to receive assistance; rights and responsibilities of requesting and sending parties

Section 5 - Appropriation of money for exercise of corporate powers

Section 5A - Cities; reserve funds for extraordinary expenditures; establishment

Section 5B - Stabilization funds; establishment

Section 5C - Districts; reserve funds for extraordinary expenditures; establishment

Section 5D - Contributory retirement system funds; recovery of pension costs

Section 5E - Unemployment compensation fund; deposit and investment; payments

Section 5F - Ambulance services; recreational facilities; service charges; credit card payments

Section 5G - Municipal waterways improvement and maintenance funds

Section 5H - Centennial celebrations; funds

Section 6 - Towns; reserve funds for extraordinary expenditures; establishment

Section 6A - Advertising

Section 6B - Uniforms and other outer clothing for members of police and fire departments and shellfish constabulary; clothing allowance

Section 6C - Removal of ice and snow from private ways; conditions

Section 6D - Removal of ice and snow from private ways; submission to electorate; ballot

Section 6E to 6I - Repealed, 1977, 693, Sec. 1

Section 6J - Stormy weather work clothes; purchase

Section 6K - Uniforms of public health nurses; purchase

Section 6L - Stormy weather work clothes; lease or rental

Section 6M - Repealed, 1977, 693, Sec. 1

Section 6N - Private ways; temporary repairs, ordinances or by-laws

Section 6O - Group life insurance premiums; permanent employees

Section 7 - Removal of ice and snow from sidewalks in towns

Section 7A - Prevention of automobile accidents

Section 8 - Enforcement of laws relating to civil service

Section 8A - Development and industrial commission; establishment; duties; membership; tenure; removals; vacancies

Section 8B - Council on aging; establishment; annual reports; recommendations by department; clerks and employees

Section 8C - Conservation commission; establishment; powers and duties

Section 8D - Historical commission; establishment; powers and duties

Section 8E - Youth commission; establishment; powers and duties

Section 8F - Consumer advisory commission; establishment; annual report; clerks and employees

Section 8G - Mutual police aid programs; agreements

Section 8H - Recycling programs

Section 8I - Energy resources commission; powers and duties

Section 8J - Disability commission; powers and duties; members; terms

Section 8K - Mapping commissions; powers and duties; members

Section 9 - Lease of building space for veterans' organizations; limitations; erection of armories; celebration of holidays

Section 9A - Repealed, 1949, 563, Sec. 2

Section 10 - Public markets; establishment; conditions; regulation

Section 11 - Prevention of forest fires

Section 11A - Beach districts; formation

Section 12 - Public baths and wash houses

Section 12A - Repealed, 1941, 598, Sec. 5

Section 12B - Beaches for public and recreational uses; formation of district; membership of control commission; annual audit

Section 12C - Construction of beach facilities; rules and regulations

Section 12D - Authority to incur indebtedness; limitation

Section 12E - Treasurer of district; appointment; bond; powers and duties

Section 12F - Employees

Section 12G - Leasing of concessions; procedure

Section 13 - Municipal buildings insurance fund; management; use

Section 13A - Workers' compensation insurance funds; management

Section 13B - Residence quarters for school physicians

Section 13C - Workers' compensation claims reserve funds

Section 13D - Reserve fund for future payment of accrued liabilities for compensated absences due employee or officer of town upon termination of employment

Section 14 - Purchase of land; conditions; limitations; definition

Section 15 - Abandonment of rights in realty; conditions

Section 15A - Transfer of land; procedure

Section 15B - Water supply works; sale or exchange of property

Section 15C - Scenic road designations; improvements; fines

Section 16 - Street sprinkling

Section 17 - Assessment

Section 18 - Collection of assessment

Section 19 - Appropriation of money for providing common necessaries during war or other public exigency; purposes; use of funds

Section 20 - Selling price of necessities; accounting

Section 21 - By-laws of towns; purpose

Section 21A - Powers of cities and towns; regulation of working conditions of employees

Section 21B - Personnel relations review board; establishment; purpose; ''grievance'', defined

Section 21C - Union conventions; leave of absence

Section 21C1/2 - Employees who are veterans; participation in Veterans or Memorial Day exercises; time off granted; exceptions

Section 21D - Noncriminal disposition of ordinance, by-law, rule or regulation violations

Section 21E - Municipal charges and bills; due dates; interest

Section 22 - Regulation of vehicles; penalties for violation; disabled veterans and handicapped persons excepted from parking violations; taxicab licenses

Section 22A - Parking meters; fees; exemption from fees for disabled veterans and handicapped persons; bicycle locking devices; motorcycle parking; restricted parking areas for veterans and handicapped persons

Section 22B - Acquisition and maintenance of off-street parking areas; conditions; exceptions

Section 22C - Off-street parking lots; installation of parking meters and other devices; use of receipts

Section 22D - Vehicles parked in violation of law; removal

Section 22E - Lease of air space above structures and facilities

Section 22F - License fees; service charges; acceptance of section

Section 22G - Funds received from fines for handicap parking violations; deposits in account; expenditures

Section 23 - Powers of cities; regulation of erection and maintenance of balustrades; penalty for violation

Section 24 - Powers of cities; regulation of the quality of ice; penalty for violation

Section 25 to 30B - Repealed, 1954, 368, Sec. 1

Section 31 - Powers of towns; performance of duty imposed by by-laws

Section 32 - Validation of by-laws; procedure

Section 32A - Publication of ordinances

Section 32B - Publication of compilations of zoning ordinances; supplements; distribution and sale

Section 33 - Rules and regulations promulgated by town boards; filing

Section 34 - Town; erection and maintenance of lockup; penalty for noncompliance

Section 35 - Keeper; appointment; oath; penalty for failure to appoint keeper

Section 36 - Keeper; powers; compensation; fees

Section 36A - Report of death or suicide of lockup inmates; records of attempts at, or threats of, suicide

Section 36B - Cells; protective coverings, electronic audio systems and electronic security devices

Section 36C - Police; training in suicide detection, intervention and prevention

Section 37 - Accessibility of lockup to police; penalty for refusing access

Section 37A - Curfews; imposition; penalties

Section 38 - Purchase, development and use of public water supply

Section 39 - Conveying water through another town; liability for damages

Section 39A - Water supply or distributing system; establishment; maintenance and operation; exception

Section 39B - Acquisition of land and water; conditions

Section 39C - Construction and maintenance of dams, wells, reservoirs and other buildings; conditions

Section 39D - Surveys

Section 39E - Management of water system

Section 39F - Damages

Section 39G - Pollution of water; damage to property; penalties

Section 39H - Right to aid other governmental units; compensation

Section 39I - Water meters; testing

Section 39J - Pricing system; costs

Section 39J1/2 - Repealed, 1990, 177, Secs. 102, 103

Section 39K - Drinking water protection district; establishment; commission; pricing system; fund

Section 39L - Water or sewer service charges; descending unit rate basis

Section 39M - Water infrastructure surcharge on real property; exemptions; appeal; Municipal Water Infrastructure Investment Fund

Section 40 - Repealed, 1985, 592, Sec. 2

Section 41 - Protection of water supply; conditions

Section 41A - Use of water in emergencies

Section 41B, 41C - Repealed, 1968, 548, Sec. 2

Section 42 - Laying pipes and conduits

Section 42A - Collection of rates and charges for supplying of water; lien for delinquent charges

Section 42B - Effective date of lien; termination; enforcement

Section 42C - Unpaid charges; report to tax collector

Section 42D - Unpaid charges; collection as part of property tax

Section 42E - Abatements; appeals

Section 42F - Recovery of delinquent charges from tenants

Section 42G - Distribution of water; payment of costs by special assessment

Section 42H - Uniform rate of assessment

Section 42I - Recordation of assessment to establish lien on property; amount of assessment; extension of time for payment

Section 42J - Deferral of charges

Section 42K - Assessment of betterments

Section 43 - Authorization for laying of pipes for the transmission of steam or hot water

Section 43A - Permission to construct pipelines for conveying petroleum or by-products thereof; conditions

Section 44 - Improvement districts; purposes; membership; tenure; powers and duties

Section 44A - Regional refuse disposal planning committee

Section 44B - Regional refuse disposal planning board; study of creation of district; expenses of board; refuse disposal facility defined

Section 44C - Regional refuse disposal planning board; agreement for establishment of district

Section 44D - Report of board

Section 44E - Acceptance of recommendation; election; establishment of district

Section 44F - General powers of district

Section 44G - Exercise of powers; officers of committee

Section 44H - Maintenance and operating expenses; debts; determination and apportionment

Section 44I - Annual audit and report; costs

Section 44J - Sale, lease or license of lands or facilities to refuse disposal districts

Section 44K - Bonds and notes; limit of indebtedness

Section 44L - Issuance of debt obligations to pay for project costs

Section 45 - Recognizance; permission to designate an agent

Section 46 - Certification of claims

Section 47 - Town seal; establishment; use

Section 48 - Establishment of suitable place to keep books; penalty for noncompliance; custody of books and records

Section 49 - Annual town reports; publication; penalty for noncompliance

Section 50 - Annual town report; copy to state library

Section 51 - Publication of information concerning persons receiving aid from governmental agencies forbidden; exceptions; penalties

Section 52 - Size of official letters

Section 53 - Restraint of illegal appropriations; ten taxpayer actions

Section 54 - Building permit restrictions; availability of water supply; disposal of debris

Section 54A - State consent to issuance of permit to build on lands formerly used as a railroad right-of-way; damages in absence thereof

Section 55 - Annuity contract, custodial account or other investment for hospital employees

Section 56 - Percentages of local tax levy for property

Section 57 - Local licenses and permits; denial, revocation or suspension for failure to pay municipal taxes or charges

Section 58 - Municipal charges lien

Section 59 - Tax increment financing plan

Section 60 - Urban center housing tax increment financing zone (UCH–TIF)

Section 60A - Manufacturing workforce training tax increment financing plan

Section 61 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 61 to 69

Section 62 - Contracts for the inspection, maintenance, repair or modification of water storage facility authorized

Section 63 - Term of contract awarded under Sec. 62 and option for renewal or extension; contents of contract and obligations thereunder; requirements relating to capital modifications, capital repairs, installation of equipment and systems or second interior or exterior coating

Section 64 - Solicitation of proposals; statement of compliance with occupation health and safety requirements

Section 65 - Acceptance of proposal and award of contract; notice; statement of reasons for acceptance

Section 66 - Terms and conditions of contract awarded under Secs. 61 to 69; bond or other security for the obligation of selected offeror

Section 67 - Project approval certificates from department of environmental protection

Section 68 - Contracts made in violation of Secs. 61 to 69 void and unenforceable

Section 69 - Public notice of request for proposal