Section 1 - Title of chapter

Section 2 - Purpose of chapter

Section 2A - Regional or district groupings; consent to placement

Section 3 - Planning districts; establishment; new members; jurisdiction area; rights and liabilities

Section 4 - District planning commissions; membership; employees; meetings

Section 4A - Executive committees; establishment; membership; powers and duties; reports

Section 4B - Seals authorized

Section 4C - Federal military installations within districts; commanding officer as ex officio member of commission

Section 5 - Powers and duties; reports

Section 5A - Agreement for water favorability studies

Section 5B - Economic development regional commissions; authorization to act

Section 6 - Cooperation of state agencies with planning commissions

Section 7 - Preparation of budget; apportionment of costs; disbursement of funds; receipt of gifts; contracts for planning studies and services

Section 8 - Borrowing in anticipation of revenue from member municipalities

Section 9 - Southeastern regional planning and economic development district; establishment

Section 10 - Membership; termination

Section 11 - Dissolution of regional planning districts; transitional provisions; procedure

Section 12 - Commission; membership; appointment; term

Section 13 - Advisory committee; membership; appointment; term; removal; vacancies

Section 14 - Powers and duties

Section 15 - Executive officers; committees; meetings; rules and records; expenses

Section 16 - Executive director; employees; tenure; compensation

Section 17 - Contracts; expenditures and obligations

Section 18 - Estimate of costs; fiscal year; assessment; limitation; payment; reserve funds; audit

Section 19 - Data exchange between agencies

Section 20 - Definitions

Section 21 - Low or moderate income housing; applications for approval of proposed construction; hearing; appeal

Section 22 - Appeal to housing appeals committee; procedure; judicial review

Section 23 - Hearing by housing appeals committee; issues; powers of disposition; orders; enforcement

Section 24 - Metropolitan area planning council; composition; appointments; vacancies

Section 25 - Council; officers; meetings; rules of procedure; report; treasurer's bond; powers and duties

Section 26 - Establishment; composition

Section 27 - Mutual exchange of data, etc. between council and other governmental agencies

Section 28 - Executive committee of council; composition; powers and duties; executive director; staff; technical advisory committees

Section 29 - Inter-agency agreements; expenditures; assessments; gifts, grants, etc.; fund

Section 30 - Technical assistance center; permitting model; evaluations and reporting; regional planning districts to assist municipalities