Section 1 - Town officers to be elected; tenure

Section 1A - District defined

Section 1B - Appointed town offices and boards; acceptance by voters

Section 2 - Establishment of new board or office; effect; increase or decrease in board membership or number of officers

Section 3 - City officers; powers and duties

Section 4 - Penalty for failure to choose selectmen or assessors

Section 4A - Members of town and district boards eligible to hold other offices; salary

Section 5 - Voting list; use

Section 6 - Use of official ballots; towns authorized to provide for

Section 7 - Use of official ballot; determination of extent

Section 8 - Handling of ballots

Section 9 - Handling of ballots after tabulation; sealing

Section 10 - Failure to elect; procedure to fill vacancy; notice

Section 11 - Appointment to fill vacancy in town office

Section 12 - City clerks; tenure

Section 13 - Bond of town clerk

Section 13A - Bond of city clerk

Section 13B - Renewal of licenses and permits; delegation of authority

Section 14 - Temporary clerk

Section 15 - Town clerks; powers and duties

Section 15A - Certification of appropriations

Section 16 - Oaths of town officers; return of certificate

Section 17 - Filing of city contracts; penalty for noncompliance

Section 18 - Assistant city clerk

Section 18A - Records of city clerk; attestation

Section 18B - Facsimile signatures of city clerk or assistant city clerk

Section 19 - Assistant town clerks; powers and duties; compensation

Section 19A - Certificate of appointment or election of clerk; filing requirements

Section 19B - City and town clerks; tenure of office

Section 19C - Acceptance of Sec. 19B; procedure; petition

Section 19D - Removal or suspension of clerk having permanent tenure

Section 19E - Procedure for filling vacancy following death or removal of clerk having permanent tenure

Section 19F - Additional compensation for serving as clerk of city council

Section 19G - Additional compensation for serving as member of registrars of voters

Section 19H - Maximum amount of additional compensation for serving as member of registrars of voters

Section 19I - Additional compensation for serving in other city or town positions

Section 19J - Additional compensation for serving as member of board of registrars of voters

Section 19K - Additional compensation for town clerk

Section 20 - Selectmen; duties and oath; penalty

Section 21 - Authorization for selectmen to act as or appoint other town officers

Section 21A - Removal of persons appointed to positions of chief of police or head of municipal police department

Section 22 - Officers appointed by selectmen; tenure; compensation; vacancies

Section 23 - Rescission of vote by selectmen; election of other officers; tenure

Section 23A - Executive secretary or town administrator; appointment; tenure

Section 23B - Town departments; investigations and reports

Section 23C - Persons acting on behalf of selectmen; appointment and removal

Section 23D - Municipal data processing centers

Section 24 - Assessors; number; method of selection; tenure

Section 24A - Repealed, 1937, 129, Sec. 1

Section 25 - Appointment by selectmen; tenure of office

Section 25A - Assistant assessors; appointment by assessors; duties; compensation; tenure

Section 26 - Appointment by selectmen where town so votes

Section 26A - Employment of counsel in certain proceedings

Section 27 - Appointment upon failure of incumbents to perform duties

Section 28 - Powers and duties of assistant assessors

Section 29 - Oath of office; penalty for failure to take oath

Section 30 - Penalty for false valuation

Section 30A - Vacancies; effect on powers of remaining assessors

Section 30B - Agreements for joint and cooperative assessment, classification and valuation of property

Section 31 to 34 - Repealed, 1967, 658, Sec. 5

Section 34A - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 156

Section 34B - Identification of husbands and wives in documents and communications

Section 35 - Bond of treasurer; duties

Section 36 - Powers of treasurer; prosecution of actions

Section 37 - Treasurer acting as tax collector; appointment of deputies

Section 38 - Powers of tax collector

Section 38A - Collection of accounts due city or town; powers and duties of tax collector

Section 39 - Collection of taxes by constable

Section 39A - Assistant treasurer

Section 39B - Removal of treasurers or city or town collectors

Section 39C - Assistant collector

Section 40 - Temporary town officers

Section 41 - Payment of compensation; oath

Section 41A - Delivery of payroll checks to department heads

Section 41B - Payment of public employees by direct bank credits

Section 41C - Deposits in credit union; pension or retirement allowances

Section 42 - Contents of pay roll

Section 43 - Penalty

Section 43A - Defense of actions against treasurers and collectors; indemnification

Section 44 - Sinking fund commissioners; election; tenure; appointment of secretary and treasurer

Section 45 - Board of commissioners of trust funds; membership; powers and duties

Section 45A - Commissioners in towns under five thousand population

Section 46 - Town treasurer; duties; bond

Section 47 - Powers and duties

Section 48 - Tenure of city auditor

Section 49 - Vacancy in office of auditor

Section 49A - Assistant auditors; powers and duties; compensation

Section 50 - Powers and duties of auditors

Section 51 - Accounts payable; notice to creditors; part payments

Section 52 - Approval of bills

Section 53 - Auditing of public trusts

Section 54 - Notice to auditor of payment of public funds to treasurer

Section 54A - Notification to assessors of receipts

Section 55 - Town accountant; tenure; powers and duties

Section 56 - Warrants for payment of bills

Section 57 - Books of account and financial records

Section 58 - Duties; notice of condition of appropriations; record of appropriations

Section 59 - Annual estimates; furnishing to town accountant

Section 60 - Table of estimated appropriations

Section 61 - Annual report

Section 61A - Appointment of temporary officers upon vacancy of certain offices; tenure; bond; removal; powers and duties

Section 62 - Highway surveyor; duties

Section 63 - Road and sewer commissioners

Section 64 - Road commissioners; powers and duties

Section 65 - Sewer commissioners; powers and duties

Section 66 - Superintendent of streets; appointment; tenure

Section 67 - One superintendent of streets for two or more towns

Section 68 - Superintendent of streets; powers and duties

Section 69 - Superintendent of water or sewer department

Section 69A - Water commissioners; election; tenure; quorum; vacancies

Section 69B - Water commissioners; powers and duties

Section 69C - Submission of adoption of board of public works to electorate; ballot

Section 69D - Board of public works; membership; election; tenure; powers and duties

Section 69E - Superintendent of public works; appointment; powers and duties

Section 69F - Submission to voters of revocation of acceptance; conditions; effect

Section 69G - Office of lands and natural resources; establishment; powers and duties; director and assistants

Section 70 - Planning board; duties

Section 71 - Annual report

Section 72 - Ordinances and by-laws

Section 73 - Board of survey; membership; length of existence; suspension of powers and duties

Section 74 - Approval of plans filed by citizens

Section 75 - Preparation of plans by board

Section 76 - Substitution of new plans

Section 77 - Construction or alteration of public ways; restrictions

Section 78 - Recordation of plan; necessity of approval by board

Section 79 - Entry upon lands by board of survey for examinations and surveys

Section 80 - Establishment and discontinuance of exterior way lines

Section 81 - Damages

Section 81A - Planning board; establishment; membership; tenure; vacancies

Section 81B - Planning board; powers and duties

Section 81C - Studies and reports of board; acting as park commissioners

Section 81D - Master plan; economic development supplement

Section 81E - Official map; purpose; recordation

Section 81F - Alteration of official map; damages for injuries

Section 81G - Applicability of municipal planning laws to municipal powers over public ways and parks

Section 81H - Part of official map; laying out, altering or relocating public ways

Section 81I - Duties of municipalities having no official map in respect to construction of ways; reference to planning board

Section 81J - Establishment and discontinuance of exterior lines of ways in municipalities with planning boards; damages for injuries

Section 81K - Designation of subdivision control law

Section 81L - Definitions

Section 81M - Purpose of law

Section 81N - Territorial extent of law; acceptance by municipalities

Section 81O - Regulation of new subdivisions

Section 81P - Approval of plans not subject to control law; procedure

Section 81Q - Planning board; adoption of rules and regulations

Section 81R - Waiver of strict compliance with rules and regulations

Section 81S - Submission of preliminary plan; approval or disapproval; recording

Section 81T - Notice of submission of plan; hearing

Section 81U - Approval, modification or disapproval of plan by board; prerequisites for decision

Section 81V - Final approval of plan; endorsements; certificate

Section 81W - Modification, amendment or rescission of approval of plan; conditions

Section 81X - Requirements for registration of plan

Section 81Y - Restrictions on construction of public ways, improvements and buildings; liability of grantors, etc.; court jurisdiction

Section 81Z - Board of appeals; membership; tenure; removal; vacancies; jurisdiction

Section 81AA - Board of appeals; rules; meetings; powers and duties; hearings

Section 81BB - Appeal to superior court; counsel; costs; surety or bond; speedy trial

Section 81CC - Powers of planning boards; entry on lands

Section 81DD - Application of law; damages

Section 81EE - Recordation; evidence that subdivision control law is in effect; suspension

Section 81FF - Application of subdivision control law on registered and unregistered land; jurisdiction of land court

Section 81GG - Powers of planning boards established under prior law; severability provision

Section 82 - Authority to establish art commissions

Section 83 - Appointment; membership; compensation; tenure; removal

Section 84 - Powers and duties; penalty

Section 85 - Weighers, measurers and surveyors of goods or commodities; appointment; qualifications; tenure; removal

Section 86 - Powers and duties; penalty for misrepresentation

Section 87 - Applicability of Secs. 85 and 86 to weighers, etc., of particular commodities

Section 87A - Weighers and measurers of motor vehicles and trailers; appointment

Section 87B - Repealed, 1974, 851, Sec. 2

Section 88 - Weighers of fish

Section 89 - Deputy weighers of fish

Section 90 - Weighers of fish; penalty for violation of oath of office

Section 90A - Interfering with fish weigher or deputies; penalty

Section 91 - Constables; appointment and removal in cities

Section 91A - Constables; appointment in towns

Section 91B - Appointments; qualifications; application; investigation

Section 92 - Service of civil process

Section 93 - Remedies on bond

Section 94 - Powers and duties

Section 95 - Territorial jurisdiction

Section 95A - Service of civil process fees

Section 95B - Records of service of civil process fees

Section 96 - Police officers; appointment; tenure; discharge

Section 96A - Felons disqualified

Section 96B - Police training schools; supervisory training; attendance by persons exercising police powers; wages and expenses; exceptions; removal for failure to attend

Section 97 - Police departments; establishment

Section 97A - Police departments; chief of police; powers and duties

Section 97B - Rape reporting and prosecution units within police departments; training and funding; personnel; preservation of evidence

Section 97C - Special telephone exchange for reporting of rape

Section 97D - Confidentiality of reports of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence; access by victim and certain individuals in performance of their duties; violations; penalties

Section 97E - Chief of police; attendance at conventions

Section 97F - Firefighter duties; performance by police

Section 98 - Powers and duties

Section 98A - Arrest on fresh and continued pursuit

Section 98B - Foot patrol

Section 98C - Badges; identification by name or number

Section 98D - Identification cards

Section 98E - Public solicitations using words ''police'' or ''firefighters''

Section 98F - Daily logs; public records; confidentiality of certain entries

Section 98G - Domestic abuse; police reports

Section 99 - Requisition of police officers by other towns

Section 99A - Members of regular police or fire department and fire alarm division; residence outside city or town

Section 99B - Regional police district law; purpose of Secs. 99B to 99K

Section 99C - Establishment

Section 99D - Town elections for acceptance; ballots

Section 99E - Powers and duties

Section 99F - Regional police district commission; membership; officers

Section 99G - Budget; apportionment; appropriations

Section 99H - Annual audits

Section 99I - Costs and expenses; annual estimates; apportionment; assessment of towns

Section 99J - Regional district police department; pending prosecutions; personnel transfers.

Section 99K - Revocation of acceptance of regional police district law; town elections; ballot; continuity of district

Section 100 - Indemnification of police officers, firemen and persons aiding them; actions for intentional or negligent injuries inflicted upon same

Section 100A - Repealed, 1978, 512, Sec. 10

Section 100B - Indemnification of retired police officers and fire fighters

Section 100C to 100F - Repealed, 1978, 512, Sec. 10

Section 100G - Payment of funeral and burial expenses of fire fighters and police officers killed in performance of duties; acceptance of section

Section 100G1/4 - Payment of funeral and burial expenses of firefighters and police officers killed in performance of duties; acceptance of section

Section 100G1/2 - Attendance by police officers at police association executive board meetings; acceptance of section

Section 100H - Indemnification of law enforcement officers for dogs used in connection with official duties

Section 100I, 100J - Repealed, 1978, 512, Sec. 10

Section 101 - Commissioner of public safety; powers and duties

Section 101A - Police officers or firefighters; tobacco smoking

Section 102 - Inspector of health

Section 102A - Appointment in towns under three thousand population

Section 102B - Appointment in towns of 5,000 or more inhabitants

Section 103 - Purchasing department; purchasing agent; duties and salaries

Section 104 - Establishment of purchasing department; submission to electorate

Section 105 - Board of trustees for soldiers' memorials; powers and duties; membership; tenure; vacancies; rules and regulations

Section 106 - Tree warden; appointment; term

Section 106A - Town physician; appointment in certain towns

Section 106B - Capital planning committee; establishment; duties

Section 107 - Oath of office; beginning of term

Section 108 - Compensation

Section 108A - Classification of positions; compensation plans; rules and regulations

Section 108B - Assessors and tax collectors in districts; compensation and expenses

Section 108C - By-laws pertaining to administration of personnel; consolidation

Section 108D - Fire fighters; minimum annual compensation

Section 108E - Policemen; schedule of minimum annual compensation

Section 108F - Fire fighters; schedule of minimum annual compensation

Section 108G - Policemen; alternate schedule of minimum annual compensation

Section 108H - Fire fighters assigned to photographic work; additional compensation

Section 108I - Policemen assigned to photographic or fingerprint identification work; additional compensation

Section 108J - Equal pay of male and female employees

Section 108K - Female police officers; equality of compensation

Section 108L - Police career incentive pay program; salary increases; reimbursement of cities or towns

Section 108M - Police officers attending law enforcement courses at accredited college or university for degree; payment of salary; duty hours; agreement

Section 108N - Town manager, administrator, executive secretary, or administrative assistant; employment contract

Section 108O - Employment contracts for police chiefs and fire chiefs

Section 108P - Additional compensation for collectors or treasurers

Section 109 - Resignation; notice; residence requirements

Section 109A - Fidelity bonds; payment of premiums

Section 110 - Authorization for holidays

Section 110A - Office hours on Saturday

Section 111 - Vacations of certain employees

Section 111A - Vacations for police and firemen

Section 111B - Sick leaves; accumulation

Section 111C - Attendance by employee veterans at funerals or memorial services for veterans

Section 111D - Vacations for police and firemen

Section 111E - Vacation pay for terminated employees; conditions

Section 111F - Leave with pay for incapacitated employees

Section 111G - Additional vacation time for longevity

Section 111G1/2 - Vacations; duration

Section 111H - Overtime pay for police officers; conditions

Section 111I - Compensation due deceased employees; disposition

Section 111J - Attendance at veterans' conventions

Section 111K - Firemen; summer vacations

Section 111L - Policemen and firemen; vacations; 20 years' service

Section 111M - Emergency medical technicians; leave without loss of pay while incapacitated

Section 111N - Indemnification of emergency medical technicians for certain expenses

Section 112 - Preference in public employment

Section 112A - Veterans in unclassified positions; procedure for involuntary separation

Section 113 - Use of official ballots

Section 114 - Application of election laws

Section 115 - Nomination papers; filing; certificates of nomination

Section 116 - Duties of prudential committee and clerk in certain districts

Section 117 - District elections; provision for election equipment; liability for expenses

Section 118 - District elections; provision for forms, tally and vote sheets

Section 119 - District meetings; qualifications

Section 120 - Fiscal year of districts

Section 121 - District treasurers; qualifications

Section 122 - Temporary treasurer; appointment; bond

Section 123 - Temporary clerk; appointment; bond

Section 123A - Assistant treasurers and assistant clerks; appointment; bond

Section 124 - Fire and water districts; appropriation for cost of water favorability studies

Section 125 - Temporary housing assistance plans

Section 126 - Definitions

Section 127 - Eligibility to apply for tenure; offices excepted; restrictions; duration of tenure; removal for cause

Section 128 - City offices; application statement; filing; approval procedure; denial, re-application time limit

Section 129 - Town offices; application statement; filing; approval procedure; denial, re-application time limit

Section 130 - Applicability of town tenure provisions to districts

Section 131 - City or town offices; application statement by head of department for tenure of its members; filing; approval procedure; denial, re-application time limit

Section 132 - Tenure limitations

Section 133 - Appointment and reappointment of police officers