Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Accounts of contributions and expenditures; violations; penalties

Section 3 - Director of campaign and political finance; selection; term; powers and duties; judicial review of decisions; procedure for violations; penalties; disclosure of fund transfers

Section 4 - Repealed, 1986, 631, Sec. 3

Section 5 - Political committees; statement of organization; officers; duties; expenditures; incorporation; penalties

Section 5A - Elected public officials; principal officers of political action committees

Section 5B - Names or phrases identifying political committees in organizational statements

Section 5C - Online training program for treasurers of political committees

Section 6 - Restrictions on expenditures; penalties

Section 6A - Contributions from political action committees; limitations

Section 6B - Ballot question committee; contributions

Section 7 - Receipts, disbursements and contributions regulated; limitations; penalties

Section 7A - Campaign contributions to candidates from individuals; limitation; contributions from legislative and executive agents; contributions from gaming licensee

Section 8 - Political contributions by corporations; penalties

Section 8A - Media organization offering time and space to qualified candidates at no cost or reduced price; limitations

Section 9 - Contributions and expenditures over $50 or $100; use of credit or debit card by committee; penalties

Section 9A - Contributions by electronic means; acceptance by political action committees; authorization cards

Section 9B - Joint contributions to be attributed equally to each contributor when unspecified; rules and regulations for joint contributions

Section 10 - Name and address of donor; disclosure; penalties

Section 10A - Treatment of contributions to candidates through intermediaries or conduits

Section 11 - Solicitations from candidates prohibited; exception; penalties

Section 12 - Soliciting of money for nomination papers prohibited; penalties

Section 13 - Solicitation or receipt of political campaign contributions by appointive public officers or employees prohibited; exception; penalties

Section 14 - Soliciting contributions in public buildings prohibited; penalties

Section 15 - Political contributions by public officers or employees restricted; penalties

Section 16 - Requiring political contributions or services of persons in public service prohibited; penalty

Section 16A - Obligation to make political contribution or render political service; penalty

Section 16B - Obligation to make political contributions or render political service by persons employed for compensation; penalties

Section 17 - Public service status of officers or employees protected relative to political contributions; penalty

Section 18 - Reports of contributions and expenditures; persons required to file; contents; reporting periods; time limits; penalties

Section 18A - Reports of independent expenditures

Section 18B - Candidate or elected official sponsoring fund raising event on behalf of non-resident candidate; reports of contributions; penalty

Section 18C - Electronic reporting system for campaign finance reports and financial activity statements

Section 18D - Expenditures paid by or to vendors on behalf of political committee or on behalf of individual or group required to file report of ballot question expenditures

Section 18E - Legal defense, inauguration or recount funds

Section 18F - Electioneering communication expenditures

Section 18G - Independent expenditure or electioneering communication; disclosure statement regarding identity of financially responsible individual or entity; form; disclosure of top contributors; penalty for violation

Section 19 - Campaign funds; designation of depository

Section 20 - Repealed, 1979, 335, Sec. 2

Section 21 - Repealed, 1979, 335, Sec. 3

Section 22 - Persons or corporations making contributions; filing of reports with director; penalties

Section 22A - Expenditures for political purpose; report; punishment for violation; examination of accounts

Section 23 - Persons acting for political committees; accounts and vouchers to treasurers

Section 24 - Place for filing statements or reports; signing

Section 25 - Preservation of statements and reports by director; public inspection and reproduction

Section 26 - Preservation of statements and reports by city or town clerk; public inspection and reproduction; posting of campaign finance reports required by Sec. 18 on website

Section 27 - Furnishing forms for statements and reports, and summary of chapter

Section 28 - Inspection of statements and reports; delinquencies; notice; filing

Section 29 - Failure to file statement, report or affidavit; notice to and duties of director and attorney general

Section 30 - Courts' authority to compel filing of statements

Section 31 - Immunity of witnesses

Section 32 - Corrupt practices by candidate defined

Section 33 - Election petitions for corrupt practices; procedure

Section 34 - Application of preceding sections

Section 35 - Inquests upon complaint for violations

Section 36 - Conduct of inquests

Section 37 - Witnesses; attendance; process; fees

Section 38 - Stenographer

Section 39 - Witnesses; binding over to superior court

Section 40 - Apprehension of offenders

Section 41 - Witnesses; compulsory testimony; immunity

Section 42 - Forwarding certified copy of record of final judgment or conviction to city or town clerk; disqualification of defendant as voter