Section 1 - Supervision of public records; powers and duties

Section 1A - Creation of educational materials; preparation of forms and reference materials; operation of website; development of best practices

Section 2 - Repealed, 1977, 80, Sec. 1

Section 3 - ''Record'', defined; quality of paper and film; microfilm records

Section 3A - Recommendations for employment submitted in support of candidates hired by the commonwealth; use of recommendation by hiring authority

Section 4 - Regulation of recording materials and devices; mandamus

Section 5 - Municipal records; copies

Section 5A - Records of meetings of boards and commissions; contents

Section 6 - Records of public proceedings; preparation; custody

Section 6A - Records access officers; designation; powers and duties

Section 7 - Custody of old and other records

Section 8 - Preservation and destruction of records, books and papers

Section 8A - Destruction of certain records by city and town clerks if micro-photographed

Section 8B - Destruction or disposal of records in accordance with chapter 93I

Section 9 - Preservation and copying of worn, etc., records

Section 10 - Public inspection and copies of records; presumption; exceptions

Section 10A - Petition for determination of violation of Sec. 10; enforcement by Attorney General; civil actions

Section 10B - Records divulging name, home or email address and phone number; persons who own, possess or have license to carry firearms; government personnel

Section 11 - Fireproof vaults and safes

Section 12 - Arrangement of records

Section 13 - Custodian to demand records; compelling compliance

Section 14 - Surrender of records by retiring officer

Section 15 - Penalties

Section 16 - Surrender of church records; jurisdiction of superior court

Section 17 - Municipality in which records to be kept; penalty

Section 17A - Public assistance records; public inspection; destruction

Section 17B - Repealed, 1973, 1050, Sec. 4

Section 17C - Failure to maintain public records of meetings; orders to maintain

Section 17D - Massachusetts natural heritage and endangered species program data base; division records; site-specific rare species information

Section 17E - Local filing offices; former Article 9 Uniform Commercial Code records; revised Article 9 records

Section 18 - Application of chapter

Section 19 - Electronic record keeping systems and databases; capability requirements; storage contracts; certain records to be available on searchable website

Section 20 - Payroll, financial and other data in centralized state accounting and payroll systems

Section 21 - Documents related to pensions of Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority employees