Section 1 - Maintenance; double sessions; subjects; twelve-month school year

Section 1A - Period of silence

Section 1B - Voluntary prayer

Section 1C - Workshops on rights of students and their parents under special education laws of the commonwealth and the federal government

Section 2 - Subjects of instruction; history and civics

Section 2A - Student use of tobacco products

Section 2B - Courses in American sign language

Section 2C - Implementation of policy and discipline code addressing teen dating violence in public schools

Section 3 - Physical education

Section 4 - High schools; maintenance; diplomas awarded to veterans

Section 4A - Failure to keep schools open for required period; penalty

Section 5 - Repealed, 1948, 643, Sec. 2

Section 6 - Education in out-of-town high schools

Section 6A - Admission of students from outside Commonwealth

Section 7 - Repealed, 1947, 679, Sec. 5

Section 7A - Transportation of pupils; payment of costs; limitations

Section 7B - Transportation of pupils; reimbursement of costs; determination of amount; use of funds

Section 7C - Bus transportation programs; financial assistance

Section 8, 9 - Repealed, 1948, 643, Sec. 2

Section 10 - Expenses of physically disabled children

Section 11 - High school; definition

Section 12 - Repealed, 1969, 254, Sec. 6

Section 13 - Requested courses; school committee approval

Section 13A to 13C - Repealed, 1972, 215, Sec. 2

Section 13D - High schools; required subjects; driver training

Section 13E - Repealed, 1972, 215, Sec. 2

Section 13F - Broadcast and television facilities; cost of program; executive committee for educational television

Section 13G - Executive committee for educational television; rules and regulations; personnel

Section 13H - Educational television program fund; accounts and reports

Section 13I - Executive committee for educational television; powers and duties

Section 14 - Regional school district planning committee; creation; membership

Section 14A - Duties of planning board

Section 14B - Regional school districts; formation; procedure

Section 14C - Lease or sale of property to regional school districts

Section 14D - Regional school district planning board; agreement; approval of indebtedness

Section 14E - Regional school district committee membership options

Section 15 - Acceptance of organization provisions by electorate

Section 16 - Status; powers and duties

Section 16A - Regional district school committee; selection, powers and duties of officers; subcommittees

Section 16B - Budgets; apportionment of expenses

Section 16B1/2 - Excess and deficiency fund; surplus funds used to reduce assessments

Section 16C - Regional school districts; school transportation

Section 16D - Aid from state

Section 16D1/2 - Monies received as nonresident tuition or reimbursements from commonwealth for foster care children

Section 16E - Regional school districts; audits; payment of costs

Section 16F - Retirement system

Section 16G - Liability of towns for expenses of district

Section 16G1/2 - Stabilization fund

Section 16H - Repealed, 2003, 46, Sec. 80

Section 16I - Severability of sections relating to regional school districts

Section 17 - Repealed, 1991, 138, Sec. 336

Section 17A - Culinary arts program; special fund

Section 18 - Evening schools

Section 19 - Evening classes in high schools

Section 20 - Notice of evening schools; publication; fees for instruction

Section 20A - Instructional Materials Trust Fund

Section 21 - Continuation schools; establishment; conditions

Section 22 - Attendance

Section 23 - Use of existing educational facilities

Section 24 - Cost of maintenance; source of funds

Section 25 - Unemployed minors; attendance requirements

Section 26 - Penalty for failure to establish or maintain school

Section 26A - Extended school services for children; establishment; conditions

Section 26B - Extended school services for children; organization and operation of plan

Section 26C - Extended school services for children; contributions and federal funds; use

Section 26D - Borrowing in anticipation of federal funds

Section 26E - Repealed, 1978, 367, Sec. 70E

Section 26F - Repealed, 1966, 14, Sec. 52

Section 27 - Lectures

Section 28 - Summer schools

Section 29 - Repealed, 1979, 717, Sec. 3

Section 30 - Moral education

Section 30A - Repealed, 1986, 195

Section 31 - Bible reading

Section 31A - Guidelines for celebration of holidays authorized

Section 32 - Observance of Memorial Day

Section 32A - Sex education; policy regarding notice to parents, exception

Section 33 - Repealed, 1979, 439, Sec. 1

Section 34 - Support of schools; appropriations; recommendations

Section 34A - Transcript of student's record; availability

Section 34B - Remedy for failure to furnish transcript of student's record

Section 34C - Repealed, 1965, 43

Section 34D - Student records; maintenance, storage, destruction, etc.; inspection by parent or guardian

Section 34E - Inspection of student records; persons authorized

Section 34F - Repealed, 1976, 50, Sec. 2

Section 34G - Private schools; transfer of transcripts upon ceasing operation

Section 34H - Noncustodial parents; receipt of information for child enrolled in public elementary or secondary schools; notice to custodial parent

Section 35 - Beginning of term

Section 36 - Secretary; appointment; duties

Section 36A - Orientation for school committee members

Section 37 - Powers and duties; superintendent serving joint districts

Section 37A - Grants; acceptance and disbursement

Section 37B - Purchase of or making payments to annuities or investments

Section 37C - Promotion of racial balance

Section 37D - Racial imbalance; definitions; statistics; transfers; priorities; plans for elimination; public hearings; regulations; jurisdiction; costs; attorney's fees

Section 37E - Legal counsel for collective bargaining

Section 37F - Legal counsel for general purposes

Section 37G - Corporal punishment of pupils prohibited; use of physical restraint; regulations

Section 37H - Policies relative to conduct of teachers or students; student handbooks

Section 37H1/2 - Felony complaint or conviction of student; suspension; expulsion; right to appeal

Section 37H3/4 - Suspension or expulsion on grounds other than those set forth in Secs. 37H or 37H1/2

Section 37I - Magnet school facilities; grants; application; approval; agreements; eligible costs; regulations

Section 37J - Magnet educational programs; reimbursement for cost; definition; contracts; joining programs

Section 37K - Business demonstration projects; disposition of proceeds

Section 37L - Notification to school personnel of reporting requirements for child abuse and neglect and fires; reports of students possessing or using dangerous weapons on school premises; transferred students' school records

Section 37M - Consolidation of administrative functions with city or town

Section 37N - Policy for school-sponsored student travel

Section 37O - School bullying prohibited; bullying prevention and intervention plans; reporting of bullying incident date

Section 37P - School resource officers

Section 37Q - Mental health support plans

Section 37R - Possession and access to two-way communication device for communicating with police and fire departments during emergency situation

Section 38 - Employment of teachers, aides, principals, etc.; designation of Horace Mann teachers; performance evaluations; performance standards

Section 38A - Duties; appointment of director of occupational guidance, duties of director

Section 38B - Repealed, 1978, 367, Sec. 70E

Section 38C - Status of director of occupational guidance

Section 38D - District directors of occupational guidance; appointment

Section 38E - Repealed, 1978, 367, Sec. 70E

Section 38F - Fees for services of directors of occupational guidance; prohibition; penalty for violation

Section 38G - Certification for certain teaching and administrative positions; provisional and standard certificates; policies and guidelines regarding requirements and qualifications; applications; recommendations; review; continuing education; renewal of certificate

Section 38G1/2 - Specialist teacher endorsement in transition services; transition of students with disabilities to post-school activities

Section 38H - School librarian and school library supervisor or co-ordinator; tenure

Section 38I - Reimbursement of teachers for tuitions and fees

Section 38J - Repealed, 1995, 209, Sec. 2

Section 38K - Public relations bureau in school departments; establishment

Section 38L - Repealed, 1978, 512, Sec. 12

Section 38M - Student advisory committees

Section 38N - Proposed annual budgets; public hearings required; quorum

Section 38O - Sex education advisory committees

Section 38P - School psychologists; tenure

Section 38Q - Professional development plans; statewide assistance plan

Section 38Q1/2 - Curriculum accommodation plan

Section 38R - Criminal background check of current or prospective school employee, volunteer, or other persons having direct and unmonitored contact with children; criminal offender record information; state and national fingerprint-based criminal background checks

Section 39 - Teacher's application forms; questions concerning religion or politics

Section 40 - Compensation of teachers; deferred payment

Section 41 - Tenure of teachers and superintendents; persons entitled to professional teacher status; dismissal; review

Section 41A - Leaves of absence of professional staff

Section 41B - Leaves of absence; Peace Corps

Section 42 - Dismissal or demotion of teachers or other employees of school or school district; arbitration

Section 42A - Repealed, 1993, 71, Sec. 45

Section 42B - Rights of school employees in regional districts

Section 42C - Records of teachers; inspection

Section 42D - Suspension of district employees

Section 43 - Reduction of salaries; conditions

Section 43A, 43B - Repealed, 1993, 71, Sec. 49

Section 44 - Restrictions on teachers' political rights; prohibition

Section 45 - Procurement of teaching positions; regulation of fees; penalty for violation

Section 46 to 46B - Repealed, 1972, 766, Sec. 10

Section 46C - Repealed, 1968, 352, Sec. 2

Section 46D to 46F - Repealed, 1972, 766, Sec. 10

Section 46G - Repealed, 1995, 209, Sec. 4

Section 46H to 46M - Repealed, 1972, 766, Sec. 10

Section 47 - Athletic programs; school organizations; student activity accounts

Section 47A - Athletic coaches; employment

Section 48 - Textbooks and school supplies

Section 48A - School safety patrols; functions, limitations; liability

Section 48B - Uniforms of school employees

Section 49 - Purchase of textbooks by pupils

Section 49A - Orders for materials and equipment; contracts for services

Section 50 - Change of school books

Section 51 - Exhibition of school work at expositions

Section 52 - Compensation of school committee members

Section 53 - School physicians and nurses

Section 53A - Employment of medical personnel by superintendency district or union; compensation; removal

Section 53B - Towns within a superintendency district or union; exemption from appointment requirement

Section 54 - Examination of children and school personnel

Section 54A - Physician or person trained in emergency medical care; assignment to interscholastic football games

Section 54B - Administration of medications in school settings; regulations

Section 55 - Contagious diseases; regulations

Section 55A - Sick, injured or incapacitated pupils; procedure for handling; emergency first aid or transportation; exemption from civil liability

Section 55B - Repealed, 2003, 46, Sec. 81

Section 55C - Eye protective devices

Section 55D - Musical wind instruments; notification of sanitization and option to sterilize at parental expense

Section 56 - Sick children; notification of parents

Section 57 - Physical examination of pupils; eye examination, written report

Section 58 - Repealed, 1945, 543, Sec. 1

Section 59 - Superintendent of schools; appointment; compensation; powers and duties

Section 59A - Superintendents of schools in small towns; appointment; state aid for compensation

Section 59B - Principals; appointment; compensation; duties; appointment of other personnel

Section 59C - School councils; members; meetings; duties

Section 59D - School-community partnerships; grant program

Section 60 - Repealed, 1969, 254, Sec. 6

Section 61 - Superintendent of schools; employment by a town union; termination of town participation in a union

Section 62 - Readjustment of town unions

Section 63 - School committees as joint committee; representation: meetings; employment of superintendent, removal

Section 64 - Union superintendent; compensation

Section 65 - Repealed, 1978, 367, Sec. 70E

Section 66 - Repealed, 1958, 241

Section 67 - Superintendents of schools; penalty for accepting fees for obtaining positions; employment of immediate family of certain persons prohibited

Section 68 - Duties of towns to maintain schools; transportation of children; school building committee representation

Section 69 - Display of national flags; pledge of allegiance; penalty for violation

Section 69A - Plaque reading ''For God and Country''; placement on public school buildings

Section 70 - Location of schools

Section 71 - Use of school property; purposes

Section 71A - Highway safety stations; designation, discontinuance

Section 71B - Adult physical fitness programs

Section 71C - Community school programs; receipts; deposit and expenditure

Section 71D - Prepayment of tuition to private schools or program sources

Section 71E - Appropriations for and expenditure of receipts from adult education and continuing education programs

Section 71F - Nonresident or foster care students; deposit of tuition payments and state reimbursements; expenditures and appropriations

Section 72 - Sale of lunches

Section 73 - Closing of school for teachers' meetings

Section 74 - Management of schools funds by private corporations

Section 75 - Extended courses of instruction

Section 76 - Rules of admission

Section 77 - Joint establishment of extended courses

Section 78 - Repealed, 1978, 367, Sec. 70E

Section 79 - Junior College designation, degrees

Section 80 - Lunch period for teachers

Section 81 - Junior colleges; restriction on establishment

Section 82 - Public secondary schools; right of students to freedom of expression; limitations; definitions

Section 83 - Dress and appearance of students protected

Section 84 - Discipline of students on matters unrelated to school-sponsored activities prohibited

Section 85 - Guidelines implementing Secs. 82 to 84; rules and regulations; adoption; emergencies; procedures

Section 86 - Application of Secs. 83 to 85

Section 87 - Intelligence test scores; records

Section 88 - Military recruiters; on-campus recruiting opportunities

Section 89 - Commonwealth charter schools; Horace Mann charter schools; applications; enrollment; employees; funding

Section 90 - Classroom placement of twins or higher order multiples

Section 91 - Recovery High School; definition; enrollment; student performance; rules and regulations; deduction of home school district allotment for failure to transfer funds as required

Section 92 - Innovation Schools

Section 93 - Policy regarding internet safety measures for schools providing computer access to students

Section 94 - Commonwealth virtual schools

Section 95 - Reimbursement aid to municipalities for costs incurred for federal military reservation students

Section 96 - Substance use prevention and abuse education policies for public schools

Section 97 - Verbal screening tool for substance abuse disorders