Section 1 - Requirements and exceptions

Section 1A - Pupil absence notification programs

Section 1B - Pupil absence notification program

Section 2 - Duties of parents; penalty

Section 2A - Attendance of deaf children; penalty

Section 3 - Attendance of illiterate minors; penalties

Section 4 - Inducing absences; penalty

Section 5 - Place of attendance; violations; discrimination

Section 6 - Payment of tuition for non-resident children

Section 7 - Tuition; children under control of department of children and families; foster care; reimbursement

Section 8 - Repealed, 1977, 363A, Sec. 56

Section 9 - High school tuition of children under control of department of public welfare, etc.

Section 10 - Settlements of accounts between towns and department of public welfare, etc.

Section 11 - Tuition of children in institutions

Section 12 - Attendance outside place of residence

Section 12A - Plan for attendance in public school to eliminate racial imbalance; adoption; financial and technical assistance

Section 12B - Definitions; attendance of school other than in city or town of residence of child; reports; tuition; parent information system; transportation reimbursement program; funding

Section 12C - School Choice Tuition Trust Fund

Section 13 - Transfer cards

Section 14 - Island children; transportation

Section 15 - Vaccination and immunization

Section 15A - Sickle cell anemia; blood tests

Section 15B - Screening programs, testing, treatment, etc. for sickle cell anemia and related genetically-linked diseases; rules and regulations; records and information, disclosure restricted

Section 15C - Immunization of college health science students

Section 15D - Meningococcal disease; college students immunization

Section 16 - Children excluded from school; remedies

Section 17 - Hearing prerequisite to exclusion

Section 18 - Notice to parent or guardian and meeting with school committee prerequisite to student permanently leaving school; annual report; application of section

Section 19 - Supervisors of attendance; employment

Section 20 - Powers and duties of supervisors of attendance

Section 21 - Opportunity for academic progress for suspended students; education service plans; alternative educational services