Section 1 - Powers and duties

Section 2 - Road information; duties of local officials

Section 3 - Purchase and maintenance of road machinery; storage quarters

Section 4 - Petition

Section 5 - Filing of highway plan; right to abandon or discontinue; width of highway

Section 6 - Alteration of location

Section 7 - Acquisition of land outside limits of existing highway

Section 7A - Acquisition of land to alter or relocate ways connecting with state highways

Section 7B - Acquisition of slope easement to protect existing ways

Section 7C - Limited access ways; definition; acquisition of land; motorist service facilities

Section 7D - Public utility easements and cattle passes

Section 7E - Sale, transfer, lease or rental of excess lands

Section 7F - Entry on private land for purpose of surveys, soundings, drillings and examinations

Section 7G - Relocation of public utilities; purchase of lands and easements

Section 7H - Lease of lands for public parking facility

Section 7I - Agreements with railroads, transit authorities or other public authorities or municipalities regarding relocation or other work; advancement of funds

Section 7J - Relocation assistance; acquisition of real property; payments; compliance with federal acts

Section 7K - Relocation of facilities of public utilities; entry upon lands

Section 7L - Lease of air rights over state highways

Section 7M - Acquisition of land for parks, historic sites, etc., to replace land required for federal highways

Section 8 - Construction of state highways; advertising for proposals

Section 8A - Repealed, 2010, 112, Sec. 22

Section 8B - Statement of qualification of persons bidding on work awarded by division of highways or department of conservation and recreation

Section 8C - Restriction upon hours during which nonemergency work may be performed on certain highways

Section 9 - Repealed, 1931, 432

Section 10 - Contributions by cities and towns

Section 11 - Acquisition of land to supply road materials

Section 12 - Discontinuance or abandonment

Section 13 - Duties of department; definition of state highway

Section 13A - Highway landscaping; acceptance of gifts of easements

Section 13B - Restoration, preservation and enhancement of scenic beauty and historic or archeological sites; facilities for traveling motorists

Section 14 - Removal of trees and other obstructions near highways

Section 15 - Contracts for maintenance and repair

Section 16, 17 - Repealed, 1931, 349

Section 18 - Defects in highways; liability

Section 19 - Jurisdiction of local police; snow removal

Section 19A - Repealed, 1928, 357, Sec. 7

Section 20 - Sidewalks

Section 20A - Illumination of highways

Section 21 - Excavations or driveway openings on state highways; conditions; enforcement

Section 22 - Prescriptive rights of adjoining owners

Section 23 - Repealed, 1925, 288, Sec. 2

Section 24 - Authorization

Section 25 - Maintenance

Section 26 - Maintenance of ways in small towns

Section 26A - Maintenance of ways in small towns; contributions by county

Section 27 - Maintenance costs; conditions of payment

Section 28 - Maintenance of ways in small towns; performance of contract

Section 29 - Maintenance of ways in small towns; determination of town's contribution

Section 29A - Laying out or altering ways; consent, acquisition, funds

Section 30 - Use of federal aid for highways and rural post roads

Section 31 - Apportionment of fund; equalizing grant; definitions: notifications of amounts apportioned and to be incurred

Section 32 - Definitions