Section 1 - Authorization; connecting sewers; approval of plans; acquisition of lands by eminent domain or purchase; agreements with municipalities or districts; contracts

Section 1A - Common sewers and main drains in public or private ways; voter approval and comprehensive water resources management plan

Section 1B - Connection of abutting land to common sewer; requirements; amendment of comprehensive water resources management plan

Section 1C - Certification by board of health for additional connections; service for municipal buildings, public restrooms or public service uses

Section 1D - Assessments upon connection of abutting land to common sewer

Section 1E - Written decision regarding approval or denial of connection to common sewer; appeal

Section 1F - Discrimination prohibited

Section 1G - Separate account; collection, deposit and use of funds

Section 1H - Borrowing or assessing funds for construction of wastewater treatment system

Section 2 - Plans and records

Section 3 - Sewer connections

Section 3A - Private ways; repair of sewers

Section 4 - Highway ditches or drains

Section 5 - Separate systems for drainage of water and sewage

Section 6 - Sewage disposal works

Section 7 - Examination of sewage disposal works; prevention of nuisances

Section 8 - Digging up public ways; permits

Section 9 - Obstruction of ditches

Section 10 - Rules and regulations regarding use and connections

Section 11 - Sewer connections

Section 12 - Repair of private drains

Section 13 - Equity jurisdiction

Section 14 - Sewer assessments; authorization

Section 15 - Sewerage systems; adoption; assessment; uniform units; separation of costs

Section 15A - Redetermination of assessment

Section 15B - Estimated sewer assessments; construction of water pollution control facilities

Section 15C - Interest on unpaid balance of sewer betterment assessment

Section 15D - Apportionment of future sewer assessments or unpaid balances

Section 16 - Charge for use of sewers

Section 16A - Certificate of acceptance; effect; recordation

Section 16B - Effective date of sewer charge lien; termination; methods of collection and enforcement of rate or charge

Section 16C - Certification of rate or charge to assessors; commitment as tax

Section 16D - Application of other law; powers of tax collectors

Section 16E - Remedies of aggrieved real estate owners

Section 16F - Recovery of real estate owner against tenants

Section 16G - Deferral of charges

Section 17 - Payment for permanent sewer privileges

Section 18 - Method of assessment

Section 19 - Assessments; extension of time for payment

Section 20 - Fee for use of sewers

Section 21 - Assessment on land abutting on more than one way

Section 22 - Assessment of sewers built by landowners

Section 23 - Cost of sewers; payment of portion by municipality

Section 24 - Assessment for particular sewers

Section 25 - Establishment of sidewalks

Section 26 - Assessments for the construction or reconstruction of sidewalk

Section 27 - Recording of statements; assessment liens

Section 28 - Application of betterment law

Section 29 - Betterment assessments created by special act; duration of lien