Section 1 - Direction signs; erection and maintenance by cities and towns

Section 2 - Traffic signs or devices; erection and maintenance; rules and regulations

Section 2A - Removal of vehicles interfering with snow and ice removal

Section 2B - Limited access and express state highways; regulation of use

Section 2C - Towing of vehicles from state highways

Section 2D - Signs on state highways indicating availability of certain services

Section 2E - Regulations to exclude persons and vehicles from state highways; prohibition of low-speed vehicles on certain highways

Section 3 - Change of name of ways or parks; appeal

Section 3A - Approval of name for way other than public way in city or town

Section 3B - Changing of name of way

Section 4 - Construction of sidewalks by adjoining landowners

Section 5 - Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks by abutting landowners; penalties

Section 6 - Assessment of cost of removal of snow and ice from sidewalks

Section 7 - Exemption from assessment by agreement of owner to remove snow and ice

Section 7A - Storage and use of snow removal chemicals; regulations; reports; penalty

Section 7B - Depositing snow on state highways

Section 8 - Permits for signs and other structures projecting into or over ways

Section 9 - Permits; exemption of certain structures

Section 9A - Flashing lights on billboards, etc.; discontinuance orders; penalties; exceptions

Section 10 - Regulation of use of ways; penalties

Section 10A - Coasting on ways in cities

Section 11 - Arrest without warrant for driving at excessive speed

Section 11A - Repealed, 2008, 525, Sec. 2

Section 11B - Bicycles; operation and equipment; regulations; federal product safety standards, effect; races; violations; penalties

Section 11B1/2 - Mandatory helmet use for persons 16 years of age or younger

Section 11C - Repealed, 2009, 65, Sec. 5

Section 11D - Bicycle helmets; display of sign requiring use

Section 11E - Traffic law violations by bicyclist

Section 12 to 14 - Repealed, 1941, 710, Sec. 2

Section 14A - Funeral processions

Section 14B - Flares; use by certain commercial vehicles

Section 15 - Lights on vehicles

Section 16 - Duty of driver at night to give name to officer on request

Section 17 - Penalty for violation of Sec. 15 or 16

Section 17A - Soliciting from vehicles on public ways

Section 17B - Riding on rear or side of street railway car, motor bus or trackless trolley

Section 18 - Moving of buildings in public way

Section 19 - Leading, driving, or conveying dangerous wild animals on public ways

Section 20 - Regulation of speed on county bridges

Section 21 - Regulation of speed on town bridges

Section 21A - Warning signs on state highways for protection of school children

Section 22 - Regulation of speed on incorporated bridges

Section 23 - Regulation of travel on state ways; penalties

Section 24 - Posting of regulations on bridges

Section 25 - Jurisdiction of district court over bridges

Section 26 - Drawbridges

Section 27 - Duties of draw tender

Section 28 - Liability of owners of vessel for injury to bridge

Section 29 - Removal of vessel obstructing draw

Section 30 - Injury to surface of way; traction engines and heavy vehicles; permits; regulations; liability

Section 30A - Permit for certain vehicles exceeding weight limitations to operate on through routes; application; notice of approval or disapproval; violations; revocation or suspension of permit

Section 31 - Speed of heavy vehicles with metallic tires

Section 32 - Penalties for violations of Secs. 30, 30A, and 31

Section 33 - Scope of Secs. 30 to 32

Section 34 - Protection of bridges from heavy loads

Section 35 - Approval by department of public works of construction of highway bridges; liability for damages to bridges

Section 36 - Construction and loading of vehicles to prevent dropping of load on way; penalty

Section 37 - Indemnity provision in motor carrier transportation contracts void and unenforceable