Section 1 - Definitions

Section 1A - Registration of motor vehicles; liability insurance, failure to maintain; revocation of certificate of registration; exemptions; school buses

Section 1B - Motorized bicycles; operation regulations

Section 1C - Motorized bicycles and scooters; compliance with federal standards

Section 1D - Motorized bicycles; sales; number sticker or plate

Section 1E - Motorized scooters; operation regulations

Section 1F - Low-speed motor vehicles; express state highway and public way restrictions; additional municipality restrictions

Section 1G - Notice of disclosure required upon sale, lease or rental of low-speed motor vehicles

Section 1H - Registration of motor vehicles designed for operation on public ways but not capable of exceeding 40 miles per hour

Section 1I - 3–wheeled motor vehicle registered as motorcycle; qualification

Section 2 - Registration of motor vehicles and trailers; applications; reciprocal state agreements; transfer of ownership; plates; fraud or misrepresentation; penalties; license plate retention program for deployed residents

Section 2A - Minors, application for registration of motor vehicle or trailer

Section 2B - Removal of registration upon transfer of ownership

Section 2C - Repealed, 1973, 925, Sec. 11

Section 2D - Temporary registration plates

Section 2E - Distinctive registration plates; Environmental Trust Fund; Child Care Quality Fund; 9/11 victims and military heroes funds; Boston Marathon tragedy funds

Section 2F - Distinctive registration plates; submission of applications; eligible organizations

Section 2G - Passenger plates for low-speed motor vehicles; fee

Section 2H - Certificates of registration and number plates for street rods, replica and other custom vehicles; determination of title year and make, model and model year

Section 2I - Registration prerequisites for certain custom vehicles; salvage inspection; state-assigned VIN; safety belts; air bags

Section 3 - Operation of motor vehicles owned by non-residents; liability insurance; vehicles used in connection with place of business; suspension or revocation of right to operate vehicle; registration

Section 31/2 - Commonwealth residency factors; access to information in nonpublic records; certification of facts; motor vehicle registration misrepresentations; penalties and fines

Section 3A - Appointment of registrar as attorney as result of acceptance of rights and privileges of Sec. 3 by non-resident

Section 3B - Appointment of registrar as attorney as result of operation of motor vehicle by any person

Section 3C - Service of process; notice of service; continuance

Section 3D - Appointment of registrar as result of application for registration or license to operate motor vehicle; service of process on registrar

Section 3E - Fee paid to registrar; records of registrar

Section 3F - Separability of Secs. 3A to 3E; effect of unconstitutionality

Section 3G - Security from nonresidents for damage caused by operation of motor vehicles; procedure; contents of motion

Section 4 - Repealed, 1931, 142, Sec. 3

Section 5 - General registrations; general registration number plates; eligibility

Section 5A - Application for general distinguishing mark for motor vehicles under control of military forces of commonwealth

Section 5B - Persons in military service; vehicles purchased in another state; registration

Section 6 - Display of number plates; temporary number plates

Section 6A - Number plates for antique motor cars

Section 6B - One number plate; display

Section 6C - Return of number plates by repossessor; penalty

Section 7 - Brakes, braking systems, mufflers, horns, lights, audible warning systems, and other equipment; compliance with safety standards; stickers and emblems

Section 7A - Rules and regulations for periodic inspections of motor vehicles; school buses; fees

Section 7B - Equipment and operation of school buses

Section 7C - Minimum standards for construction and equipment of school buses

Section 7D - Application of Sec. 7B; additional equipment

Section 7D1/2 - Transportation of vocational school students; motor vehicle requirements; seat belts

Section 7E - Display of red or blue lights on vehicles; permits; revocation; violations

Section 7F - Repealed, 1973, 948, Sec. 5

Section 7G - Used brake drums; servicing, sale or grinding; prohibition

Section 7H - Brake linings; minimum safety standards

Section 7I - Emergency disaster service vehicles of charitable corporations; identification and equipment

Section 7J - Handlebars on motorcycles; rules and regulations; penalty

Section 7K - Tires; minimum safety standards; penalty

Section 7L - Standing in school buses; penalty

Section 7M - Retread or recapped tires; sale; marking quality

Section 7N - Voiding contracts of sale

Section 7N1/4 - Express warranty by dealer of used motor vehicle; issuance; consumer's rights and remedies

Section 7N1/2 - Defective or malfunctioning new motor vehicles; sale and repair or replacement

Section 7O - Motor vehicle pollutant control devices; removal

Section 7P - Height of motor vehicles; alteration restricted

Section 7Q - Tire tread depth regulations; compliance; operation of vehicle prohibited

Section 7R - Vehicle identification number; display in certain motor vehicles

Section 7R1/2 - Dealers insignias, logos or plates; placement on motor vehicles; consent

Section 7S - Motorcycle sound emissions; definitions

Section 7T - Motorcycle sound levels; testing regulations

Section 7U - Motorcycles; maximum sound levels

Section 7V - Certificates of inspection; rules and regulations

Section 7W - Licensing of emissions repair facilities and technicians; rules and regulations; penalties; computerized communication system

Section 7X - Designation of referee stations

Section 7Y - Certification and training of inspectors; rules and regulations

Section 7Z - Entry on premises of inspection stations; examination of records

Section 7AA - Child passenger restraints; fine; violation as evidence in civil action

Section 7BB - Nullified by referendum by majority vote at the 1986 state election

Section 7CC - Transporting of special needs children

Section 8 - Operator's licenses; applications; examinations

Section 8A - Operators of school buses; licensing; training; instructors

Section 8A1/2 - Operators of school buses under Sec. 7D; licensing; exceptions

Section 8B - Learner's permits

Section 8C - Medical advisory board; standards of fitness for applicants for learner's permits or licenses

Section 8D - Donor registry and anatomical gift act; information to be included with notice of license and registration renewal; symbol on license; charitable donations; liability of government employees; transmission of information to organ procurement organizations; educational materials

Section 8E - Identification cards for persons not possessing motor vehicle licenses; application; fee; organ donor status; provision of donor information to eye and tissue banks; expiration

Section 8F - Repealed, 1980, 329, Sec. 57

Section 8G - Identification cards for persons not possessing motor vehicle licenses; lost, destroyed or mutilated cards; change of name; duplicate cards

Section 8H - Identification cards for persons not possessing motor vehicle licenses; fictitious, fraudulent, or altered cards; possession

Section 8I - Identification cards for persons not possessing motor vehicle licenses; description

Section 8J - Identification cards for persons not possessing motor vehicle licenses; change of address

Section 8K - Identification cards for persons not possessing motor vehicle licenses; cancellation

Section 8L - Voter registration agency

Section 8M - Use of mobile telephone, hands-free mobile telephone or mobile electronic device by person under 18 years of age while operating motor vehicle prohibited; penalties;affirmative defenses

Section 9 - Operation of unregistered or improperly equipped motor vehicles, tractors, trailers, etc.

Section 9A - Safety glass; windshields, windows

Section 9B - Registration of vehicles; display of number plates; application of law

Section 9C - Repair of tires on trucks, etc.

Section 9D - Windshields and windows obscured by nontransparent materials

Section 10 - Operation of motor vehicle without license; members of armed forces; nonresidents; suspension or revocation of license

Section 10A - Repealed, 1953, 276

Section 11 - Carrying certificate of registration and license; presentation after accident upon request

Section 12 - Employing unlicensed motor vehicle operator; permitting person with suspended or revoked license to operate motor vehicle; permitting person with ignition interlock devise license restriction to operate motor vehicle without devise; penalties

Section 12A - Use of mobile telephone, hands-free mobile telephone or other mobile electronic device by operator of vehicle or vessel used in public transportation prohibited; penalties; affirmative defenses

Section 13 - Safety precautions for proper operation and parking of vehicles and buses

Section 13A - Seat belt use required; exemptions; penalty

Section 13B - Composing, sending or reading of electronic messages while operating a motor vehicle prohibited; penalties

Section 14 - Precautions for safety of other travelers

Section 14A - Protection of blind pedestrians crossing or attempting to cross ways

Section 14B - Uniform stopping and turning signals on ways

Section 15 - Precautions at railroad crossings

Section 16 - Offensive or illegal operation of motor vehicles

Section 16A - Stopped motor vehicles; operation of engine; time limit; penalty

Section 16B - Idling of a motor vehicle engine on school property; penalties; adoption of regulations

Section 17 - Speed limits

Section 17A - Speed limit; Massachusetts Turnpike

Section 17B - Drag racing; penalties

Section 17C - Establishment of 25-miles-per-hour speed limit in thickly settled or business district in city or town; violation

Section 18 - Special regulations, speed and use of vehicles

Section 18A - Pedestrians, use of ways; rules and regulations; violations; notice

Section 18B - Establishment of designated safety zones for ways in city or town; violation

Section 19 - Dimensions and weights of motor vehicles, trucks and trailers

Section 19A - Weight limitations for certain motor vehicles, semi-trailers, etc.; scales; penalties for violations

Section 19B - Repealed, 1967, 395, Sec. 2

Section 19C - Repealed, 1993, 305, Sec. 6

Section 19D - Permit stickers; issuance; application; certificate of gross vehicle weight rating; violations; penalties

Section 19E - Operation of motor vehicles and certain trailers and semi-trailers on Interstate and Defense Highways

Section 19F - Vehicles authorized to operate on national network

Section 19G - Vehicles authorized to operate on routes of reasonable access; safety evaluations

Section 19H - Repealed, 1991, 129, Sec. 11

Section 19I - Maximum width and weight limitations and minimum speed limits; exception for certain construction vehicles

Section 19J - Maximum vehicle widths, axle weights and minimum speed limits; exception for certain snow clearing duties

Section 19K - Hitching mechanism

Section 19L - Regulations to ensure compliance of interstate and intrastate motor carriers with federal and state laws; inspection of records; penalties

Section 20 - Penalties and punishments

Section 20A - Parking regulations; violations; notice to appear; failure to appear; adjudication by mail

Section 20A1/2 - Cities of Boston and Cambridge; parking violations; tags; appearance; failure to appear; adjudication by mail

Section 20B - Repealed, 1967, 405, Sec. 2

Section 20C - Nature of proceedings under Secs. 20A and 20A1/2; fines

Section 20D - Tampering or destruction of parking tags; penalty

Section 20E - Liability of lessors of motor vehicles for parking violations

Section 20F - Repealed, 1982, 586, Sec. 1

Section 20G - Failure to appear in accordance with notice issued pursuant to Department of Transportation regulation; failure to pay violation; motor vehicle license renewals; registration of motor vehicles

Section 20H - Failure to pay required toll; Tobin Bridge; motor vehicle license renewals; registration of motor vehicles

Section 21 - Arrest without warrant

Section 22 - Suspension or revocation of certificate of registration or license; notice

Section 221/2 - Suspension of right to operate based upon violation of Sec. 32E of chapter 94C

Section 22A - Suspension of operator's license or registration certificates, unsatisfied judgment; reinstatement of license

Section 22B - Abandonment of motor vehicles; penalties; non-criminal proceedings

Section 22C - Abandoned motor vehicles; removal and disposal

Section 22D - Suspension of license for automobile law violation; reinstatement

Section 22E - Abandoned vehicles; removal of parts; penalty

Section 22F - Habitual traffic offender; revocation of license; reinstatement

Section 22G - Littering; suspension of license

Section 22H - Safe transportation of animals

Section 22I - Suspension of license upon report of health care provider or law enforcement officer of operator's cognitive or functional impairment or incapability to operate motor vehicle safely; contents of report; immunity from liability; review by registrar; confidentiality of report

Section 23 - Operation of motor vehicle after suspension or revocation of license; concealment of identity of motor vehicle

Section 24 - Driving while under influence of intoxicating liquor, etc.; second and subsequent offenses; punishment; treatment programs; reckless and unauthorized driving; failure to stop after collision

Section 241/2 - Ignition interlock device license restriction; revocation of license for failure to install or maintain device; revocation of license for attempt to operate motor vehicle with elevated blood alcohol level

Section 24A - Use of motor vehicles in commission of felony, larceny or other crimes

Section 24B - Stealing, forging or other falsification of learner's permit, operator's license, disability placard certificate of registration or inspection sticker; use or possession; penalties; suspension and reinstatement of license or right to operate motor vehicle

Section 24C - Repealed, 1966, 317, Sec. 1

Section 24D - Probation of persons convicted of driving under the influence; driver alcohol education program; alcohol treatment and rehabilitation programs; fees; indigents; gifts and grants; report

Section 24E - Dismissal of charges upon compliance with terms of probation; records; reports

Section 24F - Civil liability to owner for unauthorized use of motor vehicle

Section 24G - Homicide by motor vehicle; punishment

Section 24H - Removal of abandoned or stolen vehicles from public places; towing vehicles; machines that crush, mutilate or destroy vehicles; salvage or junk yard owners or agents

Section 24I - Possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles

Section 24J - Inquiry of defendant convicted of driving under influence of intoxicating liquors as to establishment serving alcohol

Section 24K - Chemical breath analysis; validity; testing procedures; report forms

Section 24L - Serious bodily injury by motor vehicle while under influence of intoxicating substance; penalties

Section 24M - Training for law enforcement personnel regarding alcohol-related offenses; alcohol sensitive selective traffic enforcement program

Section 24N - Suspension of operator's license upon issuance of complaint; hearing

Section 24O - Statement to defendant regarding further violations

Section 24P - Minors; further violations; education and treatment programs

Section 24Q - Alcohol or drug assessment as condition for certain sentences imposed under chapter

Section 24R - Revocation for life of license or right to operate

Section 24S - Operation of motor vehicle on public way in violation of ignition interlock device license restriction; penalties

Section 24T - Tampering with ignition interlock device; penalties

Section 24U - Starting motor vehicle equipped with ignition interlock device for another person under a restricted license

Section 24V - Child endangerment while operating a motor vehicle or vessel under the influence; penalties; suspension of license

Section 24W - Forfeiture of motor vehicle owned by certain drunk driving offenders; procedure; Operating Under the Influence Deterrent Trust Fund

Section 24X - Cancellation of registration for motor vehicles owned by certain drunk driving offenders

Section 25 - Refusal to submit to police officer

Section 26 - Accident reports; supplemental report; penalty for violation

Section 26A - Licenses and learner's permits; reporting changes of name and address

Section 27 - Court records; motor vehicle violations

Section 28 - Appeals and hearings

Section 29 - Deputy registrar, chief deputy registrar, etc.; appointment; duties; investigation of motor vehicle accidents; suspension or revocation of licenses

Section 29A - Repealed, 1961, 592, Sec. 2

Section 30 - Records of registrar; certified copies; destruction

Section 30A - Computer terminals under control of registrar; restricted use

Section 30A1/2 - Agreements with third party entities by registrar

Section 30B - Interstate compact; motor vehicle convictions

Section 31 - Use and operation of motor vehicles or trailers; conduct of operators and chauffeurs; rules and regulations

Section 31A - Transportation by motor vehicle of personal property; rules and regulations

Section 32 - Records; manufacturers and dealers of motor vehicles or trailers; garages and open air parking spaces

Section 32A - Restoration of original identifying number of motor vehicle; certificate

Section 32B - Repealed, 1934, 209, Sec. 2

Section 32C - Leasing motor vehicles on mileage basis; registration of distance by mechanical devices; deception by lessor or lessee; leasing to intoxicated or unlicensed persons; redelivery

Section 32D - Leasing motor vehicles on mileage basis; records

Section 32E - Leasing motor vehicles on mileage basis; operation of vehicles or use of trailers; insurance coverage

Section 32E1/2 - Rental agreements; collision damage waivers; notices; exclusions; penalties

Section 32E3/4 - Rental agreements; separately stated surcharges, fees or charges; vehicle license cost recovery fee

Section 32F - Leasing motor vehicles on mileage basis; fraud; violations; penalties

Section 32G - Instruction for hire in operation of motor vehicles; driver school; licensing; application; fees; qualifications of applicant; suspension or revocation of license or instructor's certificate; procedures

Section 32G1/2 - Advanced driver training program certification

Section 32H - Lessors of motorcycles; licensing

Section 32I - Repealed, 1991, 489, Sec. 16

Section 32J - Vehicles in fleet of car-sharing organization; display of registration plates

Section 33 - Fees

Section 33A - Motor vehicles; certificates of registration; signatures

Section 33B - Traffic control signs, safety devices and improvements; installation and construction costs; high-accident locations; funding limits

Section 34 - Disposition of fees

Section 341/2 - Repealed, 2009, 25, Sec. 82

Section 34A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 34A to 34N

Section 34B - Certificates of insurance or surety companies; contents; copies

Section 34C - Single motor vehicle liability policy or bond covering several motor vehicles

Section 34D - Registration application; cash deposit in lieu of liability bond or policy; satisfaction of judgment

Section 34E - Receipt for and retention of cash or securities deposited

Section 34F - Notice to registrar upon service of writ or summons in action against depositor

Section 34G - Actions against surety company

Section 34H - Revocation of registration of motor vehicle upon notice of cancellation of motor vehicle liability policy or bond; notice to owner; new certificate

Section 34I - Records and books of registrar

Section 34J - Operating motor vehicle without liability policy, bond or security deposit

Section 34K - Cancellation of policies; notice

Section 34L - Repealed, 1968, 643, Sec. 6

Section 34M - Personal injury protection

Section 34N - Assigned claims plan

Section 34O - Property damage liability insurance or bonds

Section 34P - Notice to law enforcement officials; failure to provide or maintain liability policy, bond or deposit; seizure of registration plates

Section 34Q - Nonowner operators, hired motor vehicles; insurance coverage by endorsements

Section 34R - Estimate of cost of exterior repairs; notice

Section 35 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 35 to 52

Section 35A - Structures within airport approaches; regulation of location and height

Section 35B - Structures within airport approaches; permits for erection or addition

Section 35C - Structures within airport approaches; application for permit; notice of denial; hearing

Section 35D - Structures within airport approaches; maintenance, repair or replacement; initial approval

Section 36 to 38 - Repealed, 1946, 583, Sec. 2

Section 39 - Aeronautics commission; powers; rules and regulations

Section 39A - Plan for development of airports and air navigation facilities

Section 39B - Certificate of approval; municipal airport site or restricted landing area; application; hearing; issuance

Section 39C - Reimbursement of towns and cities for airport construction; federal funds

Section 39D - Repealed, 1948, 637, Sec. 11

Section 39E - Engineering or technical services of commission to cities and towns

Section 39F - Reimbursement of city or town constructing, establishing or enlarging airport

Section 39G - Applicability of Secs. 35 to 52 to counties

Section 40 - Purposes of aeronautics commission; discretionary powers of commission; enforcement of laws

Section 40A - Airport approach regulations by cities or towns

Section 40B - Reasonableness of airport approach regulations

Section 40C - Adoption, amendment or repeal of airport approach regulations; public hearing

Section 40D - Erection, replacement or alteration of structures or trees; variance

Section 40E - Administrative agency

Section 40F - Removal of structures erected in violation of regulations; trees; procedure

Section 40G - Protection of airport approaches; removal of structures and trees; compensation

Section 40H - Appeal by aggrieved corporations

Section 40I - Approval of regulations by commission

Section 41 - Investigations or hearings; accidents

Section 42 - Equitable jurisdiction of superior court

Section 43 - Public inspection of copies of orders, rules and regulations

Section 44 - Penalties

Section 45 - Appeals

Section 46 - Altitude of aircraft flights

Section 47 - Federal pilot's license, permit or certificate

Section 48 - Aircraft license, permit or certificate

Section 49 - Registration of federal certificates; fees; exceptions

Section 49A - Retention of court records of cases involving violations of Secs. 35 to 52; abstracts

Section 49B - Definitions applicable to Secs. 49B to 49R

Section 49C - Administration and enforcement of Secs. 49B to 49R; hearings; judicial review

Section 49D - Accident reports; security; suspension of aircraft registration; waiver

Section 49E - Policy or bond of insurer or surety company

Section 49F - Restoration or renewal of registration or non-resident's operating privilege

Section 49G - Certificate of self-insurance

Section 49H - Certificate of registration or non-resident's operating privilege; allowance; suspension; notice

Section 49I - Security; form; limits; reduction or increase

Section 49J - Delivery and release of security

Section 49K - Commission; availability of information and material

Section 49L - Transfer of aircraft registration following suspension of owner's registration

Section 49M - Return of suspended registration certificate

Section 49N - Illegal operation of aircraft; failure to return suspended registration certificate

Section 49O - Application of Secs. 49B to 49R to certain aircraft

Section 49P - Availability of other legal processes; enforcement

Section 49Q - Service of process; proof of service

Section 49R - Discharge in bankruptcy

Section 49S - Severability; constitutionality

Section 49T - Interpretation and construction of uniform aircraft financial responsibility act

Section 50 - Appointment of administrator for aeronautics as attorney for service of process

Section 50A to 50L - Inoperative February 17, 1959 upon title vesting in the Massachusetts Port Authority. See 1956, 465, Sec. 32; 1958, 599, Sec. 12

Section 51 - Repealed, 1946, 613, Sec. 1

Section 51A to 51C - Repealed, 1948, 637, Sec. 11

Section 51D - Municipal airports and air navigation facilities

Section 51E - Airport commissions for municipal airports; members; vacancies; airport managers

Section 51F - Leasing of land at airports

Section 51G - Acquisition of property to establish airport; eminent domain; purchase; lease

Section 51H - Charges or rentals for use of properties, facilities, installations; terms and conditions of contracts

Section 51I - Power of commission; expenditure of funds; contracts for maintenance, operation, construction and enlargement of airports

Section 51J - Rules and regulations; use of airports; safety of public

Section 51K - Federal funds; receipt by aeronautics commission; bids; contracts; loans in anticipation of funds

Section 51L - Contracts for construction, enlargement or improvement of airports by airport commission

Section 51M - Exclusive contracts, permits or licenses to transport persons for hire or to receive or deliver passengers at airports

Section 51N - Establishment, maintenance and operation of airport by municipalities as joint enterprise; contents of agreement; joint airport commission

Section 52 - Partial unconstitutionality and invalidity of Secs. 35 to 51

Section 53 to 60 - Repealed, 1935, 418, Sec. 2

Section 61 - Logan Airport security zone; access; penalties

Section 62 - Notice to police department regarding suspensions or revocations pursuant to subsection (a) or (b) of Sec. 22, Secs. 22F, 22I, 24, 241/2, 24D, 24G or 24L