Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Numbering; exceptions

Section 3 - Application for certificate of number; display

Section 4 - Lost, destroyed or mutilated certificates of number; replacement

Section 4A - Altering, forging or counterfeiting certificates of number of motorboat; penalty

Section 4B - Removal, defacing, etc. of identification number of motorboat, motor or engine; penalties

Section 5 - Classes of motorboats; required lighting, signaling and fire extinguishing and control devices

Section 5A - Personal floatation devices

Section 5B - Automatic shut–off nozzle for motorboat fuel dispensing devices; fine

Section 5C - Discharge of sewage into waters designated as a no discharge area; fine

Section 5D - Violations of Sec. 37B of Chapter 21; penalties

Section 6 - Exhaust; use of cutouts

Section 7 - Compliance with Sec. 5; pre-requisite to departure from boat livery

Section 8 - Operation while under influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotics, etc.; breath or blood testing; water skiing; professional exhibitions

Section 8A - Operation of a vessel while under the influence of controlled substances causing serious bodily injury; penalties; parole, probation or furlough; license revocation

Section 8B - Operation of a vessel under the influence of a controlled substance causing death; penalties; probation, parole or furlough; license revocation

Section 9 - Accidents; duty of operator; reports

Section 9A - Jet ski, surf jet or wetbike operation

Section 9B - Educational safety program; jet skis, surf jets and wetbikes

Section 10 - Requests for information or records from federal agencies

Section 11 - Powers and duties of director

Section 12 - Enforcement of chapter

Section 12A - Operation without personal flotation devices or in overloaded or unsafe condition

Section 13 - Arrest without warrant; entry upon private lands

Section 13A - Scuba divers; display of diver's flag required

Section 14 - Penalties; proceedings

Section 15 - Scope of chapter; local regulations; approval of ordinances and by-laws

Section 16 - Repealed, 1977, 363A, Sec. 63

Section 17 - Enforcing officers; reports to director

Section 18 - Laws applicable

Section 19 - Severability

Section 20 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 21 to 35

Section 21 - Recreation vehicle safety and responsibility course

Section 22 - Registration; application; period; certificate; name and address; transferability; fees

Section 22A - Vintage snow vehicle; registration; operation restrictions

Section 23 - Transfer of ownership

Section 24 - Lights; reflectors; excessive noise; noxious fumes

Section 25 - Operation on public ways; emergencies; regulations

Section 26 - Prohibited or limited operation by underage persons; restrictions

Section 26A - Operation of snow or recreation vehicle while under influence of alcohol or other intoxicants; punishment

Section 26B - Negligent or reckless operation of snow or recreation vehicle; leaving the scene of an accident; negligent or reckless operation of snow or recreation vehicle resulting in serious bodily injury or death; punishment

Section 26C - Forfeiture of snow or recreation vehicle due to violation of Sec. 26B or subsequent violation of Sec. 26; petition; hearing; dispensation of proceeds from sale of vehicle upon forfeiture

Section 26D - Summons for violation of Secs. 26A or 26B

Section 26E - Permitting underage operation of snow or recreation vehicle; joint and several liability for resulting damages

Section 27 - Accident reports

Section 28 - Suspension or revocation of registration; hearing

Section 28A - Suspension of license and revocation of registration of snow or recreation vehicle due to violation of Sec. 26B; underage violations

Section 28B - Suspension of license and revocation of registration of snow or recreation vehicle due to violation of Sec. 26A; underage violations

Section 29 - Rules and regulations

Section 30 - Nonresident recreational vehicles

Section 31 - Municipal assessments

Section 32 - Regulations; enforcement; reports of violations

Section 33 - Local or departmental regulation; trespassing

Section 34 - Violations; punishment

Section 35 - Disposition of fines

Section 36 - Titled motorboats; certificates of title

Section 37 - Statement to be provided to defendant

Section 38 - Failure to disclose name and address, to stop when signaled, or to produce certificate of number

Section 39 - Surcharge on registration, title and permit fees; surcharge on fines for violations of chapter 90B