Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Exemptions; application of sections

Section 3 - Application of chapter

Section 4 - Registration under chapter 90; application for certificate of title required

Section 5 - Owner of implement of husbandry, etc.; application of chapter, exception

Section 6 - Certificate of origin

Section 7 - Application for first certificate of title; contents

Section 8 - Check of application against records

Section 9 - Issuance and record of certificates of title

Section 10 - Contents of certificate; distinctive certificates; forms; evidence; nature

Section 11 - Mailing of certificate

Section 11A - Electronic recording of security interests

Section 12 - Withholding of certificate; bond

Section 13 - Refusal of issuance; grounds

Section 14 - Duplicate certificate of title

Section 15 - Transfers; execution of assignments; application for new certificate; lienholder's rights; compliance

Section 15A - Death of registered owner of motor vehicle; presumption of joint ownership in surviving spouse

Section 16 - Dealers; assignment and warranty of title; record of transactions

Section 17 - Involuntary transfers of interests

Section 18 - Application fee

Section 19 - Issuance to transferee; surrendered certificates

Section 20 - Total loss salvage motor vehicles; surrender of certificate of title; salvage title

Section 20A - Application for salvage title; procedure

Section 20B - Exceptions to salvage title requirement

Section 20C - Transfer of interest in vehicle with issued salvage title

Section 20D - Reconstruction or restoration of total loss salvage motor vehicle

Section 20E - Cancellation of certificate upon junking or scrapping of vehicle

Section 20F - Reassembly of motor vehicles from other motor vehicles; application for title and inspection

Section 21 - Perfecting of security interest in vehicle

Section 21A - Motor vehicles or trailers; limitation on creation of sale or security interest

Section 22 - Security interest in vehicle; requirements of owner, lienholder and subordinate lienholder

Section 23 - Assignment, etc. of security interest in vehicle; liability of lienholder; assignee's rights

Section 24 - Satisfaction of security interest in vehicle

Section 24A - Failure to comply with Sec. 24; civil administrative penalty assessed on lienholder by registrar; judicial review

Section 25 - Disclosure of information by lienholder

Section 26 - Exclusiveness of method of perfecting security interests

Section 27 - Suspension or revocation of certificate of title

Section 28 - Registrar's fees

Section 29 - Forms prescribed and provided by registrar; rules and regulations; assignment of persons subject to civil service to administer this chapter

Section 30 - Review of ruling or decision of registrar

Section 31 - Liability of registrar or commonwealth

Section 32 - Punishment

Section 33 - Theft, conversion or recovery of a vehicle, report; dealers' charge for certificates procured

Section 34 - Previously registered vehicle, defined

Section 35 - Application of chapter to previously registered vehicle

Section 36 - Previously registered vehicle; undisclosed security interest; distinctive certificate

Section 37 - Perfection of security interest created prior to effective date of this chapter; law applicable

Section 38 - Validity of certificate issued prior to certain dates