Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Duties of public works department relative to commonwealth lands

Section 2A - Powers as to property acquired, built or improved in Plymouth by Pilgrim tercentenary commission

Section 3 - Powers as to Boston harbor

Section 4 - Improvement of Boston harbor; access to piers, railroads, etc.

Section 5 - Power to take or purchase real property

Section 5A - Repealed, 1966, 621, Sec. 1

Section 6 - Power to lease piers, etc.; Port of Boston Fund

Section 7 - Piers, etc.; freight loading equipment; rules and regulations

Section 8 - Acquisition of Apple Island and shore lands

Section 9 - Utilization plans for acquired property

Section 9A - Construction or reconstruction of piers and waterfront terminal facilities; written contracts

Section 10 - Powers and duties relative to harbors, etc.

Section 10A - Temporary moorings of floats or rafts; permits, issuance or refusal; review; public nuisances

Section 10A1/2 - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 239

Section 10B - Repealed, 1977, 363A, Sec. 64

Section 10C - Docking of commercial vessels; permits; applications; appeal

Section 10D - Scuba divers and skin divers; access to Commonwealth tidelands

Section 11 - Improvement and preservation of rivers, streams, harbors, etc.

Section 11A - Resource protection, navigational safety and development projects; work agreements with local authorities

Section 12 - License for structures in Connecticut, Westfield and Merrimack rivers

Section 12A - License for structures in rivers or streams where expenditures for channel improvement and flood control already made

Section 13 - Licenses for booms in Connecticut river and structures in great ponds

Section 14 - License for structures in or over tide water; conduits or cables under tide water; private or commonwealth tidelands

Section 15 - Revocation and expiration of authority or license; exception; mortgageable interest

Section 16 - Cessation, determination of authority or license for non-use

Section 17 - Construction of licenses; approval

Section 18 - Application for license; notice; hearings; records

Section 18A - Public access to great ponds; petition

Section 18B - Secretary as administrator of tidelands; duties; public benefit review and public benefit determination; appointment of public information officer

Section 18C - Noncommercial small-scale docks, piers and similar structures accessory to residential use; issuance of general license; applicability of other laws to projects subject to general license

Section 19 - Restriction on structures in great ponds

Section 19A - Lowering waters of great ponds; penalty

Section 20 - Supervision by department of erections under legislative grants

Section 21 - Compensation for displacement of tidewater

Section 22 - Compensation when title to land is in Commonwealth

Section 23 - Unauthorized work in public waters; public nuisances

Section 24 - Money paid into General Fund

Section 25 - Supervision of province lands

Section 26 - Exemption of portion of province lands from certain provisions of law

Section 27 - Bounds of province lands; regulations

Section 28 - Unlawful existing structures

Section 29 - Improvement of tidal and non-tidal waters by counties or towns; assumption of liability for improvements

Section 29A - Protection of private property along shores; construction of structures by cities or towns

Section 30 - Removal of gravel, sand, stones, etc. from beaches; notice; penalty

Section 30A - Removal of natural barriers preventing erosion by sea; jurisdiction of superior court; penalty

Section 31 - Surveys and improvements for preservation of harbors

Section 32 - Survey of Connecticut river

Section 33 - Improvement of topographical survey of commonwealth; sale of maps

Section 34 - Establishment of harbor lines

Section 35 - Great ponds; definition

Section 36 - Applications to congress for appropriations for harbors

Section 37 - Enforcement of stipulations in deeds from commonwealth

Section 38 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 38 to 48

Section 39 - Willful abandonment of vessel on public lands or shores of the commonwealth

Section 40 - Application for title to abandoned vessel; priority of claims; prerequisites to filing; notice to owner or lienholder

Section 41 - Failure of owner or lienholder to claim vessel; application for title by claimant

Section 42 - Granting of title to claimant

Section 43 - Removal, destruction or sale of vessel by claimant after receipt of title

Section 43A - Removal of obstructing vessel by department; department as claimant

Section 43B - Penalty for willful abandonment of vessel; exceptions

Section 43C - Fraudulent claim to abandoned vessel; penalty

Section 43D - Rules and regulations relating to Secs. 38 to 43C

Section 44 - Liability of insurer

Section 45 - Application to federal government for reimbursement

Section 46 - License for breaking up and disposing of floating structures

Section 46A - Violations of Sec. 46; penalty

Section 47 - Application for license; issuance; conditions; bond

Section 48 - Failure to comply with terms of license; completion of work by department

Section 49 - Repealed, 2010, 309, Sec. 3

Section 49A - Removal of whales or other mammals from tidewaters

Section 49B - Removal of dilapidated or unsafe wharves or piers; notice; revocation of license; liability for cost; lien

Section 50 - Foreign corporations engaged in business of wrecking or salvaging; license; bond; penalty

Section 51 - Impairment of right or authority derived from federal government

Section 52 - Supervision of transportation and dumping of dredged material in tidewaters; payment of cost; burning and towing of rubbish

Section 53 - Terms of license

Section 54 - Dumping; notice; inspector; cost of supervision

Section 55 - Penalty for violating Secs. 52 to 54

Section 56 - Application of Secs. 52 to 55 to federal government and its agents

Section 57 - Jurisdiction of supreme judicial court

Section 58 - Arrest without warrant

Section 59 - Discharge of petroleum products, refuse or other matter into or on lakes, rivers or tidal waters; penalty; exception; enforcement

Section 59A - Tort liability for discharge or deposit of crude petroleum or products; double damages

Section 59B - Marinas; licensing by division of water pollution control; restrictions; term; renewal; fees

Section 60 to 62 - Repealed, 1968, 501, Sec. 2

Section 63 - Salvage, recovery, etc. of underwater archaeological resources; permits; restrictions; disposition of resources; enforcement; violations; penalties; jurisdiction and venue