Section 1 - Definitions

Section 1A - Farming, agriculture, farmer; definitions

Section 2 - Powers and duties of department of agriculture

Section 2A - Horse riding instructors; licenses; fees; validity of license; duplicate licenses; rules and regulations

Section 2B - Riding schools or stables; license; fee; rules and regulations; penalties

Section 2C - Horses participating in contests at agricultural fairs; administering of drugs prohibited; testing, prima facie evidence; eligibility restricted; rules and regulations

Section 2D - Liability of persons involved in equine activities

Section 2E - Agricultural harvesting or ''pick-your-own'' farming operations; liability of owners or operators

Section 3 - Collection and circulation of information regarding development of agricultural resources

Section 4 - Trust funds, gifts or bequests

Section 5 - Annual report

Section 6 - Lectures and publications

Section 7 - Posters containing extracts of laws; preparation and distribution

Section 7A - Definitions

Section 7B - Use of public lands; application; indemnification

Section 7C - Priority in allotment of public lands

Section 7D - Bureau contracts for use of public lands

Section 7E - Making land available to bureau

Section 7F - Adoption of rules and regulations

Section 8 - Repealed, 1971, 29

Section 8A - Destruction or control of foxes and rodents; investigations; cooperative arrangements with United States

Section 8B - Supervision of mink ranches; listing; fee; certificate; penalty

Section 9 - Establishment of demonstration sheep farms

Section 10 - Maintenance of flock of sheep on demonstration farm

Section 11 - Compensation from commonwealth

Section 12 - Powers and duties of division of regulatory services

Section 13 - Report of unsanitary condition

Section 13A - Reimbursement following dealer's milk payment default

Section 13B - Dealer payments into Milk Producers Security Fund

Section 14 - Access by department to places or vehicles used in manufacture, storage or sale of dairy products; enforcement of laws; hindrance of officer

Section 15 - Duties of employees of department

Section 16 - Entry upon public or private grounds; contracts

Section 17 - Inspection of nurseries; certificate; suppression of pests

Section 18 - Licensing of nursery agents; application; revocation

Section 19 - Sale of nursery stock; grower's certificate

Section 20 - Importation of nursery stock; certificate of inspection

Section 20A - Spread or growth of plants of water chestnut (Trapa natans)

Section 21 - Inspection of nursery stock, fruits and plants at points of destination; destruction; notice to director

Section 22 - Repealed, 1952, 480, Sec. 2

Section 23 - Compensation for destruction of cultivated berry-bearing shrubbery; notice; investigation; arbitration; award; certification

Section 24 - Inspection of orchards, etc. for noxious weeds, insect pests or plant diseases; notice to landowners, et al.; abatement; cost of treatment

Section 24A - Repealed, 1949, 761, Sec. 13

Section 25 - Appeal from proposed action

Section 26 - Proceedings after appeal; notice

Section 27 - Powers of director

Section 28 - Exemption of gypsy and brown tail moths

Section 29 - Violations

Section 30 - Prosecutions

Section 31 - European corn borer infestation; hearing; order; publication

Section 31A - Disposition of corn stubble; destruction; postponement

Section 32 - Duties; staff; preparation and distribution of literature on bee culture

Section 33 - Maintenance of colony of honey bees in hives in which brood combs are fastened to container; diseased bees

Section 34 - Instructions as to treatment of diseased and miskept colonies; destruction

Section 35 - Transportation of bees and bee equipment; certificate; inspection; fees

Section 36 - Access by inspector to places where bees, bee supplies, appliances or equipment are kept; inspection cards

Section 36A - Records; reports

Section 36B - Labeling and sale of honey; restrictions

Section 36C - Maple syrup and maple syrup food products; labelling

Section 37 - Repealed, 1966, 606

Section 38 - Penalties

Section 38A - Establishment and holding of fairs

Section 38B - Massachusetts State Exposition Building Maintenance Fund

Section 38C - Agricultural fairs; facilities and land resources; preservation and rehabilitation

Section 39 - Repealed, 1933, 74, Sec. 2

Section 40 - Trustees for county cooperative extension service; accounts; director of accounts; annual report

Section 41 - Selection of directors; terms

Section 42 - Receipt of grants; expenditure of money; power of trustees

Section 43 - Instructors in agriculture, homemaking and country life

Section 44 - Preparation of annual budget

Section 44A - Suffolk county annual budget and report; tax assessment

Section 45 - Acquisition of land by towns for demonstration work in agriculture and homemaking

Section 46 - Exhibitions; assignment of police to preserve peace

Section 47 - Receipt of department reports by farmers' clubs; annual returns; reports

Section 48 - Regulations for preservation of peace at meetings or exhibitions; posting

Section 49 - Vendors, gaming activities, shows or plays near cattle show, fair or exhibition; gaming

Section 50 - Penalty

Section 51 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 52 to 63

Section 52 - Registration; application; changes in guarantees; hearing; fee

Section 53 - Labels affixed to containers or accompanying delivery in bulk; form and content

Section 54 - Adulterated feed, defined

Section 55 - Restrictions on distribution of feed

Section 56 - Prohibited acts or omissions

Section 57 - Enforcement of Secs. 52 to 60; prosecution of violations; hearing; notice

Section 58 - Inspection; warrant; obtaining of official samples for analysis and forwarding of results

Section 59 - Methods for collection and delivery of samples for analysis

Section 60 - Withdrawal order; release; condemnation proceedings; seizure; disposition

Section 61 - Penalties; certified copy of official analysis as prima facie evidence

Section 62 - Publication of pertinent information and data; results of analysis; confidential status

Section 63 - Rules and regulations

Section 64 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 65 to 83

Section 65 - Plant nutrients or beneficial substances; guarantees; sources; inspection and analysis

Section 65A - Limitation on the purchase and application of phosphorus containing fertilizer; additional regulations for the limitation of non-point source pollution from plant nutrients

Section 66 - Licenses to distribute; registration of specialty fertilizers; applications; labels; fees

Section 67 - Labels; contents

Section 68 - Registration and inspection fees

Section 69 - Statement of tonnage sold; inspection fee; filing; permit to examine books

Section 70 - Analysis of fertilizers; inspection and taking of samples; publication of results

Section 71 - Analysis deficiencies; penalties

Section 72 - Weight deficiencies; penalty

Section 73 - Determination and publication of values per unit of certain nutrients in fertilizers

Section 74 - False or misleading labeling; deleterious or harmful ingredients

Section 75 - Rules and regulations; effectiveness; violations; prosecution, restriction

Section 76 - Misleading or deceptive practices; violations; refusal or cancellation of certificate

Section 77 - Analysis of samples

Section 78 - Nonconforming products; violations; withholding from sale; release; condemnation; seizure; disposal

Section 79 - Violations; penalties; official analysis as prima facie evidence

Section 80 - Publication of information

Section 81 - Minor violations; reporting

Section 82 - Rules and regulations

Section 83 - Exempt transactions

Section 84 - Definitions

Section 85 - Sale of seeds; labeling or tagging containers; required information

Section 86 - Sale of seeds; labeling or tagging containers; variety or cultivar designation

Section 87 - Vegetable seeds; labeling or tagging containers; required information

Section 88 - Flower seeds; labeling containers; required information

Section 89 - Tree and shrub seeds; labeling containers; required information

Section 90 - Sale of seeds; percentage of germination; labeling; false advertisements; noxious weed seeds

Section 91 - Defacing or destroying labels; false advertising; prohibited sales

Section 92 - Application of Secs. 85 to 91

Section 93 - Exemption from penalty of Sec. 100; limitations

Section 94 - Enforcement; prosecutions

Section 95 - Access for inspection; taking samples for tests and analyses; cooperation with United States Department of Agriculture; withholding seeds from sale

Section 96 - Seizure and condemnation; court proceedings

Section 97 - Tests and analyses; reports; publication of results

Section 98 - Seed germination standards; enforcement

Section 99 - Purity and germination tests; fees; disposition

Section 100 - Penalty

Section 101 - Sale of seed potatoes restricted; waiver; penalty

Section 102 - Purpose and policy

Section 103 - Definitions

Section 104 - Marketing agreements; approval

Section 105 - Marketing orders; issuance; notice and hearing; amendment or termination of orders

Section 106 - Budgets for marketing orders or agreements; cooperation with other states and federal government

Section 107 - Collection of assessments

Section 108 - Marketing agreements or orders; provisions

Section 109 - Temporary suspension of marketing orders or agreements; notice and hearing

Section 110 - Economic factors

Section 111 - Effect of marketing agreements or marketing orders; execution or issuance of one without other; concurrent hearings

Section 112 - Issuance, amendment or termination of marketing orders; deposit to defray expenses; reimbursement

Section 113 - Assessments held in trust; disbursements; refunds; reports

Section 114 - Advisory board established with marketing order; membership; expenses; duties

Section 115 - Rules and regulations; promulgation; actions to enforce compliance; injunctions; costs