Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Powers and duties of director; orders

Section 3 - Records of inspectors; forms

Section 4 - Certification of documents by clerk

Section 5 - Entry of orders, rules and regulations on records; publication

Section 6 - Aid to director and inspectors by sheriffs, constables and police officers

Section 7 - Entry on premises

Section 8 - Hospitals and quarantine stations

Section 8A - Repealed, 1966, 397

Section 9 - Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Animal Rescue League of Boston; agents; powers and duties

Section 10 - Examination of persons under oath; mandatory attendance and testimony of witnesses

Section 11 - Isolation or destruction of diseased animals; post mortem examination

Section 12 - Repealed, 1922, 353, Sec. 4

Section 12A - Repealed, 1966, 398

Section 13 - Repealed, 1966, 399

Section 13A - Destruction of animals affected with scrapie; partial compensation

Section 14 - Destruction of animals affected with foot and mouth disease; disinfection or destruction of buildings

Section 14A - Quarantine or destruction of animals affected with vesicular stomatitis or vesicular exanthema

Section 14B - Feeding garbage to swine

Section 14C - Hog cholera; slaughtering of hogs; payment to owners

Section 14D - Hogs affected with brucellosis; quarantine and testing

Section 14E - Breeding, feeder or slaughter swine imported into commonwealth

Section 15 - Inspector of animals; appointment

Section 16 - Refusal or neglect of town to appoint inspector; appointment by director

Section 17 - Oath of inspectors; compensation; reimbursement of towns

Section 18 - Duties of inspectors

Section 19 - Inspections of domestic animals

Section 20 - Certificate of healthy condition

Section 21 - Quarantine of diseased animals; notice or order; records

Section 22 - Service of notice or order of quarantine; return; evidence

Section 22A - Dogs owned by police departments or agencies

Section 23 - Examination of buildings; report

Section 24 - Notice of quarantine

Section 25 - Records of inspectors of animals; returns

Section 26 - Application of chapter to inspectors in Boston

Section 26A - Shipping cattle into commonwealth without inspection; certificate of health

Section 26B - Hatching eggs; baby chicks or live poultry; restriction on sale, transportation or importation

Section 27 - Seizure, quarantine and destruction of imported diseased animals

Section 28 - Notice of contagious disease to director

Section 29 - Expense of quarantine

Section 30 - Effect of quarantine; release; violation of quarantine; penalty

Section 31 - Damages; arbitration; petition for assessment of damages

Section 31A - Shipping or delivering tuberculin within commonwealth; statement as to use; application to common carriers

Section 32 - Use of tuberculin as diagnostic agent; tests

Section 33 - Compensation for animals reacting to tuberculin test; appraisals

Section 33A - Identification of reacting bovine animals; removal of tag; disposition of tagged animals

Section 33B - Declaration of quarantine areas; tuberculin tests of bovine animals; modified accredited areas; violation of terms of quarantine

Section 33C - Declaration of quarantine area; tests for brucellosis of bovine animals; modified certified brucellosis free area; violation of terms of quarantine

Section 33D - Tests for detection of brucellosis; identification of animals; destruction

Section 34 - Compensation to violators of regulations

Section 35 - Driving certain cattle on public ways or roads

Section 36 - Notice of contagious diseases

Section 36A - Repealed, 1941, 607, Sec. 2

Section 36B - Vaccination of female calves; identification of positive reactors; transportation of unvaccinated bovine animals

Section 36C - Repealed, 1941, 607, Sec. 2

Section 36D - Importation of vaccinated animals; conditions

Section 36E - Importation of unvaccinated female cattle over five months of age

Section 36F - Brucellosis, imported cattle, blood testing

Section 36G - Reimbursement of owners for slaughter of animals reacting positively to blood test for brucellosis; appraisal

Section 36H - Waiver of compliance with Secs. 36B, 36D to 36F

Section 37 - Enforcement actions; jurisdiction of commissioner of agriculture, district and superior courts

Section 38 - Annual report

Section 39 - Licensing of persons dealing in bovine and porcine animals; fee

Section 39A - Pet shops; licensing operation; animal health inspections

Section 39B - Guard dog businesses; licenses

Section 39C - Hearing dog business; licenses

Section 39D - Hearing dog business; access to public facilities

Section 39E - Livestock auction business; licenses

Section 39F - Service dogs; trainer rights

Section 39G - Official health certificate requirement for dog or cat brought or shipped into commonwealth; purchase of animal for resale; vaccination record; devocalization prohibited

Section 40 - License plates for vehicles used for transportation of bovine or porcine animals; fee; revocation

Section 40A - Hog cholera vaccine; prohibited use

Section 41 - Bill of sale or memorandum signed by owner of persons transporting bovine animals; exhibition on demand

Section 42 - Tagging bovine animal with identification tag

Section 43 - Penalties for violation of Secs. 39 to 42

Section 44 - Testing of imported equine animals for infectious anemia; certification

Section 44A - Destruction or quarantine of infected equine animals

Section 45 - License to deal in or auction equine animals

Section 46 - License plates for vehicles transporting equine animals

Section 47 - Bill of sale or memorandum

Section 48 - Violations, penalties