Section 1 - Definitions; rules of construction

Section 1A - Division of marine fisheries

Section 1B - Marine fisheries advisory commission

Section 2 - Transferability of licenses, permits and certificates of registration; suspension or voidance for violation of marine laws; surrender; impounding fishing gear

Section 2A - Repealed, 1977, 363A, Sec. 66

Section 2B - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 381

Section 3 - Duplicate license, permit, or certificate

Section 4 - Record of licenses, permits or certificates; inspection; endorsement of date of sale on license, permits and certificates

Section 4A - Administrative inspections

Section 5 - Jurisdictional boundaries

Section 6 to 8 - Repealed, 1964, 524, Sec. 6

Section 8A - Powers of police officers

Section 9 - Searches, seizures and arrests without warrant

Section 10 - Issuance of search warrant

Section 11 - Repealed, 1964, 524, Sec. 6

Section 12 - Seizure and forfeiture of fish unlawfully taken, boats and apparatus; sale; proceeds

Section 13 - Display of fish upon demand; violations

Section 14 - Limitation of actions and prosecutions

Section 15 - Repealed, 1963, 383, Sec. 2

Section 15A - Reciprocal enforcement of laws relating to marine fisheries

Section 16 - Occupation of tide waters or work done therein subject to chapter 91

Section 17 - Powers of director

Section 17A - Management of marine fisheries

Section 17B - Aquacultural enterprises; permits

Section 17C - Recreational saltwater fishing permit program; finfishing; for-hire fishing; categories; marine recreational fisheries development panel

Section 17D - Penalties for violation of Sec. 17C

Section 18 - Illegal entry on property maintained for experiments, protection or propagation of fish

Section 19 - Providing passage for salt water fish into fresh water to spawn; refusal or neglect to repair or construct fishway; operation and maintenance of fishways

Section 20 - Increase in supply of shellfish; co-operation with coastal cities and towns; treatment or purification of shellfish

Section 20A - Propagation of shellfish; co-operation with coastal cities and towns

Section 21 - Compilation of statistical information useful to marine fish industries; confidentiality; false reports; refusal or failure

Section 22 - Repealed, 1972, 789, Sec. 1

Section 23 - Discharge of oil or other poisonous substances into coastal waters; use of explosives; penalty

Section 24 - Violation of Sec. 23; tort liability

Section 25 - Discharge of sewage or other substance injurious to public health into coastal waters; approved drainage

Section 26 - Jurisdiction and proceedings to enforce Secs. 23 to 25

Section 27 - Criminal and tort liability for discharge of sewage or other substance injurious to public health into coastal waters

Section 27A - Repealed, 1972, 784, Sec. 2

Section 28 - Exclusive right of ownership and control of fish of riparian owners of ponds; cultivation rights

Section 29 - Construction of weir, pound net or fish trap

Section 30 - Marking of weir, pound net or fish trap with number of approval

Section 31 - Destruction or injury to weir, pound net or fish trap

Section 32 - Fishing gear swept ashore by natural causes; recovery

Section 33 - Reports of owners of boats and fishing gear; marking of fish cars

Section 34 - Catching, buying and selling smelt between March 15 and June 15; wholesale or retail dealers

Section 35 - Taking smelt except by angling; inadvertent taking by net; possession of net, seine or trap as prima facie evidence

Section 36 - Closing portions of streams flowing into coastal waters during spawning season

Section 37 - Lobsters and crabs; licenses

Section 37A - Green crabs

Section 38 - Licenses; application; fee; eligibility; markings of buoys; exhibition of license

Section 38A - Display of license number and buoy colors

Section 38B - Commercial licenses; catch data; transfers

Section 39 - Hours for tending, lifting or drawing lobster or crab pots or traps

Section 40 - Closed season on edible crabs

Section 41 - Taking or selling female lobsters bearing eggs

Section 41A - Taking of female egg-bearing lobsters while fishing or landing

Section 42 - Plants for propagation of lobsters; establishment and maintenance

Section 43 - Conditions for taking or possession of egg-bearing lobsters; rearing and liberating of young; disposition of lobsters

Section 44 - Sale or possession of short lobsters; mutilation of short lobsters; prima facie evidence

Section 44A - V–notched lobster

Section 44B - Limits on sales of lobsters taken by methods other than pots or traps

Section 45, 46 - Repealed, 1964, 524, Sec. 6

Section 47 - Marking barrels, boxes or containers of lobsters or lobster meat

Section 48 - Disposal of lobsters or lobster meat seized in unmarked containers

Section 49 - Liability of carrier of unmarked containers of lobsters or lobster meat

Section 50 - Forfeiture or liberation of seized lobsters or lobster meat

Section 51 - Sale of native lobsters; representations for purposes of sale

Section 51A - Sale of crabmeat; representations for purposes of sale

Section 52 - Taking of eels, shellfish and sea worms; areas in which commercial taking prohibited

Section 53 - Form of permits; record of issuance

Section 54 - Cultivation, propagation and protection of shellfish; appropriations by cities and towns; close seasons

Section 55 - Aliens; shellfish taken for commercial purposes; permits

Section 56 - Joint control by municipalities of marine fisheries

Section 57 - Shellfish aquaculture licenses

Section 58 - Transfer or renewal of licenses

Section 59 - Application for license; request for survey and plan

Section 60 - Hearing on issuance of license; notice; publication

Section 61 - Marking of territory covered by license; maintenance of markings

Section 62 - Records of licensed areas, licenses granted, transfers and renewals

Section 63 - Exclusive rights of licensees or transferees; trespass on licensed area; treble damages

Section 64 - Annual fee for license

Section 65 - Annual report of shellfish planted, produced and marketed; estimate of growing shellfish; forfeiture for deficiency

Section 66 - Destruction or removal of marks or bounds; double damages

Section 67 - Taking shellfish from licensed grounds or beds without consent

Section 68 - Digging, taking or carrying away shellfish from licensed waters, flats or creeks at night

Section 68A - Repealed, 1994, 60, Sec. 135

Section 69 - Seed quahaugs, clams or oysters; taking or possession

Section 70 - Taking and sale of scallops; adult and seed scallops; culling

Section 71 - Close season on scallops

Section 72 - Limitation on catch of scallops

Section 73 - Granting modification in respect to close season and number of scallops that may be taken; petition; investigation

Section 74 - Determination of contaminated areas; notice of results

Section 74A - Emergency designation of contaminated shellfish areas; enforcement; notice to local authorities

Section 75 - Shellfish from contaminated areas, permits, purification; shellfish conservation

Section 76 - Construction and operation; powers of commissioner

Section 77 - Cost of operation

Section 78, 79 - Repealed, 1961, 506, Sec. 3

Section 80 - Commercial permits and certificates; issuance; transfers; wholesale dealer permit; regulated marine fishery permit; rules and regulations; cancellation; revocation; penalties

Section 81 - Importation of shellfish for consumption; certification; labeling of containers

Section 82 - Source of supply of shellfish; tags or labels; contents; record of markings on tags or labels; inspection

Section 83 - Permit fees; types of permits

Section 84 to 91 - Repealed, 1964, 524, Sec. 6

Section 92 - Sale of scallops; soaked scallops; scallops not in shell; marking of containers; common carriers

Section 93 - Opening ditches or canals for fisheries for propagation of herring, alewives and other food fish; acquisition of land and waters; regulation and leasing of fisheries

Section 94 - Petition by city and town to control and regulate public fisheries for alewives; regulation and lease of fisheries

Section 95 - Taking fish from fisheries without permission

Section 96 - Impairment of private property rights; contracts; leasing at public auction

Section 97, 97A - Repealed, 1973, 653

Section 98 - Shellfish constables; appointment; powers and duties; notice of appointment

Section 99 - Carrying fish out of commonwealth in vessel or smack owned without commonwealth

Section 100 - Repealed, 1978, 80

Section 100A - Striped bass; regulations

Section 100B - Taking striped bass; methods; traps

Section 100C - Shad; methods of taking

Section 100D - Eels; methods of taking

Section 101 - Repealed, 1962, 222

Section 101A - Gray seal; protection

Section 102 - Marine plants; regulation of taking

Section 103 - Starfish, winkles or cockles; disposition above high water mark

Section 104 - Effect on special statutes relating to fisheries in particular places

Section 105 - Protection of coastal wetlands

Section 106 - Possessing, selling, offering for sale, trading or distributing of shark fins prohibited; exceptions; penalty for violation