Section 1 - Definitions; rules of construction

Section 1A - Division of fisheries and wildlife; board; members

Section 1B - Removal of board members

Section 1C - Conflicts of interest

Section 1D - Reimbursement

Section 1E - Meetings

Section 1F - Director

Section 1G - Director; powers and duties

Section 1H - Bureau of wildlife research and management

Section 1I - Damage by moose or deer

Section 2 - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 384

Section 2A - Wildland acquisition account

Section 2B - Deposit of revenues; interest

Section 2C - Inland fisheries and Game Fund; funding sources; appropriations

Section 3 - Disposition of fines, penalties and forfeitures

Section 4 - Powers of director

Section 5 - Open seasons; rules and regulations

Section 5A - [There is no 131:5A.]

Section 5B - Natural heritage and endangered species program; administration; advisory committee

Section 5C - Obstruction or interference with lawful taking of fish or wildlife; remedies

Section 6 - Acquisition of rights, privileges, lands and properties

Section 7 - Wildlife sanctuaries; trusts

Section 8 - Use of wildlife sanctuaries and preserves; rules and regulations

Section 9 - Publication of order establishing wildlife sanctuary; posting

Section 10 - Hunting or trapping within wildlife sanctuary

Section 10A - Nature preserves; designation

Section 10B - Nature preserve council

Section 10C - Release of nature preserves

Section 10D - Consultation; rules and regulations

Section 11 - Licenses; requirements; fees; trapper training courses

Section 12 - Licenses; issuance; form; display

Section 13 - Construction of licensing laws; archery or primitive firearm season on deer; migratory waterfowl season; certificates for veterans hospitals and schools for mentally-retarded

Section 13A - Wildlands conservation stamps

Section 14 - Hunter education programs; issuance of licenses to minors; target practice; confiscation of firearms

Section 15 - Issuance of special complimentary certificate to officials of other states

Section 16 - Loss or destruction of license; duplicates

Section 17 - Retention of part of license fee by issuing officer or person

Section 17A - Municipal processing fee for sale of licenses

Section 17B - Notice of intent not to sell licenses

Section 18 - License record books; payment of monies by issuing officer to director; surety bonds

Section 19 - License to put fish or spawn into inland waters; permit to import live fish or viable eggs, certification, inspection for disease, and disposition

Section 19A - Permit to import live birds or mammals; rules and regulations; inspection and testing for disease; certification; disposition

Section 19B - Transporting mammals for purpose of euthanasia

Section 20 - Field trials for retriever or bird dogs

Section 21 - Training of hunting dogs; field trials

Section 21A - Unfair hunting practices prohibited

Section 22 - Sale of fish and game

Section 22A - Disposition of deer; rules and regulations; permits; fees

Section 23 - Propagation, dealing, etc., in fish, birds, mammals, reptiles or amphibians; rules and regulations; licenses; fees

Section 24 - Dealers' licenses; sale for food purposes

Section 25 - Possession of live birds, mammals, reptiles or amphibians; sale; tags; labels; accounts

Section 25A - Quarantine of diseased fish, birds, mammals, etc.; order or notice; procedures; liability for expenses

Section 25B - Quarantined animals; destruction and disposal

Section 25C - Quarantined animals; prohibited acts; penalties

Section 26 - Importation of fish, birds, mammals, reptiles or amphibians; shipments; tags; violations; seizure and disposition

Section 26A - Repealed, 1990, 408, Sec. 2

Section 27 - Taxidermists' licenses; permits; accounts; shipments

Section 28 - Fur buyers' licenses; shipments; accounts

Section 29 - Natural history associations and museums, zoos

Section 30 - Permits for netting of carp and suckers

Section 31 - Commercial shooting preserves; permits; licenses

Section 32 - Licenses; expiration; loan or transfer; production for examination; suspension or revocation

Section 33 - Prohibited acts; licenses, permits, applications, certificates, tags or seals

Section 34 - Conviction for violations; surrender of license, permit or certificate

Section 35 - Failure to carry license and wear it visibly; exception under automated licensing system

Section 36 - Fishing, hunting, or trapping on private, posted land

Section 37 - Killing of game by owner or tenant of land; reports

Section 38 - Farmers; permit to trap and kill birds

Section 39 - Repealed, 1995, 38, Sec. 143

Section 39A - Berkshire county; watershed resources; natural scenic qualities

Section 40 - Removal, fill, dredging or altering of land bordering waters

Section 40A - Orders protecting inland wetlands

Section 40B - Farmland advisory board; meetings; advisory duties

Section 41 - Protection of fisheries from discharge of waste materials into inland waters

Section 42 - Protection of fish in inland waters; pollution; alteration of flows or water levels; application of section; damages

Section 43 - Poisons

Section 44 - Deposit of garbage or trash on property while hunting, fishing or trapping

Section 45 - Great ponds; public use; rules and regulations

Section 46 - Measurement of ponds

Section 47 - Riparian proprietors; enclosure of waters

Section 48 - Draining of pond, reservoir or other body of water

Section 49 - Ponds on state boundary; fishing

Section 50 - Methods of taking fish; angling, nets and seines, pots, spearing, bow and arrow

Section 51 - Taking of trout in coastal waters

Section 52 - Taking of certain fish for bait

Section 52A - Commercial taking of eels in inland waters; penalties

Section 53 - Fishing with floats; toggle fishing

Section 54 - Fish traps, nets and seines, hooks

Section 55 - Forfeiture of net, seine, or other device; forfeiture of fish

Section 56 - Special statutes relating to fisheries; alewife fisheries

Section 57 - Sundays

Section 58 - Shooting upon or across highway; hunting near dwelling

Section 59 - Reservations, parks, public lands; hunting; state forests

Section 60 - Weapons; careless or negligent use causing injury or death to another; report

Section 61 - Weapons; careless or negligent use causing damage to property or livestock; tort liability

Section 62 - Weapons; intoxicating liquor or drugs

Section 63 - Loaded shotgun or rifle in motor vehicle, aircraft or motorboat

Section 64 - Automatic firearms, machine guns or bows; use of tracer ammunition

Section 65 - Hunting from motor vehicle, snowmobile, aircraft or watercraft

Section 65A - Online shooting or spearing

Section 66 - Shotgun shells, load

Section 67 - Rifles, revolvers and pistols; caliber

Section 68 - Hunting with artificial light; swivel or pivot gun

Section 69 - Bows and arrows for hunting

Section 70 - Hunting with rifle, revolver or pistol, or by the aid of a dog; primitive firearms

Section 71 - Orange clothing while hunting

Section 72 - Deer tags

Section 73 - Hunting moose

Section 74 - Bird nests and eggs

Section 75 - Wild turkey

Section 75A - Birds of prey

Section 76 - Removal of mammal from hole, or from under ledge, stone or log

Section 77 - Ferrets; possession and use

Section 77A - Wild canid and felid hybrids

Section 78 - Protection of property by owner or tenant; transportation of firearms to or from range

Section 79 - Trap, net or snare; use restricted

Section 80 - Registration and identification of traps

Section 80A - Leghold traps and certain other devices restricted; punishment

Section 81 - Suspension of open seasons because of fire hazard

Section 82 - Dogs, running at large; protection of deer

Section 83 - Sparrows and starlings

Section 84 - Pigeons

Section 85 - Transportation of fish or other animals into or out of commonwealth

Section 86 - Property used for scientific experiments or investigations or for propagation

Section 87 - Arrest without warrant; seizures; forfeitures

Section 88 - Display of fish, game, and equipment for inspection

Section 89 - Search warrants; seizures and forfeitures

Section 90 - Penalties

Section 90A - Suspended or revoked foreign licenses

Section 91 - Limitation of actions and prosecutions

Section 92 - Severability

Section 93 to 118 - Repealed, 1967, 802, Sec. 1