Section 1 - Director of the division of forests and parks; duties

Section 1A - Chief superintendent of the bureau of shade tree management and pest control; powers and duties

Section 2 - Bequests and gifts; Forestry Trust

Section 3 - Forest wardens; payment for investigations; conventions

Section 4 - Annual report of commissioner of natural resources

Section 5 - Repealed, 1932, 180, Sec. 27

Section 6 - Demonstrations in proper forestry practices; distribution of trees; co-operation with federal government; federal funds; employment of technical foresters

Section 7 - Labor on state forests

Section 8 - Entry upon land to control and suppress public nuisances

Section 9 - Establishment and maintenance of nurseries for propagation of forest tree seedlings; distribution of seeds and seedlings

Section 10 - Repealed, 1931, 126, Sec. 4

Section 11 - Suppression of moths, caterpillars, worms and beetles and any invasive plant or animal species; rules and regulations; contracts; studies for control of public nuisances; annual recommendations

Section 11A - Repealed, 1985, 765, Sec. 7

Section 12 - Interference with suppression or eradication of Asian longhorned beetle, oak wilt or any public nuisance; penalties; injunctive relief

Section 12A - Suppression of public nuisances on land under control of commonwealth

Section 13 - Local superintendents of shade tree management and pest control; appointment; notice; assistants

Section 14 - Reimbursement of cities and towns by commonwealth for suppression of public nuisances; financial liability; accounts and vouchers

Section 15 - Certified itemized statements of expenditures

Section 16 - Partial reimbursement of expenditures for management of public shade trees; applications; limitation of assistance

Section 17 - Repealed, 1985, 765, Sec. 10

Section 18 to 24 - Repealed, 1956, 657, Sec. 12

Section 25 - Suppression of foliage-destroying pests within city and town limits

Section 26 - Repealed, 1956, 657, Sec. 14

Section 26A - Removal and destruction of trees infected with Dutch elm disease

Section 26B, 26C - Repealed, 1956, 657, Sec. 16

Section 26D - County aid to cities or towns in suppression of public nuisances; certification of chief superintendent

Section 26E - Notice of positive diagnosis of Dutch elm disease; condemnation of tree

Section 26F - Positive diagnosis of Dutch elm disease on trees on privately owned land; notice; order of removal and destruction; spraying; appeal

Section 26G - Removal and destruction of infected trees by local superintendent; cost; suit; apportionment of costs; abatement of costs

Section 27, 28 - Repealed, 1956, 657, Sec. 19

Section 29 - Repealed, 1948, 660, Sec. 23

Section 30 - Forest fire observation towers; erection and operation

Section 31 - Control and management of state forests; regulations

Section 32 - Appropriations for necessary expenses

Section 33 - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 391

Section 34 - Rules and regulations relative to use of state forests; enforcement

Section 34A - Sale or exchange of state forest land; rights of way or locations over or across state forests; telephone, telegraph, electric light and power transmission lines and pipe lines for natural gas; revocation of location; hearing; appeal

Section 35 - Acquisition of land for forestation by towns

Section 36, 36A - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 391

Section 37 - Duties of local forest wardens

Section 38 - Laying out, construction and maintenance of trails or paths in state forests; use by owners of adjoining land

Section 38A - Construction and maintenance of trails for certain uses; voluntary services; payment of expenses

Section 39 - Contributions by cities or towns

Section 40 - Declaration of policy of commonwealth

Section 41 - State forestry committee; members; forest cutting practices and guidelines

Section 42 - Notice of proposed cutting of forest products; final work order; report to director; appeals

Section 43 - Failure to give notice

Section 44 - Exempted cuttings

Section 45 - Cooperation with other agencies; passage through or over private property

Section 46 - License to harvest forest products

Section 47 - Definitions

Section 48 - Violations; penalty

Section 49 - Licenses; revocation; suspension; fees

Section 50 - Forester licensing committee; membership

Section 51 - Forest and Wood Products Institute; advisory board