Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Application of chapter

Section 3 - Transient vendors; license; application; special deposit; bond; conditions; fees; rules and regulations; renewals

Section 3A - Written application for promoter license; fees; written operating agreements with vendors

Section 4 - Filing of applications; records; inspection

Section 5 - Local license; application; fee; statement of transient vendor; certificate; endorsement of town clerk

Section 6 - Neglect or refusal to file statement; false representations

Section 6A - Power of attorney in applications for licenses; appointment of deputy director as lawful attorney; service of process

Section 7 - Advertisement of bankrupt, closing out, administrator's and fire sales; statement of character and reasons for special sale

Section 8 - Selling without license; false statements in license application

Section 9 - Penalty for violation of Sec. 7 or 8

Section 10 - Action for recovery of local license fee

Section 11 - Return or surrender of state license; cancellation; affidavit of loss; notice

Section 12 - Attachment of special deposit; execution; notice of claim; payment of fines and penalties

Section 12A - Special licenses relating to transient sales for charitable purposes

Section 13 - Definitions

Section 14 - Unauthorized sales

Section 15 - Application of chapter

Section 16 - Sale of certain articles; temporary licenses

Section 16A - Sale of frozen desserts on or from motor vehicle; flashing lights required

Section 17 - Sale of certain articles without license

Section 18 - Sale without license

Section 18A - Food for sale for consumption by infants; drugs

Section 19 - Trade or sale of bootblacking by minors; permits

Section 20 - Permitting or aiding minor to violate Sec. 19 or 34

Section 21 - Employing or permitting minor to engage in hawking or peddling without permit or license

Section 22 - License; certificate of police chief; fees; special state licenses; rules and regulations

Section 22A - License for sale of prepared food; requisites

Section 23 - Repealed, 1961, 293, Sec. 2

Section 24 - Special licenses to veterans and blind persons; authority to sell on public streets

Section 25 - Repealed, 1970, 775

Section 26 - Record of licenses; inspection

Section 27 - Endorsement, display, and production of license; penalties

Section 28 - Effect of license on prosecution

Section 29 - Sales by hawkers or pedlers licensed as auctioneers

Section 30 - Revocation of licenses

Section 31 - Counterfeiting or forging licenses

Section 32 - Arrest of hawkers, peddlers and door-to-door salespersons; prosecution

Section 33 - Temporary licenses to sell articles for charitable purposes; fees

Section 34 - Door-to-door sales for future delivery; employment of minors; duties of sales organization; registration