Section 2A-101 - Short Title

Section 2A-102 - Scope

Section 2A-103 - Definitions and Index of Definitions

Section 2A-104 - Leases Subject to Other Law

Section 2A-105 - Territorial Application of Article to Goods Covered by Certificate of Title

Section 2A-106 - Limitation on Power of Parties to Consumer Lease to Choose Applicable Law and Judicial Forum

Section 2A-107 - Waiver or Renunciation of Claim or Right After Default

Section 2A-108 - Unconscionability

Section 2A-109 - Option to Accelerate at Will

Section 2A-201 - Statute of Frauds

Section 2A-202 - Final Written Expression: Parol or Extrinsic Evidence

Section 2A-203 - Seals Inoperative

Section 2A-204 - Formation In General

Section 2A-205 - Firm Offers

Section 2A-206 - Offer and Acceptance in Formation of Lease Contract

Section 2A-207 - Repealed, 2013, 30, Sec. 27

Section 2A-208 - Modification, Rescission and Waiver

Section 2A-209 - Lessee Under Finance Lease as Beneficiary of Supply Contract

Section 2A-210 - Express Warranties

Section 2A-211 - Warranties Against Interference and Against Infringement; Lessee's Obligation Against Infringement

Section 2A-212 - Implied Warranty of Merchantability

Section 2A-213 - Implied Warranty of Fitness for Particular Purpose

Section 2A-214A - Limitation on Exclusion or Modification of Warranties

Section 2A-214 - Exclusion or Modification of Warranties

Section 2A-215 - Cumulation and Conflict of Warranties Express or Implied

Section 2A-216 - Lack of Privity in Actions Against a Manufacturer, Supplier or Lessor of Goods

Section 2A-217 - Identification

Section 2A-218 - Insurance and Proceeds

Section 2A-219 - Risk of Loss

Section 2A-220 - Effect of Default on Risk of Loss

Section 2A-221 - Casualty to Identified Goods

Section 2A-301 - Enforceability of Lease Contract

Section 2A-302 - Title To and Possession of Goods

Section 2A-303 - Alienability of Party's Interest Under Lease Contract or of Lessor's Residual Interest in Goods; Delegation of Performance; Transfer of Rights

Section 2A-304 - Subsequent Lease of Goods by Lessor

Section 2A-305 - Sale or Sublease of Goods by Lessee

Section 2A-306 - Priority of Certain Liens Arising by Operation of Law

Section 2A-307 - Priority of Liens Arising by Attachment or Levy On, Security Interests In, and Other Claims to Goods

Section 2A-308 - Special Rights of Creditors

Section 2A-309 - Lessor's and Lessee's Rights When Goods Become Fixtures

Section 2A-310 - Lessor's and Lessee's Rights When Goods Become Accessions.

Section 2A-311 - Priority Subject to Subordination

Section 2A-401 - Insecurity: Adequate Assurance of Performance

Section 2A-402 - Anticipatory Repudiation

Section 2A-403 - Retraction of Anticipatory Repudiation

Section 2A-404 - Substituted Performance

Section 2A-405 - Excused Performance

Section 2A-406 - Procedure on Excused Performance

Section 2A-407 - Irrevocable Promises: Finance Leases

Section 2A-501 - Default: Procedure

Section 2A-502 - Notice After Default

Section 2A-503 - Modification or Impairment of Rights and Remedies

Section 2A-504 - Liquidation of Damages

Section 2A-505 - Cancellation and Termination and Effect of Cancellation, Termination, Rescission, or Fraud on Rights and Remedies

Section 2A-506 - Statute of Limitations

Section 2A-507 - Proof of Market Rent: Time and Place

Section 2A-508 - Lessee's Remedies

Section 2A-509 - Lessee's Rights on Improper Delivery; Rightful Rejection

Section 2A-510 - Installment Lease Contracts: Rejection and Default

Section 2A-511 - Merchant Lessee's Duties as to Rightfully Rejected Goods

Section 2A-512 - Lessee's Duties as to Rightfully Rejected Goods

Section 2A-513 - Cure by Lessor of Improper Tender or Delivery; Replacement

Section 2A-514 - Waiver of Lessee's Objections

Section 2A-515 - Acceptance of Goods

Section 2A-516 - Effect of Acceptance of Goods; Notice of Default; Burden of Establishing Default After Acceptance; Notice of Claim or Litigation to Person Answerable Over

Section 2A-517 - Revocation of Acceptance of Goods

Section 2A-518 - Cover; Substitute Goods

Section 2A-519 - Lessee's Damages for Non–Delivery, Repudiation, Default, and Breach of Warranty in Regard to Accepted Goods

Section 2A-520 - Lessee's Incidental and Consequential Damages

Section 2A-521 - Lessee's Right to Specific Performance or Replevin

Section 2A-522 - Lessee's Right to Goods on Lessor's Insolvency

Section 2A-523 - Lessor's Remedies

Section 2A-524 - Lessor's Right to Identify Goods to Lease Contract

Section 2A-525 - Lessor's Right to Possession of Goods

Section 2A-526 - Lessor's Stoppage of Delivery in Transit or Otherwise

Section 2A-527 - Lessor's Rights to Dispose of Goods

Section 2A-528 - Lessor's Damages for Nonacceptance, Failure to Pay, Repudiation, or Other Default

Section 2A-529 - Lessor's Action for the Rent

Section 2A-530 - Lessor's Incidental Damages

Section 2A-531 - Standing to Sue Third Parties for Injury to Goods

Section 2A-532 - Lessor's Rights to Residual Interest