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Section 4-101 - Short Title

Section 4-102 - Applicability

Section 4-103 - Variation by Agreement; Measure of Damages; Action Constituting Ordinary Care

Section 4-104 - Definitions and Index of Definitions

Section 4-105 - Bank; Depositary Bank; Payor Bank; Intermediary Bank; Collecting Bank; Presenting Bank

Section 4-106 - Payable Through or Payable at Bank; Collecting Bank

Section 4-107 - Separate Office of Bank

Section 4-108 - Time of Receipt of Items

Section 4-109 - Delays

Section 4-110 - Electronic Presentment

Section 4-111 - Statute of Limitations

Section 4-201 - Status of Collecting Bank as Agent and Provisional Status of Credits; Applicability of Article; Item Indorsed Pay Any Bank

Section 4-202 - Responsibility for Collection or Return; When Action Timely

Section 4-203 - Effect of Instructions

Section 4-204 - Methods of Sending and Presenting; Sending Direct to Payor Bank

Section 4-205 - Depositary Bank Holder of Unindorsed Item

Section 4-206 - Transfer Between Banks

Section 4-207 - Transfer Warranties

Section 4-208 - Presentment Warranties

Section 4-209 - Encoding and Retention Warranties

Section 4-210 - Security Interest of Collecting Bank in Items, Accompanying Documents and Proceeds

Section 4-211 - When Bank Gives Value for Purposes of Holder in Due Course

Section 4-212 - Presentment by Notice of Item not Payable by, through, or at Bank; Liability of Drawer or Indorser

Section 4-213 - Medium and Time of Settlement by Bank

Section 4-214 - Right of Charge-Back or Refund; Liability of Collecting Bank; Return of Item

Section 4-215 - Final Payment of Item by Payor Bank; When Provisional Debits and Credits Become Final; When Certain Credits Become Available for Withdrawal

Section 4-216 - Insolvency and Preference

Section 4-301 - Deferred Posting; Recovery of Payment by Return of Items; Time of Dishonor; Return of Items by Payor Bank

Section 4-302 - Payor Bank’s Responsibility for Late Return of Item

Section 4-303 - When Items Subject to Notice, Stop-Payment Order, Legal Process, or Setoff; Order in Which Items may be Charged or Certified

Section 4-401 - When Bank May Charge Customer’s Account

Section 4-402 - Bank’s Liability to Customer for Wrongful Dishonor; Time of Determining Insufficiency of Account

Section 4-403 - Customer’s Right to Stop Payment; Burden of Proof of Loss

Section 4-404 - Bank Not Obliged to Pay Check More Than Six Months Old

Section 4-405 - Death or Incompetence of Customer

Section 4-406 - Customer’s Duty to Discover and Report Unauthorized Signature or Alteration

Section 4-407 - Payor Bank’s Right to Subrogation on Improper Payment

Section 4-501 - Handling of Documentary Drafts; Duty to Send for Presentment and to Notify Customer of Dishonor

Section 4-502 - Presentment of “On Arrival” Drafts

Section 4-503 - Responsibility of Presenting Bank for Documents and Goods; Report of Reasons for Dishonor; Referee in Case of Need

Section 4-504 - Privilege of Presenting Bank to Deal with Goods; Security Interest for Expenses