Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Cleanliness and sanitary condition of bakery and equipment; shipping baskets

Section 3 - Storage, handling and transportation of bakery products

Section 4 - Preparation of bakery products; labelling

Section 5 - Return of bakery products; movement of bakery products to consumer; exceptions

Section 6 - Establishment and enforcement of rules relative to exemptions, standards and requirements

Section 7 - Weight of loaves

Section 8 - Special provisions as to rolls and certain bread; unit weights; inspection

Section 9 - Enforcement of rules and regulations; seizures; notice; hearing before director; appeals

Section 9A - Construction of bakery rooms; furniture and utensils

Section 9B - Sleeping places

Section 9C - Notice requiring alterations

Section 9D - Regulations of boards of health; posting

Section 9E - Penalties for violation of Secs. 9A to 9C

Section 9F - Rules and regulations of department of public health

Section 9G - Sanitary requirements of bakeries

Section 9H - Dressing rooms

Section 9I - Sitting or lounging on tables and other equipment; animals or fowls

Section 9J - Sanitary regulations for bakery employees; facilities

Section 9K - Inspection of bakeries; notice to owner, etc., of failure to comply with law; remedy

Section 9L - Closing of bakery; hearing; appeal

Section 9M - Approval of building plans and equipment; permits

Section 10 - Penalty

Section 10A - Permit to manufacture, bottle, sell, deliver, etc.

Section 10B - Granting permits; expiration; renewals; fees

Section 10C - Examination of licensed premises; revocation of permits

Section 10D - Storage, handling and transportation of ingredients

Section 10D.5 - Laboratory testing of water contained in bottled product

Section 10E - Rules and regulations

Section 10E.5 - Water standards and labeling requirements

Section 10F - Penalties

Section 10G - Application of Secs. 10A to 10F

Section 10H - Enriched bread and flour; manufacture and sale; purchase of unenriched flour

Section 10I - Powers of department of public health; enforcement of rules and regulations; examinations and investigations

Section 10J - Labeling; application

Section 10K - Penalties

Section 11 - Labeling regulated; penalty

Section 12 - Milk and cream, definitions, standards; rules

Section 12A, 12B - Repealed, 1977, 940, Sec. 4

Section 13 - Rules for milk and raw milk products

Section 13A - Repealed, 1965, 104, Sec. 2

Section 13B - State in which milk produced; statement on package

Section 13C - Sale of other than established grades of milk; penalty

Section 13D - Sale of milk not conforming to standard grade; penalty

Section 13E - Bacterial standards; milk and cream sales and deliveries

Section 14 to 15 - Repealed, 1933, 263

Section 16 - Dairy farm; cream

Section 16A - Certificate of registration required for sale of milk

Section 16B - Applications for registration of dairy farms

Section 16C - Issuance and renewal of certificates; inspection

Section 16D - Refusal, revocation or suspension of certificate

Section 16E - Monthly statements

Section 16F - Registration of dealers

Section 16G - Temporary certificates

Section 16H - Temporary receipt of milk from unregistered dairy farms

Section 16I - Penalties

Section 16J - Rules for handling and sale of milk

Section 16K - Inspection and approval of milk plants and receiving stations, etc.; permits; expiration

Section 16L - Sale of milk from plant or station not inspected and approved or to which permit not issued

Section 17 - Repealed, 1977, 940, Sec. 20

Section 17A - Combinations of fats or oils with milk, cream or skimmed milk; penalty

Section 18 - Sale of milk of less fat content than stated on label, etc.; penalty

Section 19 - Repealed, 1977, 940, Sec. 20

Section 20 - Sale of below standard milk; penalty

Section 21 to 24 - Repealed, 1977, 940, Sec. 20

Section 25 - Accuracy of measuring utensils or devices used in determining component content of milk or cream for inspection or payment; prior testing and verification; fee

Section 26 - Annual inspection of testing equipment; seal; fee; condemnation; additional inspection cost

Section 27 - Testing method and equipment; approval; certificate of competency for operators; requirements; fee

Section 27A - Persons receiving raw milk at dairy farms; determining basis for payment; necessity of certificate of competency; requirements; fee

Section 28 - License to operate; issuance to persons certified under Sec. 27; revocation or suspension; reinstatement; fees

Section 28A - License to receive raw milk at dairy farms; issuance to persons certified under Sec. 27A; temporary or emergency license; revocation or suspension; reinstatement; fees

Section 29 - Continued supervision of licensed and certified persons; dissemination of technical information; additional evidence of competency; inspection; report of violations; amendment of rules and regulations

Section 29A - Rules and regulations governing tests for determining component content of milk or cream and procedures for receiving raw milk at dairy farms

Section 30 - Enforcement of Secs. 25 to 31; inspection; violations; prosecutions; application to educational and informational service to dairy farmers

Section 31 - Interference with director, chief or agents; violations of Secs. 25 to 30 or rules and regulations; penalty

Section 32 - Milk stations

Section 33 - Inspectors of milk and collectors of samples of milk

Section 34 - Employment of board members as collectors of milk samples

Section 35 - Powers of inspectors and collectors; appointment; removal

Section 36 - Results of analysis sent to owner

Section 37 - Liability of producer of milk

Section 38 - Connivance by or interference with inspector

Section 39 - Use of imitation or counterfeit seal

Section 40 - License to sell milk; contents; display

Section 41 - License; fee; term, suspension or revocation; appeal; reinstatement; notice; list of dealers

Section 41A - Dealers selling to other than consumers; license

Section 42 - Selling milk without license; penalty

Section 42A - Definitions applicable to this section and Secs. 42B to 42J; licensing of buyers; application; bond or other security; fee

Section 42B - Bond; amount; form; condition; note, cash or collateral in lieu of bond

Section 42C - Default by licensee; notices; action on bond; payment of claims

Section 42D - Insufficient bond or other security; notice to commissioner; statement of assets, liabilities and disbursements; additional security

Section 42E - Exemption from filing bond or security

Section 42F - Records of transactions

Section 42G - Investigation of financial standing and business conduct of applicant or licensee; information disclosed confidential

Section 42H - Grounds for refusal to grant license or revocation

Section 42I - Notice and hearing before revocation; order; decision final

Section 42J - Unlicensed receiving of milk from producers; penalty

Section 42K - Repealed, 1970, 690, Sec. 2

Section 43 - Repealed, 1967, 356

Section 44 - Fees for inspection or tests prohibited; penalty

Section 45 - Milk containers; names on caps or labels; fees; penalty

Section 46, 47 - Repealed, 1977, 940, Sec. 20

Section 48 - Placing of offal, swill, etc., in dairy product containers; penalty

Section 48A - Licensing of pasteurization establishments; penalty

Section 48B - Use by certain institutions of milk produced, processed or packaged in commonwealth

Section 48C - Repealed, 1977, 940, Sec. 20

Section 48D - Blending milk and cream for sale

Section 48E - Repealed, 1977, 940, Sec. 22

Section 49 - Oleomargarine; sale; labeling; marking

Section 50 - Imitation cheese; labeling

Section 51 - Unlawful sale or advertising of imitation butter and cheese; penalty

Section 52 - Repealed, 1954, 262

Section 53 - Repealed, 1974, 246

Section 54 - Manufacture, sale and advertising of certain imitation butter; penalty; application of section

Section 55 - Fraud in sale of oleomargarine

Section 56, 57 - Repealed, 1954, 262

Section 58 - Serving oleomargarine at hotels, restaurants, etc.; notice; penalty

Section 59 - Process or renovated butter; sale; labeling

Section 60 - Complaints for violations of sections relative to oleomargarine, butter and cheese

Section 61 - Lard; sale; advertising; labeling

Section 61A - Cheddar or American cheese

Section 62 - Interference with inspector of milk, etc.; penalty

Section 63 - Disposition of fines

Section 64 to 65B - Repealed, 1934, 373, Sec. 1

Section 65C, 65D - Repealed, 1928, 229, Sec. 2

Section 65E, 65F - Repealed, 1934, 373, Sec. 1

Section 65G - Definitions

Section 65H - Application for licenses and permits; suspension; revocation; inspection

Section 65I - Issuance of licenses or permits

Section 65J - Revocation or suspension of licenses or permits

Section 65K - Certiorari to correct errors of law

Section 65L - Certain sales or exchanges prohibited

Section 65M - Pasteurization

Section 65N - Sale after manufacture in unclean, etc., places or manner

Section 65O - Adulteration

Section 65P - False labeling

Section 65Q - Enforcement of Secs. 65G to 65U; rules and regulations

Section 65R - Penalties

Section 65S - Fees for licenses and permits

Section 65T - Frozen dietary dairy desserts; rules and regulations

Section 65U - Standards of identity and labeling; regulations establishing

Section 66 - Licensing of cold storage warehouses; report of articles in cold storage

Section 66A - Application of Secs. 66, 70 and 71 to food in lockers; locker defined

Section 67 - Inspection and supervision; rules and regulations

Section 68 - Access to cold storage or refrigerating warehouses by department, etc.

Section 69 - Regulation of cold storage

Section 70 - Time limit for holding food in cold storage; extension

Section 71 - Date of receipt of food in cold storage; marking on containers

Section 72 - Sale of goods formerly held in cold storage; displaying sign

Section 73 - Penalties

Section 73A - Storing and transporting frozen food

Section 74, 74A - Repealed, 1941, 598, Sec. 2

Section 75, 76 - Repealed, 1933, 329, Sec. 7

Section 77 - Repealed, 1941, 598, Sec. 2

Section 77A - Classification of fish; definition

Section 77B - Marking containers deposited in cold storage with date of receipt

Section 77C - Sale or representing for sale of frozen fish

Section 77D - Importation of fresh swordfish

Section 77E - Marking of imported fish formerly in cold storage

Section 77F - Sale of food fish by weight

Section 77G - Use of dead lobsters for food purposes; rapid freezing of live lobsters

Section 77H - Purchase, sale, transportation, etc. of lobster or crab meat taken from shell

Section 77I - Definitions

Section 78, 78A - Repealed, 1941, 598, Sec. 2

Section 79 - Repealed, 1933, 329, Sec. 7

Section 80 to 83 - Repealed, 1941, 598, Sec. 2

Section 84 - Quintal weight of fish

Section 85 - Clam bait; contents of barrel

Section 86 - Weighing, sorting and culling fish; certificate of weight; rules and regulations

Section 87 - Record of weight, etc.

Section 88 - Fees for weighing

Section 88A - Repealed, 1941, 598, Sec. 2

Section 88B - Sale of shucked scallops or quahaugs in shell by weight

Section 88C - Rules and regulations

Section 88D - Inspection of fish offered for sale

Section 89 - License to break and can eggs

Section 90 - Breaking or canning eggs without license

Section 90A - Sale of eggs regulated; eggs with treated shells

Section 90B - Sizes of eggs offered for sale, etc.

Section 90C - Grades; establishment

Section 90D - Grades; criterion; marking; enforcement of section; rules and regulations

Section 90E - Penalty for violation of Sec. 90D

Section 91 - Sale of eggs taken from cold storage; markings; penalty

Section 92 - Denaturing and marking of broken eggs in cold storage

Section 92A - Sale of decayed or decomposed eggs; regulations; penalty

Section 92B - Meats, poultry and fish; sales at retail; weight; penalty

Section 93 to 95 - Repealed, 1928, 362

Section 96 - Fruits, vegetables and nuts; sale by dry measure or numerical count; ''original standard container'' defined; penalty

Section 97 - Repealed, 1922, 355, Sec. 8

Section 98 - Capacity of baskets, etc., used in sale of berries; test of capacity

Section 99 - Strike or level measure; exception

Section 99A - Standard box for farm produce; standard half box; lug; specifications; markings

Section 99B - Sale of fruit, vegetables or turkeys; designation as ''native''; penalty

Section 100 - Repealed, 1959, 528, Sec. 2

Section 101 - Official grades; establishment; modification; notice; hearing

Section 102 - Marking or branding

Section 103 - Advertisement

Section 104 - Misleading packing

Section 105 - Misbranding

Section 106 - Rules and regulations; access to packing places and storehouses; samples

Section 107 - Enforcement of Secs. 99B, 101 to 105, 109; prosecutions; notice

Section 108 - Penalties

Section 109 - Storage; conditions; storage records

Section 110 to 114 - Repealed, 1931, 194

Section 115 - Legal and standard barrel and crate for cranberries

Section 116 - Barrels and crates; one half crates; one quarter crates; markings

Section 117 - Sale of cranberries in packages

Section 117A - Official grades and standards for farm products; use of brands or labels

Section 117B - Establishment of grades or standards and determination of brands or labels; notice; publication

Section 117C - Unlawful use of brands or labels; obstruction of commissioner

Section 117D - Inspection of farm products; certification of quality and condition

Section 117E - Rules and regulations

Section 117F - Powers of commissioner of agriculture

Section 117G - Definitions

Section 117H - Marking of container of potatoes; display of grade; application of section

Section 117I - Official grades of potatoes; modification; notice; hearing; United States grades

Section 117J - Powers of commissioner; rules and regulations

Section 117K - Violations; notice; hearing

Section 117L - Penalties

Section 118 - Definitions for Secs. 118 to 131, inclusive

Section 119 - Supervision and inspection; rules and regulations; suspension of license and closure

Section 120 - License; acting without; application; fee

Section 121 - Suspension or revocation of license; hearing

Section 122 - Repealed, 1996, 58, Sec. 24

Section 123 - Repealed, 1996, 58, Sec. 25

Section 124 - Inspection of livestock and poultry; seizure and destruction; reports; publication

Section 125 - Inspections; quarantine; segregation, marking and labeling products; prohibiting products; sanitation regulations; required records

Section 126 - Duties of commissioner

Section 127 - Prohibited acts

Section 128 - Failure to testify or to produce evidence; falsification of reports; penalties

Section 129 - Violations; penalties; jurisdiction

Section 130 - Exempt operations

Section 131 - Inspection, establishments under official United States inspection

Section 132 - Severability of provisions

Section 133 to 139A - Repealed, 1970, 891, Sec. 1

Section 139B - Sale of dressed poultry slaughtered without commonwealth; inspection

Section 139C - Definitions

Section 139D - Prohibited methods

Section 139E - Administration of act; rules and regulations

Section 139F - Penalties

Section 139G - Ritual slaughter

Section 140 - Appointment; oath

Section 141 - Fees

Section 142 - Adulteration of sausage or sausage meat

Section 143 - Sale, etc., of sausages

Section 143A - Sale of vegetable sausages

Section 143B, 143C - Repealed, 1982, 216

Section 144, 145 - Repealed, 1973, 383

Section 146 - Inspection; fees; seizure and condemnation; appeal; market limits

Section 147 - Regulations for inspection of meat

Section 147A - Regulations for inspection of game, poultry, etc.

Section 148 - Penalties

Section 149 - Interference with officers and agents of local boards of health

Section 150 - Sale of unwholesome food

Section 150A - Exposing unwholesome food for sale

Section 151 - Sale of veal of calf less than two weeks old

Section 151A - Sale and serving of horse meat regulated

Section 152 - Publication of facts relating to condemnation of animal or property

Section 152A - Licensing business of buying, selling or transporting live poultry

Section 152B - Transportation of live poultry; prohibited equipment; cleanings and disinfections; permits

Section 152C - Penalties for violations of Secs. 152A and 152B

Section 152D to 153 - Repealed, 1987, 703

Section 153A - Penalties

Section 154 - Labeling of canned goods; grade; quality

Section 155 - Marking of canned soaked goods and molasses

Section 156 - Kosher food; labeling, sale and display; civil penalties

Section 157 - Sale of ice at retail

Section 158 - Scales for vehicles used for retail delivery; list of current prices

Section 159 - Posting of prices on vehicles; weighing ice

Section 160 - Impure ice

Section 161 - Enforcement of orders of department of public health

Section 162 - Appeal from order

Section 163 - Definition; adulteration

Section 164 - Examination of vinegar; methods; publication

Section 165 - Containers used for sale of vinegar; marking; labeling

Section 166 - Collection of samples of vinegar; analysis

Section 167 - Examination of samples; complaint for misbranding or adulteration; hearing

Section 168 - Imitation or counterfeit seal; possession; use; penalty

Section 169 - Enforcement of penalties

Section 170 - Manufacture or sale of deleterious vinegar; penalty

Section 171 - Sale, etc., of adulterated vinegar; penalty

Section 172 - Barrel and hogshead

Section 173 - Repealed, 1922, 355, Sec. 8

Section 174 - Cental

Section 174A - Standard weights of containers for grain products

Section 175 - Repealed, 1945, 92, Sec. 2

Section 176 - Weight; definition; tolerances or variations

Section 177 - False or insufficient weight or measure; misrepresentation of weight, quantity, or price; penalties

Section 178 - Rules for weighing; certification; public weighers

Section 179 - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 11

Section 180 - Jurisdiction of court; complaints and prosecutions

Section 181 - Net quantity of food packages; marking; application of section

Section 182 - Variations, tolerances and exceptions; rules and regulations

Section 183 - Penalties

Section 184 - Hearing before prosecution; prosecution of guarantor

Section 184A - Packages of proprietary or patent medicine or food containing drugs; labeling

Section 184B - Definitions applicable to Secs. 184B to 184E

Section 184C - Price disclosure and display on items offered for sale by food store or food department

Section 184D - Inspection of food stores and food departments for compliance with Secs. 184B to 184E; violations and fines; consumer complaint of noncompliance

Section 184E - Conversion from individual item pricing system to consumer price scanner system; operation and inspection of consumer price scanner system

Section 185 - Repealed, 1921, 486, Sec. 26

Section 185A - Repealed, 1937, 341, Sec. 4

Section 186 - Adulteration of drugs, foods, cosmetics and devices defined

Section 187 - ''Misbranding'' term defined when applied to drugs, foods, cosmetics and devices; when not to be deemed adulterated, etc.

Section 187A to 187C - Repealed, 1971, 1071, Sec. 2

Section 187D - Evasion of Secs. 186, 187 and 188 to 195; penalties

Section 187E to 187H - Repealed, 1971, 1071, Sec. 2

Section 188 - Samples of food; collection; purchase

Section 189 - Examination of samples, by whom made, etc.; complaints

Section 189A - Proceedings when food, drugs, cosmetics or devices suspected of being adulterated or misbranded; penalty

Section 190 - Penalty on manufacturer, etc.

Section 191 - Repealed, 1970, 891, Sec. 6

Section 192 - Rules and regulations

Section 192A - Self-administered pregnancy kits; instructional brochures

Section 193 - Prosecutions in certain cases forbidden; guaranty for protection; rules and regulations

Section 194 - Dealer establishing guaranty may be prosecuted, when

Section 194A - Adulterated shellfish; prosecution; defenses

Section 194B - Food fish products; labeling as ''halibut''; penalty

Section 195 - Construction and enforcement of Secs. 186 to 195

Section 196 - Repealed, 1948, 598, Sec. 8

Section 197 to 217E - Repealed, 1971, 1071, Sec. 2

Section 218 - Repealed, 1922, 355, Sec. 8

Section 219 - Weighers of grain

Section 220 - Repealed, 1922, 355, Sec. 8

Section 221 - Fees of weighers

Section 222 - Certificate of sale by cental

Section 223 - Repealed, 1922, 355, Sec. 8

Section 224 - False weights, scales, etc.; false and fraudulent certificate; collusion

Section 225 to 235 - Repealed, 1972, 365, Sec. 2

Section 236 - Weighers of hay

Section 237 - Sale and delivery of seed; avoirdupois weight

Section 238 - Weighers of coal

Section 239 - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 12

Section 239A - Standard sizes for anthracite coal; variances or tolerances

Section 240 - Sale of coal, coke and charcoal by weight

Section 241 - Sale of coal, coke and charcoal in bags, sacks or baskets; marking

Section 242 - Sale of coal, coke and charcoal in baskets or receptacles; requisites

Section 243 - Sale of coke and charcoal in paper bags or sacks; specifications; measure; marking

Section 244 - Certificate of weight; contents; examination

Section 245 - Direction that goods be weighed; powers of director of standards, etc., and sealer

Section 246 - Record of weights and measures; keeping

Section 247 - Sale of edgings and kindling wood

Section 248 - Penalties; enforcement of law

Section 249 - Possession of illegal measures; penalty

Section 249A - Inspection of coal; analysis of samples; condemnation

Section 249B - Interference with officials; penalty

Section 249C - Sale of condemned coal

Section 249D - Sale of unfit coal

Section 249E - Placing foreign substances in coal receptacles; sale

Section 249E.5 - Presumption of excessiveness of non-combustible residue

Section 249F - Enforcement of Secs. 249A to 249E.5

Section 249G - Repealed, 1941, 155, Sec. 3

Section 249H - Heating oil standards; rules and regulations; samples; entry and inspection; violations; penalties

Section 249H.5 - Classification as eligible petroleum distillate substitute fuel; minimum content requirements; application of percentage requirements on statewide average basis; inspection of samples; quality assurance; accreditation

Section 250 to 261 - Repealed, 1973, 607, Sec. 4

Section 261A to 261L - Repealed, 1975, 203, Sec. 1

Section 262 - Inspectors of lime

Section 263 - Branding casks of lime

Section 264 - Fees of inspectors

Section 265 - Quality of lime and casks

Section 266 - Sale of lime in unauthorized casks; penalty

Section 267 - Shifting contents of branded casks

Section 268 - Forfeiture of casks

Section 269 - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 13

Section 270 - Definitions

Section 270A to 270D - Repealed, 1959, 611, Sec. 2

Section 271 - Licensing; manufacturers and retailers; powers of director

Section 271A - Resale of mattress, box spring, studio couch or futon mattress; notice to consumer

Section 272 - Labeling; manner; power of department; reciprocity; removal of labels

Section 273 - Licensing; establishments for sterilization; examination of establishments; sterilizations

Section 274 - Rules and regulations; advisory board

Section 275 - Licenses; applications; fees

Section 276 - Inspector; powers and duties

Section 277 - Penalties

Section 277A - Marking or labelling of furs; misrepresentations

Section 277B - Foreign goods or services; marking; advertisement; penalty

Section 277C - Original paintings

Section 278 - Nails and brads; manufacture; packing

Section 279 - Marking or branding of casks

Section 280 - Sale of unbranded or unmarked casks of nails or brads

Section 281 - Counterfeiting brand, etc.; penalty

Section 282 - Disposition of forfeitures

Section 283 - Slot machines and other automatic devices; use regulated

Section 284 - Penalty

Section 285 - Sewing thread; sale; marking

Section 286 - Sewing thread; identification of manufacturer or distributor

Section 287 - Weight or measure variances

Section 288 - Penalty

Section 289 - Turpentine; manufacture; sale; marking; adulteration

Section 290 - Enforcement of Sec. 289

Section 291 - Sale of paint or linseed oil

Section 292 - Possession by dealer of incorrectly labeled turpentine, paint or linseed oil

Section 293 - Inspection of paint, etc.; complaint; appointment of inspectors; powers and duties

Section 294 - Interference with inspector

Section 295 - Unlawful sale

Section 295A - Definitions

Section 295B - Licensing of retail dealers

Section 295C - Display of price of motor fuel on dispensing devices

Section 295D - Advertisement of motor fuel

Section 295E - Posting price on pump or other dispensing device; duration; selling price; rebates, premiums, etc.; restrictions; penalties; inapplicability to self-service pump dispensing

Section 295F - Marking of brand name, etc., of product on above-ground storage or dispensing equipment

Section 295G - Standards for gasoline; adulteration or substitution of motor fuel or lubricating oil

Section 295G.5 - Classification as eligible diesel substitute fuel; minimum content requirements; application of percentage requirements on statewide average basis; inspection of samples; quality assurance; accreditation

Section 295H - Administration and enforcement of Secs. 295A to 295O

Section 295I - Orders, rules and regulations; adoption; amendment; repeal

Section 295J - Records of retail dealer

Section 295K - Penalty for violation of Secs. 295A to 295J

Section 295L - Jurisdiction of superior court; injunctions

Section 295M - Conflicts with other laws

Section 295N - Partial invalidity

Section 295O - Citation of Secs. 295A to 295O; Motor Fuel Sales Act

Section 295P - Retail sale of motor fuel below cost

Section 295Q - Cost survey as evidence of cost

Section 295R - Application of Secs. 295P to 295W to retail sales

Section 295S - Penalty for violating Sec. 295P

Section 295T - Jurisdiction of superior court; injunctions; prosecutions by district attorneys

Section 295U - Conflicts with other laws

Section 295V - Partial invalidity

Section 295W - Citation of Secs. 295P to 295W; Unfair Sales Act for the Retail Sale of Motor Fuels

Section 295X - Repealed, 1974, 7

Section 295Y - Repealed, 1973, 216

Section 295Z to 295BB - Repealed, 1979, 796, Sec. 12

Section 295CC - Handicapped persons; motor fuel dispensing

Section 296 - Measurers of wood and bark

Section 297 - Acting in adjoining towns

Section 298 - Sale of cordwood; dimensions; standard units of measure defined

Section 299 - Delivery ticket or sales invoice

Section 300 - Fees of measurers

Section 301 - Measurement of water borne wood; fees

Section 302 - Tickets certifying quantity in load; application of Secs. 296 to 303

Section 303 - Sale of prepared wood, bark, slabs and edgings for fuel; surveyors and inspectors

Section 303A - Licensing of manufacture, sale and transportation

Section 303B - Fees for licenses; renewals; suspension; records

Section 303C - Marking containers

Section 303D - Sale by unlicensed person; sale to minors; sale for drinking purposes prohibited

Section 303E - Penalty

Section 303F - Fuel oils or propane; delivery tickets; contents; use of copies; inspections; evidence; penalties

Section 303G - Definitions

Section 303H - Minimum standards; adulteration

Section 303I - Misbranded anti-freeze; labels for containers

Section 303J - Inspection of sample; issuance and cancellation of permits

Section 303K - Enforcement; samples; inspection of premises, etc.

Section 303L - Rules and regulations

Section 303M - Penalty

Section 303N - Sale of engine coolant or antifreeze not containing a bittering agent prohibited

Section 304 - Vendor to furnish sample for analysis; penalty

Section 305 - Fraud in packing commodities sold by weight; penalties

Section 305A - Improper manufacture, preparation, etc. of food; food defined; rules and regulations; penalties

Section 305B - Medical examination of persons handling food; rules and regulations; employment of persons afflicted with disease; food defined

Section 305C - Food processor or distributor licensing; application of section

Section 305D - Restaurants; devices or procedures to remove food lodged in persons' throats; insurance; tort immunity

Section 305E - Transportation of bakery products; permit

Section 306 - General penalty for counterfeit or wrongful branding or marking of articles

Section 307 - Tobacco products contaminated by fire, smoke or water; possession or sale; penalty

Section 307A - Single unpackaged cigarettes; sale or possession; penalty

Section 307B - Manufacture of tobacco products; annual reports including added constituents and nicotine yield ratings; disclosure; exclusions

Section 307C - Tobacco products; sale or shipment to minors; prevention

Section 308 - Definitions

Section 309 - License; necessity; application; issuance; display; fees

Section 310 - List of locations; inspection of premises

Section 311 - Suspension or revocation of license; notice and hearing; reinstatement of license

Section 312 - Food, beverage and ingredients processed and prepared outside commonwealth; conditions for sale

Section 313 - Penalties

Section 314 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 315 to 318

Section 315 - Display, offer for sale, or sale of certain appliances prohibited

Section 316 - Labels required; regulations; information; form, etc.

Section 317 - Standardized computation and testing procedures; reports

Section 318 - Penalties; violations of Secs. 315 and 317

Section 319 - Construction of malt beverage or soft drink metal containers

Section 320 - Ownership; transfer of title

Section 321 - Definitions

Section 322 - Refund value; exemption

Section 323 - Return of container; refund; refusal to accept container

Section 323A - Distribution or sale of plastic bottles or rigid plastic containers; labeling requirements

Section 323B - Reports

Section 323C - Abandoned deposit amounts; determination

Section 323D - Transfer of abandoned deposit amounts

Section 323E - Reimbursements to bottlers or distributors

Section 323F - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 296

Section 324 - Holding or connecting devices; break down by bacteria or light

Section 325 - Refund value; statement on container; vending machines

Section 326 - Administration; rules and regulations

Section 327 - Enforcement; penalty; interest

Section 328 - Food donations; distribution, service and preparation; civil liability

Section 328A - Potluck events; exemption from regulation by department of public health or local board of health

Section 329 - Sale, possession or use of lacquer sealer prohibited; penalties